November 01, 2012


.....the life of a very special boy ~ our Angel Princey. If he were still here with us he would be 8 years old today!

Prince on his 3rd birthday

Time has gone by so fast but it also seems like an eternity since I last saw and held my precious boy ~ two and a half years has gone by since we said goodbye. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

We hope there is a big pawty for Prince with all our other fur angels! We will be keeping his birthday traditions alive ~ a fun outing tonight followed by fresh salmon for dinner.

We miss and love you Princey!

Mom, Summer, Suki, Kodiak and BJ

February 19, 2012


Hi efurypuppy, it's me ~ Summer!

Today we are celebrating the birthday of a fury special puppy ~ my puppy and best furiend, Kodiak! We can't believe he's already three years old.....where did the last three years go? Three years ago today our Mom had been up most of the night helping Laska bring five beewootiful puppies into the world, Kodiak being the third born and first boy.

Kodiak had an awesome day, in the morning he got to go fur a run on the bike with his brother Qannik and furiend Haakon and afterwards he got to run around off lead with Qannik, his other brother Zeus and his buddy Koda, the Labradork. In the afternoon he went fur a little walk with Mom and he got to visit his GranPaw Ragnar and GranMaws Joan and Kreevanka ~ Qannik was also visiting so they played some more and sister Meisha also got to join in along with their furiend silly Villie. They had a great time! We got to have some yummy chicken with our dinner along with some delicious fresh chicken hearts - yum! Of course we had birthday treats throughout the day and me and Suki had some quality play time with our Lil Yak Yak too.



So today we celebrate the the lives of a very special litter of puppies. It is a bittersweet day fur us at Team Husky because while we are celebrating, we are also remembering the life of our much loved and missed Prince, Kodiak's father. We know he's watching over us today, so proud of his puppies and of his sweet Laska.

Happy birthday Kodiak, well all love woo fury much!!!


February 11, 2012


Hi everyone, it's Aleeya here ~ Team Husky's Mom!

I want to wish my special boy BJ a very happy birthday, he is such a delight to have around....such a good boy!

Happy Birthday my little BJ SnugglePants ~ we all love you very much!

Team Husky and their Mom

January 30, 2012


Hawoo efurypupper, it's me Lil Yak Yak!

Today is my Aunt Summer's birthday so it's a purtty special day in our house! I can't tell woo how old she is now cause I been told dat's not da thing to do wif girls BUT she was 7 last year! Can woo work dat one out?

Don't woo think me and Sum look cute together in da planter box?

Dis is Summer before she went out fur birfday walks, Maw just took Summer and left da rest of us at home! Looks like dey called in to visit wif Charlie too, I'm sure Sum didn't like what he was doing in da second photo!

We had some salmon wif our dindins tonight.....nomnomnom!!!

Happy Birfday Sum ~ we all love ya lots!

Play bows and woofs

January 01, 2012


Hi efurydoggy, it's me Suki!

Today is MY special day ~ I am now 10 years old, can woo believe it? My Mom says she can't, that I still act like a one or two year old. She says I just haven't grown up and probably nefur will!

I had birthday walkies this morning (see photo of us pups after our walk above) and then BJ dug in the sand and got me all dirty.....anyone that knows me will know how much of a grubby puppy I am ~ my old family used to call me the 'mud puppy'. I work real hard to try and get my white furs all dirty! The photo above is just after Mom gave me a bath last month, can you believe it? I work so hard to get my white not-so-white and then she goes and cleans off all my hard work.....sheesh!

I'm home chilling out now, can't wait to see if I get something delicious for my dindins!

Happy Birthday to my sister Sillik and my brothers Anui and Mauya ~ I hope woo are all having a good day like me!

Well I better go now, time to buzz buzz buzz around again......there's no keeping me still for more than a few minutes!


December 28, 2011


Hawoo efurypupper, it's me Kodiak!

Dat's my Aunt Qui - I thought she was just like da rest of us but now I am not so sure!!!

What do WOO think? Has something evil possessed Aunt Qui? Should we be worried? Will dis happen to me when I grows up? Maw does call me Lil Demon woo know!!!

Play bows and woofs

December 24, 2011


Hawoo evewypuppew, it's me - BJ!

I'm hewe to wish woo all a fuwy Mewwy Chwistmas and a Sibewwific New Yeaw on behalf of all of us from Team Husky!

This mowning we went out to ouw favouwite walkies place and had lots of fun! Me and Suki got to go fuw walkies fiwst and then Mom took Summew and Kodiak. While Mom was out on hew second walk, I did a bit of landscaping - do woo think I look pwoud?

Hewe's some photos of some of ouw Chwistmas decowations, some with lights on, some with lights off. We also have lights on ouw camelia twee outside but Mom couldn't get a good photo that showed them.

Well not long now till Santa comes, I can't see any pwesents undew the twee fuw us pups, Mom said something about having them away safe whewe we can't get them. I suwe hope she doesn't make us wait much longew! We have all been weal good pups Santa, see - I am waiting patiently by the twee fuw woo to awwive!!!

Enjoy youw day tomowwow with all yuw family and fuwiends!!!