November 28, 2008


Hi everydoggy

On Wednesday night our Mom went with the Amazon Girls to their first puppy class!!! Mom was looking after Quilla:)

Mom said it was a fun class and that the Amazon Girls were very well behaved! We were worried they might have been little terrors but they proved us wrong......are they really Siberians???

There were 12 puppies in the class - 4 Siberians, 2 Labradors, 1 Schnauzer, 1Fox Terrier, 1 Jack Russell, 1 Bichon Frise, 1 Poodle and a Maltese Bichon Frise x. Some were big, some little, some quiet, some noisy and there was even a growly one! Oh did I mention some were sleepy??? That was the Amazon Girls!

Here are some photos of the class:

Here's Storm's new family:

And Sapphire's new Mom:

The girls are sleepy:

Still sleepy:

Quilla: 'Hey Cyntara, let's go explore!'

'Whoooooaaaaa, what's that?' asks a curious Quilla:

Quilla: 'You look funny':

Sapphire: 'Home time!!! Time to try & climb over the back seat!!!'

Quilla: 'This is hard work!'

Cyntara: 'Tell me about it!'

Storm: 'I'm almost there!!!'

I hope woo liked the photos:) This will be the last official Amazon Girls update! Sapphire has left for her new home and Storm will be going tomorrow! We will still give woo updates but it won't be the same without all the girls!


November 24, 2008


Haroo everypupper, I'm here to tell woo what's happening in the Amazon girls' world.

The four girls are now 7 1/2 weeks old and this is their last week with their Mom. The girls are starting puppy classes (their human Mom takes the classes) this week.....I bet they get up to lots of mischief! Our Mom is taking one of the girls to puppy classes so their human Dad doesn't have to take two of them - we are so jealous cause Mom said we can't go too!!!

This weekend two of the girls will be going to their new homes, Puppy #1 Storm (was previously Quilla) and Puppy #4 Sapphire. Puppy #2 Cyntara is staying with her human Mom and Dad and the latest news is that Puppy #3 Quilla (previously Storm) might be staying their too!!!

Anywoo, here's some new photos of the girls - I give woo Amazon girls Day 54:





Quilla and Sapphire getting grubby exploring

Grubby Quilla

'Is this okay Mom?' asks Cyntara

Storm being a big girl in the big dogs trailer!

Storm & Cyntara have climbed the mountain!

Aleka playing with Cyntara

Rest time!

Play time!

Cheeky Cyntara

Upside down Storm

I can't wait to meet the girls, they are going to be so much fun to play with!!!

Woo Woos


Hi everydoggy, well the day finally came - I got to meet my new Aunty Manda & Uncle Chris!!!They were real nice and we had lots of fun in the short time they were staying at our house.

Princey waiting on Manda to come to bed:)

Summy & Princey with Chris

Prince had told me Manda liked to howl with us but I didn't believe him.....she really did! She sat on the ground with us and howled like she was part of our pack:)
Manda howling with Prince
Chris was really nice, he gave me lots of pats and cuddles.....I really really liked him.

Me & Prince.....I'm telling Chris how much I like him:)

Me & my new Uncle:)

Here's some fun photos of all of us:

I like these ones of Manda and her boy Prince, they are very special:
I adore woo Aunty Manda!