February 22, 2011


.....please send prayers for everyone in and around Christchurch - they have had another earthquake, much worse than the one in September last year. So far there are 65 confirmed dead and still a lot of people trapped in buildings and in the rubble. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by this tragedy.

For those of our friends that have asked if we are okay, thank you for thinking of us. We are fine. We live around 7 hours drive from Christchurch. The quake was felt down here in some areas but we don't think any local damage was done.

Team Husky and their Mom

February 19, 2011


Hawoo efurypupp, it's me Kodiak!

Today is da day I haf been waitin on fur a long time - it's PAWTY time!!! Aneshia, Meisha, me, Qannik and Zeus are two years old today so we are havin a pawty to celebrate dis special occasion.

We managed to get four of us five pups together and we had so much fun playin wif each udder and wif our udder furiends and family too!

Here are a few photos fur woo, it's gettin real late and I'm dog tired so I'll show woo more anudder day.

I gots up dis morning and said to Maw....

'Anythin fur me Maw and what's happening today???'

This was da reply.....

Den woo can imagine my surprise when we went in our doggy trailer and got to our destination to find....

"My dogness!!! It's my two brudders Zeus and Qannik and my sister Meisha!!!"
We sure had fun playin!!!

Dere were doggies efurywhere, Aunt Summer and Aunt Suki had a fun day and so did brudder BeeJ.....

Brudder Zeus had to leave wif his Paw, Maw managed to take dis photo befure he left.....

 Den she gots dis really cool one of Meisha, Qannik and me!!! Da only thing missin is Zeus and Aneshia!!!

Dere were lots of playin wif da udder doggies (dere were 13 of us dere altogether) and lots of playin wif toys....

Here's me wif Meisha, Qannik and our furiend Cyntara.....

We had a super day and den after we went home Maw surprised me wif dis.....

He's a funny lookin fellow but I think I likes him!!!

Time fur bed - oh we had lots of treats today and a yummy dinner too!!!
Catch woo soon!

Play bows and woofs

February 18, 2011



What fur I hear woo ask??? Here are yur clues:

First comes love........

Then comes.....

Check back tomorrow fur a pupdate ~ I am so fury excited!!!

Play bows and woofs


February 11, 2011


Hawoo efurypupper, it's me Lil Yak Yak!!!

Today is my big brudder BJ's birfday - he is 6 years old! HAPPY BIRFDAY BIG BRO!!!

I know its not my birfday, so I really shouldn't be askin for anythin, but I just have to. I have a question fur BeeJ - WON'T WOO PLEEEAAAASE PLAY WIF ME??? I so want to play wif woo and I been tryin to gets woo to play wif me by doin play bows and stuffs. All woo will do is zoomies wif me and den woo run away when I gets close to woo. Maw says woo won't play cause I was a bossy little brat wif woo fur a while and now woo are a bit wary bout me (me a brat.....never!!!). I promise I'll be nice, come on, come play wif me!!!

I hope woo gets to have sumthin nice fur yur birfday......hopefully me and Aunt Sum and Aunt Suki might gets a treat too! I have anudder request - SALMON please Mom!!!

Play bows and woofs

Pee Ess - couldn't not give woo a photo of me!!!