December 29, 2007


Haroo everypupper

A couple of days ago I told you all about our new neighbours. I asked if anypuppy knew what 'obsessed' meant and asked our friends Stormy, Amber, Zim & Dave at the A04 if they could help us.

Dave said 'I think "obsessed" is what you get in your tooth when you have a tooth ache. As in "I have an obsessed tooth". Zim said that's "abcessed" but he's already fooled me once today, so now I'm not really sure'. Check out Dave's blog 'Boxers Day' to see the trick Zim played on him!

Now me and Sum are really confused, we don't know if Dave or Zim are right - if anypup can help please please tell us!!!

Woo Woos

December 28, 2007

A Siberian Husky.....Swimming???

Hi everypuppy

Thought I would share a few photos with you from when we went to the river a few weeks ago. There was me, Prince and our good friends Quiquern and Aleka.

Me, I'm the only one that's trustworthy enough to go off lead!!!

Aleka, Quiquern & Prince

Mom decided it was about time Prince showed us his swimming abilities. My little brother loves the water but only goes in as far as his little feety feets will let him touch the bottom. Here's a couple of photos of Princey after he'd been thrown in and had no choice but to swim back!!! Boy I'm glad they didn't do that to me!!!

Prince - 'Am I there yet??? Help me Qui!!!'

Aleka & Quiquern - 'Are you okay Princey?'

Prince - 'Man I'm gonna have sibemares about that, you girls had better hope you're not next to be thrown in!!!'

We learnt that A) Prince can swim, B) he wasn't too impressed with the whole experience and last and most importantly C) us girls were real lucky we didn't get thrown in!!!

Hope all you puppies are having a siberrific holiday!!!




December 27, 2007


Haroo everypupper

Thought it was about time I introduced you to our neighbours that moved in about three months ago. I think they're pretty cool and my big sister Summer gets real excited when she sees them too. They're both boys so my charm doesn't work on them the same as it does on girls but I'm sure they think I'm pretty handsome.

Mom says we're 'obsessed' with them, whatever that means. Can anypuppy tell me what that means? I might have to ask one of our friends from the A04......I'm sure they'll know.

We spend a lot of time lying next to the fence, hoping to catch a glimpse of them. Sometimes the black one comes right up to the fence and stares at and Sum get pretty excited when he does this and we make some noise and jump around a bit. Sometimes we even scratch at the fence or try & dig at the bottom of us. Mom tells us off if we get too excited.

Anyways here's a couple of photos - meet our new neighbours!

Here's me and Sum looking at them through our fence:

And here's them looking back at us:

That's right every puppy - they're CATS!!! Boy would we like to get into their courtyard!!! They've been in ours a few times and we've chased them out.

Do you think our new neighbours are pretty interesting?

Woo Woos


December 26, 2007


Hey everypuppy, it's me Summer!

I just wanted to wish you all a happy Christmas and I hope you get lots of yummy treats like turkey....yum I did! I got lots of fresh salmon too....Mom bought a HUGE fillet for me and Princey for our Christmas treat.....there's still a little bit left and I might share with you if you want to come visit:)
I got two cool new bones, ones for playing with and ones a chicken nylabone for chewing (someone must know I love chickens...yum yum)!!!


Haroo everypupper, it's me Prince!

I hope you are all having a siberrific Christmas filled with loads of squeaky toys and nice treats....we sure did! I got two cool new toys, a new duckie that squeaks (my old one doesn't no more) and a cool red rugby ball that squeaks....someone knows I LOVE squeaky toys!!! The other highlight of my day was the yummy turkey Mom gave us and the juicy fresh salmon....mmmmm, can't wait to finish the rest of it!

Woo Woos

December 04, 2007



  • Siberian husky female

  • 12 years old (looks younger)

  • Medium size

  • Silver/grey and white - has just dropped her white undercoat

  • Brown eyes

  • Pink princess collar when she went missing

  • Missing since Saturday 6 October

  • Missing from Longbeach area near Dunedin

  • Believed to be in Invercargill

Valhalla (also answers to Bella) has recently been spayed and also has had operations to remove tumours - she is unwell and needs to be back in the care of her loving devoted family.

$1000.00 reward offered if information given directly leads to her recovery. There will be absolutley no questions asked - her family just want her home where she belongs as she is a 'gracious old lady'.

Please contact me on or post a comment on this blog if you think you may have seen her or have any information on where she has been or could be.

Thank you