January 31, 2009


Hi everypuppy

I want to thank all of woo that left me birthday wishes yesterday and sent emails.....woo helped make my day very special! I'd also like to wish cutie pie Brice a happy birthday (or barkday as he calls it) - he's got the same birthday as me but he's only two! It's still Brice's birthday in the USA but not mine anymore in NZ......I wish I could get to Brice's house real quick so I could share some of our birthday together before it's over! That would be like having two birthdays all at once!

I got lots of extra treats.....lots of extra belly rubs.....played lots with my boy.....got lots of cuddles from Mom and managed to tell the white one off a few times:

'I'm the boss today!!!':

Even the neighbours got me a present ~ some yummy smelly fresh compost right over the other side of our fence.....me and Suki sniffed it for the longest time! I tried to dig my way under so I could get my present but Mom was always there watching me and telling me 'NO!'. I told her 'hey Mom, it's my birthday.....I should be able to do what I want!!!'. Didn't work though. Here's what's over the fence......silly Mom accidentally deleted a good photo of all three of us sniffing from our side of the fence:

After that it was time for a nap:

The best surprise of all was saved for our tea. We got salmon tails.....a whole one each! Mom gave us half of it then mixed the other half in with our bikkies....YUM!!!

Here's Mom's salmon:

Here's ours:

And of course us eating my birthday treat:

Later on, before we went to bed look what we gots to share:

Mom says I'm the quickest licker.....can anypuppy guess why?:

Princey decided to be real cheeky.....notice he's looking right at Mom!:

Wowzers ~ that was a big cookies and cream ice cream!!! It was sooooo delicious!!!

I'm going to have puppy dreams about my birthday for a long long time.....probably until next year!!!


January 30, 2009


Hi everypuppy

Seeing as it's my special day Mom said I could give woo a clue ~ some of woo already know but for those who don't here goes, this was taken last night:

Can woo guess now?



.....we hope woo have a birthday full of belly rubs, treats, play and all the things woo love the most (like us....woo!). We sure will try & make sure woo have a siberrific day!

Woo Woos and Hugs
Prince and Suki

Pee Ess ~ the birthday girl is 5 today!!!

January 29, 2009


Haroo everypupper ~ tomorrow is a very special day!

Here's a clue:

Stay tuned.....I'll report back tomorrow!

Woo Woos
Pee Ess ~ This has nothing to do with Mom's last post!


This is Team Husky's Mom reporting in on behalf of Team Husky

The fur kids asked me to ask all of you if you wanted us to share our exciting news with you!!! They wanted to know if any of you can guess.....can you???


January 28, 2009


Our friends Star and Jack tagged us to play the photo folder game ~ this is what we need to do:

* Open a document or file folder
* Click on the fifth folder
* Find the fifth photo
* Post the photo and describe it
* Tag five other bloggers.

Mom went to the "Team Husky's Friends" folder and Team 85 South was the fifth folder in there ~ this is the fifth photo from that folder:

This is our friend Chinook guarding all the duckies.....looks like she's making sure they are all nice and still (in other words....no longer alive)!

We wish our Mom would let us meet some duckies!

We tag:

Dave of the A04

Princess Chloe

Mr Koda

Princess Meadow of the Kapp Pack


So just follow our instructions above ~ we can't wait to see your photos! Thank woo Star and Jack for tagging us!!!

Woo Woos, Kisses and Hugs
Prince, Summer and Sesuk

January 21, 2009


Haroo everypupper

We got our Mom to take a photo a few nights ago ~ there was a full moon and all the wolves were a howlin (well at Team Husky's house they were anyway)!

Apart from that there's not much happening here.....we're waitin on Mom to come home from work and let us inside.




Woo Woos

January 19, 2009


Hi everypuppy

On Saturday there was a big thunderstorm (storm with a small 's') at our house. It came on very suddenly and lasted for a long time. There was lots of thunder and lightening and rain and hail. It was the worst thunderstorm any of us pups have seen and Mom says she can't remember a worse one either. Mom locked the doggy door and made us puppies stay inside ~ none of us get scared when there's thunder and lightening but there were lots of other puppies in our neighbourhood barking frantically.

The rain came on so quickly and heavy that everything flooded ~ our courtyard was completely under water and we sure were glad the rain eventually stopped cause another inch and the water would have been coming in our back door! The hail stones were real big and Mom was upset when she went outside afterwards ~ all of her veges and things had been damaged. Lots of leaves have holes in them (and some zucchinis too!) and it especially made a mess of our tomato plants, lettuces, strawberries and Mom's poppy plants that were just starting to grow.

Mom went outside and tried to capture some of the thunderstorm ~ in the first movie woo can only really hear the hail, the second movie woo can see a quick flash of lightening and the third movie woo can hear some thunder. The last movie is my favourite ~ it's us puppies coming inside through the water in our courtyard. Woo'll notice me trying to find a way to get inside without going through the big puddle.....I don't like getting my feety feet wet!

Emergency services were very busy afterwards cause there were lots of blocked drains and things. We sure hope there's not another one for a long long time.



Hi everydoggy

We'd like to say a big thank woo to our friend Khyra for passing on this award! Khyra is a really cool malagal ~ if woo don't know her check out her blog. She even has her own language ~ Khyranese!

Thank woo Khyra!!!

We'd like to pass this onto everydoggy and everykitty in our blog list ~ we love being your friends!


January 17, 2009


Haroo everypupper

Here's a link to the video mean Mom took of me with the evil balloon. Woo're only allowed to look at it if woo promise not to laugh at me!!!


Don't woo think I have a good case to have my Mom up for Siberian Abuse everypupper?

Woo Woos

January 16, 2009


Haroo everypupper ~ just wanted to share my latest sleeping position with woo. Mom says it looks uncomfy but I highly recommend it to all woo puppers out there!

Woo Woos

January 14, 2009


Hi everydoggy!

Guess what January 1st was??? Yep - it was my birthday! I am 7 years old!!!

We all had a sleepover at our friends place on New Years Eve (Mom said it meant she could have drinks and not have to drive home). The next morning I got lots of cuddles and pats and a real special treat.....Quilla and Cyntara came out for a visit and I was allowed to meet them!!! I just loved those two cute fluffy little girls......Mom said I was very good with them. She took some photos so you could see us together.

I was inside with the puppies when the bipeds realised Quilla was missing.......they found her in the toilet ~ this is what she was doing:

It was real hard work for a little puppy so she had to have a nap!

Isn't she cute everydoggy?

When we went home early in the evening Mom gave me, Prince and Summer a special treat for my birthday.....it was a yummy rolled oat breakfast bar that Aunt Kathy sent over all the way from the USA. Mom saved them specially for my birthday:) We loved them as woo will be able to see.

'Yum.....my first birthday treat with my new family:)'

Summer ~ 'This sure tastes good!'

Prince ~ 'Thanks Suki, I'm sure glad it's your birthday!'

'Got to finish ALL the crumbs!'
Our 'got more Mom?' looks:

I had a good day!