Pedigree Name: Blackjack Of Kalluk
Breeder: Mrs L Jones
DOB: 11 February 2005
Sire: Chuvashkaya Shartok (Imp Aust)
Dam: Sibenah Anadyrs Shino (Imp Aust)
Sex: Dog
Weight and Height: 26kgs and 63cm
Colour: Grey and white
Eye Colour: Bi eyed (one blue, one brown)

Likes: Snuggles, belly rubs and going for walks and runs
Dislikes: When other dogs pick on him and if he doesn't get to go out

BJ came to live with us at the age of five years, five months. He can be a bit shy when he first meets you but he soon warms up and wants cuddles. He is a very affectionate boy and fits in well with the rest of our pack. He is a natural sled dog and just loves it! He's built up a good amount of muscle and is in really good shape now. A delightful and very special boy.