December 28, 2011


Hawoo efurypupper, it's me Kodiak!

Dat's my Aunt Qui - I thought she was just like da rest of us but now I am not so sure!!!

What do WOO think? Has something evil possessed Aunt Qui? Should we be worried? Will dis happen to me when I grows up? Maw does call me Lil Demon woo know!!!

Play bows and woofs

December 24, 2011


Hawoo evewypuppew, it's me - BJ!

I'm hewe to wish woo all a fuwy Mewwy Chwistmas and a Sibewwific New Yeaw on behalf of all of us from Team Husky!

This mowning we went out to ouw favouwite walkies place and had lots of fun! Me and Suki got to go fuw walkies fiwst and then Mom took Summew and Kodiak. While Mom was out on hew second walk, I did a bit of landscaping - do woo think I look pwoud?

Hewe's some photos of some of ouw Chwistmas decowations, some with lights on, some with lights off. We also have lights on ouw camelia twee outside but Mom couldn't get a good photo that showed them.

Well not long now till Santa comes, I can't see any pwesents undew the twee fuw us pups, Mom said something about having them away safe whewe we can't get them. I suwe hope she doesn't make us wait much longew! We have all been weal good pups Santa, see - I am waiting patiently by the twee fuw woo to awwive!!!

Enjoy youw day tomowwow with all yuw family and fuwiends!!!


November 01, 2011

Happy Birthday To Our Fur Angel!!!

Today our Prince would have been seven years old.

Happy Birthday Princey, we know you are having a big party with all of your fur angel buddies!  We are celebrating your life today too and reliving many many precious memories we shared together.

We love and miss you heaps!

Mom, Summer, Suki, Kodiak and the sibeling you never met but would have loved, BJ

October 02, 2011


Today is a very special day - October 2nd is Livestrong Day!!!

Today we honor the strength and courage of humans and pets who have both survived cancer and those who have lost their lives to this horrible disease ~ including many of our beloved furry friends around the blogging community. Today is all about raising awareness about cancer.

For more information please visit this blog -

Today we honor the life of our much loved and missed Prince who lost his battle with fibrosarcoma on 30 April 2010. On that day Team Husky lost our best friend, soul mate, companion and father ('Paw').
Always remembered, never forgotten - his huge personality, strength and courage along with his paw prints are permanently etched on our hearts.
Team Husky
Aleeya, Summer, Sesuk, Kodiak and BJ

July 25, 2011


Hawoo efuwypuppew, it's me BJ!

We have wondewful snow in ouw backyawd!!!! Mom had told us that if we woke up this mowning and thewe was lots of snow she would take today off wowk so we could go sledding. Thewe is not enough neaw whewe we live so we haven't been able to go out sledding, we wewe all vewy disappointed:(

Most of ouw fuwiends in the USA awe fuwy jealous of us because they awe having a heatwave that sounds just plain nasty to us Sibewians!!! We are twying to send some of ouw cool weathew theiw way!!!

We have had some fun in the snow, hope woo like the pictuwes I choose to shawe with woo!!!

The fowst photo is ouw fuwiends Tess, Zawah and Jonah and theiw Dad Bawwy near the end of theiw wun yestewday mowning. Mom didn't manage to get photos of us but me and Kodiak went with a wun with Kodiak's cute sistew Meisha and Summew and Sesuk went fuw walkies with ouw fuwiends Fen, Laska and Kweevanka!

The rest awe of us at home in the snow.....


Pee Ess ~ Mom says we need to catch up on the last month ow two cause we haven't been blogging much! It's all hew fault, not ouws!!! Our paws can't contwol the computew fuwy well so we have to wely on hew to help us and she says she's been busy taking us out and doing othew things! Slack I know and I can assuwe you, on behalf of Team Husky, we have all been complaining to hew about it!!!

June 10, 2011


Hi efurydoggy, it's me Sesuk!!!

I have sum fury exciting news!!! We had our local Sled Dog Race of the year last weekend and it was so much fun!!!

On Saturday afternoon my nephew BJ ran in the Canicross with our furiend Devon and they got 1st in the Womens class!!! Saturday evening me and my favourite puppy Kodiak were part of a 5 dog team in the 6 Dog Sprint class and we got 1st!!! Maw says I have enough doggy points to be a real Sled Dog now - I've earnt my official Sled Dog title, woo hoo!!!

On Sunday morning Kodiak and his brother Qannik ran together in the 2 Dog Scooter class with our furiend Haakon, there were 12 teams and Kodiak and Qannik got 1st!!! BeeJ ran with our buddy Koda and his Mom/our Nanny Kate in the same class and they got 4th ~ I was so proud of my boys!!! That afternoon me and Fen ran with Mom in the 2 Dog Veteran class (doggies have to be 8 years and over) and we got 2nd!!!

We didn't get any photos of me and Kodiak in the 6 Dog Sprint class as it was held at night time in the dark! Mom didn't manage to get any photos of us in the Veterans class either because she was running us! Doesn't seem fair that I ran in two races and there are no photos of me:( Here are some photos of BJ and Devon, Kodiak, Qannik and Haakon and BJ, Koda and Nanny Kate.....


May 27, 2011


Hi efurypuppy, it's me Summer!

I just wanted to let woo know that we are all still here! I got to do this post cause I am the longest standing member of Team Husky (I'm not the oldest though)! We have been busy training for racing season which is now upon us.....well some of us have been training - me, I've just being going fur walks and jogs and runs off leash. Suki, Kodiak and BJ have all been going fur runs on the scooter and rig though and they are loving it!!!

We have our big local race of the year coming up next weekend (4-5 June). As per usual I have the responsibility of being Team Husky's mascot and head cheerleader! The weather was a bit wet for a while there but it has pretty much come right, the problem now is the temperature! It's been too warm fur the pups to run any decent distances - if anyone out there can send some frosts and cold temperatures our way please do!!! Us Suberians run sooooo much better when it's cold! Here are a couple of photos Mom took last Sunday:

This is our furiend Link, he is a labrador retriever and he is 11.5 years old! He still loves going fur runs and keeps up a good pace too! Mom was trying to capture him running past but he decided he'd come over and say hello instead.....

I don't think I need to tell woo who these two young puppies are! Fur those of woo that don't know us fury well, it's my puppies (well they are not mine really but I do love them lots) - Kodiak and Qannik.....

That's our furiend Haakon running them, they were getting purtty tired as it was right at the end of their run! The boys are going to be running together in one of  the races - it was their first official race last year and they got second! Two days later Kodiak broke his toe:( I know they will try hard this year and hopefully there won't be any injuries so they can keep running right through the season! In case you wanted to see how much they love running, here's a close up.....

It's time for me to go, Mom just called me over fur a belly rub so I better go before she changes her mind! Yes she has been neglecting her blogging assistant duties but I can assure woo we have not been missing out on any of our usual home comforts!!!


April 30, 2011


By Jim Willis

So this is where we part, My Friend,
and you'll run on, around the bend,
gone from sight, but not from mind,
new pleasures there you'll surely find.

I will go on, I'll find the strength,
life measures quality, not its length.
One long embrace before you leave,
share one last look, before I grieve.

There are others, that much is true,
but they be they, and they aren't you.
And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought,
will remember well all you've taught.

Your place I'll hold, you will be missed,
the fur I stroked, the nose I kissed.
And as you journey to your final rest,
take with you this....I loved you best.

One year ago today I said goodbye to my best friend. I can't believe it's been a whole year since I last saw Prince's face and snuggled into his thick fur, a whole year since he looked at me with those big brown eyes that melted my heart. Sometimes it seems like an eternity since we were together though, I feel like a piece of me has been missing for so long.

I miss you my main man and think about you every day. There are so many memories of you, I am so glad I found you and decided you were the one for me. If only our time together didn't have to be cut short. I will treasure you always.


March 29, 2011


Hawoo efurypuppy, it's me Kodiyak!!!

Don't be fooled - today is not my birfday!!! Today is my fury best furiend in da whole wide worlds birfday - Koda or Kadayak as I call him. Today Koda is 5!!! If woo wanna wish him a Happy Barkday visit

Being best furiends wif Koda is kinda a family thing fur us. Koda was my Paw's best furiend and almost ever since I was a born, he's been my best furiend too!!!

Here's some photos of me and Koda (the human in da photos is Koda's Maw, my Nanny Kate.....


and here's some photos of Paw and Koda.....

Koda and my two aunts, Summer and Suki.....

and dis is Koda wif Team Husky at our recent campin trip.....

Koda really is a Labrador Retriever in a Siberian suit!!! He plays just like we do (well except he barks and growls more)!

We hope woo get lots of belly rubs, butt scratches, cool toys, nom nom nom food and treats and of course - a fun walk wif us!!! Maybe if woo ask yur Maw real nice she'll take me wif woo fur a walk???

Play bows and woofs