January 30, 2011


Hi efurypuppy, it's me Summer!

Guess what today is? Yep - it's my birfday!!! Today I am seven years old.....I know, I know - I don't look a day ofur four do I!!!

We went out fur our usual Sunday morning walkies today and had our usual doggy sausage treat afterwards. Mom also bought some chicken necks so we had one of those too. I've been getting lots of pats and cuddles, I even met some new people today and they gave me pats too! I hope Mom doesn't furget to buy me some salmon fur my dinner tonight!


January 18, 2011


Hi efurypuppy, it's me Summer!

Today a little doggy is battling for his life. He really really needs as much help as he can get, at the moment we need to say prayers for him and send lots of Sibe Vibes his way (and Aussie Shepherd Vibes too)! The vets are doing efurything they can fur him. We sure hope he is strong enough to fight this and get back home to his foster Mom, litter brother Jetson and foster brothers and sisfurs.

Another way we can help is by contributing to his costly medical care. Team Husky have donated as much as they can afford and every dollar helps. Here is a message from his foster Mom Kelly, who is a fury fury close furiend of Team Husky's:

I have some very unfortunate news and I was hoping for your help! Recently I started fostering (2) 11 week old aussie puppies for Blind dog rescue www.blinddogrescue.com. On Friday evening the littlest boy Innoko started violently vomiting, so I had to rush him to the ER vet. Come to find out my precious little boy has Parvo. I was shocked and devastated. For those of you who don't know, Parvo is a virus that attacks the rapidly growing cells in the body (mainly the GI tract and bone marrow). 100% of dogs who contract this disease die (from dehydration or secondary infection) who are not treated.

This morning I received word that Innoko was not at all doing well and he will need to stay a few more days at the ER vet, where he will receive IV fluids and supplements to keep him alive. You can imagine that the cost of this treatment is quite expensive, and it is. The total cost thus far is $3000 and counting - but no matter what the cost we are devoted to our sweet Innoko and we will do whatever it takes to make sure he has the life he so rightfully deserves!

What I am asking is that you help spread the word about Innoko and if you are able to make a donation to help off-set the cost of his vet bills. I do not have much, as I already donate pretty much all of my free money and time for the dogs that need me; however I have donated $1 to his chip-in fund. If everyone donated $1 it would go such a long way to helping us save our beloved boy! His chip-in link is below:

Innoko is blind (maybe can see some shadows) and partially deaf. He already has been through so much heartache in his short little life - being dumped at the shelter at only 8 weeks old. But he has such a bright future ahead of him...

Please help me save my little foster boy!!! Thanks in advance for all your help!!!!


Please please please - if you can afford to help little Innoko, even if it is just $1, it would be so much appreciated!

Innoko - so many people are behind woo, please do yur best to fight this terrible disease!

Kisses and lots of healing vibes
Summer (and all of Team Husky)

January 06, 2011


Hey this is Madison, I'm Team Husky's human cousin.

Suki's home safe after her surgery. She's been resting with the rest of Team Husky some of the time but she's pretty restless and has been wandering around lots.

Here's a few photos I'd like to show you.

That's all for now, will keep you updated


Please send lots of Sibe Vibes her way. We are all waiting to hear from our vet to see how the surgery went.

I haven't posted about her injury until now - about 6 weeks ago Suki had an accident and severly fractured her skull. She's fine, her normal happy and silly self actually. Above is a photo of her showing her 'lump' and below are photos of the xrays. The piece of bone was actually punched out and it flipped around at a ninty degree angle so is sticking straight up, creating the lump.

We were given three options and decided to go with the third which was to let the fracture continue to heal and then have the piece of bone that is sticking up 'shaved' off. This is what is happening today.

See the piece of skull just above her eye socket? 

Here's another view.....

This one shows the fracture from another angle - if you look on the right side you will see the piece of bone in the dark area, right near the front.....

Suki is in surgery right now, we are hoping it goes well and that she has a speedy recovery:)

Team Husky

January 01, 2011


Howldy puppews, it's me Mw BeeJ!!!

Today is a fuwy special day, it's my Aunt Suki's biwthday!!! Aunt Suki taught me it's wude to weveal a ladies age so I can't tell woo how old she is but I can tell woo she was bown in 2002. I'm suwe woo can do the maths!!!

We had nommy tweats this mowning and this aftewnoon we got in our Huskiz twuck and we and visited ouw fuwiends fwom IceSibes ~ it suwe was loads of fun and we gots to do zoomies and roll in the gwass and  play in the doggy paddling pools and have some nommy cheese and deli meat tweats.

Hewe she is when she was a little puppy, only six weeks old, with hew bwothers and sister, can woo tell which one she is?

These awe photos fwom today and thewe's a link to a movie below them too.....

Team Husky greets IceSibes movie

Happy biwthday Aunt Suki, we all love woo lots and hope woo awe enjoying youw special day!