Pedigree Name: Sesuk Arctic B Of Kalluk
Breeder: Mrs L Jones
DOB: 1 January 2002
Sire: Arcticmoon Echo (Aust)
Dam: Weish Anadyrs Tdee Limit (Imp Aust)
Sex: Bitch
Weight and Height: 21kgs and 55cm
Colour: White
Eye Colour: Amber

Likes: Cuddles, curling up on the bed and belly rubs
Dislikes: Tail being brushed, toilet being flushed and dominant people

Suki came to live with us at the age of six and a half years. She can be a shy girl with new people, is full of energy and buzzes about all over the place.....a bit of a handful at times! She loves to run and is a good lead dog. She is a very affectionate girl and fits in well with the rest of our pack.