May 27, 2011


Hi efurypuppy, it's me Summer!

I just wanted to let woo know that we are all still here! I got to do this post cause I am the longest standing member of Team Husky (I'm not the oldest though)! We have been busy training for racing season which is now upon us.....well some of us have been training - me, I've just being going fur walks and jogs and runs off leash. Suki, Kodiak and BJ have all been going fur runs on the scooter and rig though and they are loving it!!!

We have our big local race of the year coming up next weekend (4-5 June). As per usual I have the responsibility of being Team Husky's mascot and head cheerleader! The weather was a bit wet for a while there but it has pretty much come right, the problem now is the temperature! It's been too warm fur the pups to run any decent distances - if anyone out there can send some frosts and cold temperatures our way please do!!! Us Suberians run sooooo much better when it's cold! Here are a couple of photos Mom took last Sunday:

This is our furiend Link, he is a labrador retriever and he is 11.5 years old! He still loves going fur runs and keeps up a good pace too! Mom was trying to capture him running past but he decided he'd come over and say hello instead.....

I don't think I need to tell woo who these two young puppies are! Fur those of woo that don't know us fury well, it's my puppies (well they are not mine really but I do love them lots) - Kodiak and Qannik.....

That's our furiend Haakon running them, they were getting purtty tired as it was right at the end of their run! The boys are going to be running together in one of  the races - it was their first official race last year and they got second! Two days later Kodiak broke his toe:( I know they will try hard this year and hopefully there won't be any injuries so they can keep running right through the season! In case you wanted to see how much they love running, here's a close up.....

It's time for me to go, Mom just called me over fur a belly rub so I better go before she changes her mind! Yes she has been neglecting her blogging assistant duties but I can assure woo we have not been missing out on any of our usual home comforts!!!