September 29, 2008

Another House Guest!!!

Haroo everypupper

If woo thought Miss Laska sleeping over at our place was exciting woo will really love these photos. Meet the other guest that stayed at our house:

That's right everypupper - it's a cute little birdie, Mom says it's a peach faced love bird whatever that means. We at Team Husky sure thought it was cute but for some reason Mom wouldn't let it be in the same room as us. We told her we'd be real good puppers but she didn't believe us.
Mom was on the Animal Ambulance for the SPCA for the weekend and she got a callout to pick Mr Bird up. Someone had found him in town, he was all confused and lonely. As it happened there was another birdie exactly the same as him at the shelter all by itself in the aviary.....I'm sure this fella will love meeting his new friend and the other birdie will be much happier when he gets there.
I wonder who will be next to come stay at our place? I'm hoping and dreaming that my Stormy and her brothers Zim & Dave and sister Amber from the A04 will come for a sleepover real soon:)
Woo Woos

Sleepover At Team Husky's House!!!

Hi everydoggy

Our good friend Laska had a sleepover at our place, it's the first time since I've lived here that we've had a friend of ours stay the night. We all got on real well, I decided Lask's a pretty cool gal.

Here's a few photos:

Here's all of us eating our dinner:)

Miss Laska happy with a full tummy

Laska on the couch - where she's not supposed to be!!!

We wondered where she was cause we didn't see her all night, she never even tried to get up on our bed with us and Mom. We should have guessed that she found a spot on the couch - Mom had put objects on the couches so she couldn't sleep on them, she just knocked one of them off. Laska sure is clever:)



September 21, 2008

He's Back!!!

Phew everypuppy, my little brother Princey has come home......I'm so glad he is back:)

I hardly recognised him when he came home, do woo think this is really my and Stormy's Prince? Stormy was very concerned and will be so glad to know he is safe.

I think he went and got a nice fluffy jacket because he was cold after losing all his beewootiful fur but I can't quite understand what he was thinking when he got the thingee on his head.
What does everypuppy think? Any ideas?

September 20, 2008

Has Anyone Seen My Brother???

Hi everypuppy, I have a question for woo.

Have woo seen my brother Prince? I've been looking everywhere for him and all I can find is this:

I'm real worried, do you think he vanished into Siber Space and all that is left is his fur? Someone might have dognapped him?
Please help me search for him, I really miss Princey.
Kisses and Begs
Sad Summer

September 15, 2008

Have Woo Met Deacon???

Haroo everypupper

Did I ever introduce woo to our buddy Deacon? He's a really cool dude, likes to play and make lots of noise!!!!!

He is our friends Fen & Kreevanka's brother and he lives with his Dad not too far from where we and the Iceberg pack live. He escapes regularly and comes back to his old home to visit with his family and friends. He loves it when he picks the right day and gets to play with his best mate and brother Fen, Fen comes to stay with the Iceberg pack on the days we go out for a training run so not only does Deacon get to play with his bro but he gets to put a harness on and go for a run too!

Here's a couple of photos of Deacon, when he came to visit us at our place:)

Me and Deacon in my house

Sum, me and Deacon in the courtyard

Did woo notice how tall he is......he's a monster!

Woo Woos

Welcome Back Tikaani!!!

Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer letting woo all know that our little (well not so little anymore) buddy Tikaani has come back to have a holiday for a while with our friends from the Iceberg pack.

Here's some photos of Tikaani as a puppy.....

Left to right: Sirius, Tikaani, Nevaeh, Frey & Balto
.....and this is what he looks like now!!!!!

Apologies fo the bad photo - it's one Mom took on her phone. We'll try & get a better one soon:)

He's still sweet and handsome but he's oh so much bigger than last time I saw him!

Welcome back Tikaani from Team Husky!



Hi everydoggy, this is Suki.....a very clean and sweet smelling Suki - uuurrrggghhh!!!

It was a warm sunny day yesterday and our Mom got out the Rapid Bath Aunt Kathy had sent all the way from PA (it's all your fault Aunt Kathy)!

I tried taking Guinness & Shiloh's advice - run & hide - but Mom caught me and found my hiding place. When she told me the other day that I was going to be the first 'victim' she really wasn't kidding......I tell you everydoggy and everykitty, it was really horrible!!!

She had a friend over to hold me still and she wet me all over......with cold water straight from the hose!!!!! Then I noticed a strange sweet smell - it was the bubbles that were coming out of the Rapid Bath, she made me all frothy! Mom said it was 'Shine and White' shampoo, to try & make me white again! Then she gave my lovely dirty stinky parts (I worked hard for 6 1/2 years to get that grubby!) a good rub and rinsed all the bubbles off me with more cold water! She waited till I shook a couple of times, dried me off with a towel and let me run around like crazy.
'Phew, it's over!'
'Am I safe now?'
'Mom wanted to take this close up photos of my clean white fur just so Aunty Lyne believes her!'
I couldn't find anything dirty or stinky to roll in.....I need to get rid of that sweet smell! Although I have to admit, the cuddles and belly rubs I got last night were pretty nice......I'll have to have a think about making myself stinky again and not make a drastic decision that might make me 'undesirable' to bipeds.

After she had tortured me it was Princey's turn - he just stood there (what a suck-up he is!) and let Mom bathe him. He actually looked like he enjoyed parts of it!!! Prince smells the same as me....'Shine and White'.

'That wasn't so bad puppers!'

'Actually it was kinda refreshing!'

'This is a really great thing Mom, I'll look after it for woo!'

Our friend bought over one of our friends Fen for a bath too.....he's a grub like me - loves lying in the dirtiest places he can find:) Apparently he's my 'boyfriend' whatever that means. Since I've been with my new family I have spent a bit of time with Fen & I've learnt that he is a big tough guy on the exterior but a real softie deep down. Anywoo, he wasn't too impressed about having a bath either and he grumbled a few times but Mom said he was much better than he usually is as he normally cries like a baby when he's having a bath! Fen smells different to me, he got the 'Ultra Cleaning' shampoo.

'Get that thing away from me!'

'Oh the camera - It was nothing, didn't hurt a bit!'

'I'll try & look cool about that torture thing, that's what a tough boy would do!'

Last, but certainly not least, was my little sister Summy - Mom used the 'Ultra Cleaning' shampoo on her.....that was once she managed to catch her!!! Sum's not happy when it's time to have a bath. After she was all clean and sweet smelling Summer did an amazing shake - she did her normal vigorous shake but then started at her fluffy butt end and gave that a good shake and then let the shake move up her body......then as if that wasn't enough did a vigorous all over body shake again!!! It was amazing, she did it all in one shake everydoggy and everykitty!!!

'I'm never gonna trust you again Mom - and woo say I'm evil!'

'Okay, so maybe if you give me a treat or two!'

Once we'd wrapped up the bathing at our house we went round to our friends place (well Prince and Sum stayed home and Fen and I walked round) and Mom gave their alpha, Que, a bath. He was not at all impressed - it was extremely embarrassing standing there looking like a drowned rat with us doggies looking on!!! He was so glad that the only one in his pack watching was gracious Lady Ara, the others were all out the back in their houses. Que's just lucky Mom didn't have her camera with her!!! Ara doesn't know it yet but she just may be the next victim!!!

Well everydoggy, that's a wrap from me! Hope you enjoyed seeing the evidence that us doggies really were tortured!

Steve, Kat & Wilbur - woo better hope your Mom does not find out about this horrible thing!!! I promise I won't tell.....I wouldn't do that to anydoggy!!!



Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer!

Do woo remember the post from Suki the other day about our parcel from Aunt Kathy - it was a Rapid Bath? Well the second parcel from Aunt Kathy arrived.......and it smelt oh so yummy!!!!

Mom helped us open it and inside we found some shampoo for the Rapid Bath, the tethers Mom bought for it (what are tethers everypuppy??? They sound scary!!!), a cool squeeky toy that woo know who has claimed as his own, a cool MaPaw 'Got Sibe?' t-shirt and lots of yummy treats Mom bought for us from Maya-Marie's Mom - Happy Hearts Dog Cookies, Inc. By Gerri. There was also a cool set of cards in a special tin and some stinky pet spray Mom won on The Kapp Pack's Blogathon!
Here's some photos:

Ha roo roo, we just loved what Maya-Marie's Mom had on the salmon/cheddar cookies - a sticker with 'CAUTION: Very smelly cookies. Dogs will paw you for these!' Here's a closer look:

Mom's only let us try one lot of treats so far and we all think they're SIBERRIFIC!!!!! Thanks Maya-Marie's Mom.......we love woo and can't wait to try your other yummy treats!!!
Here's Mr Princester with HIS new toy:

'Thanks Aunt Kathy:)'


September 10, 2008

Prince's 'Chillin' Out' Shots

Haroo everypupper, I sure hope woo enjoyed Sum's blog about the Wanaka Sled Dog Festival!!! We tried real hard to run as fast as we sure was hard work in the snow, especially the fresh stuff!

Here are some photos I thought were cool from our week away at the racing, no racing photos, just us puppers chillin' out:)

Two Sibes posing in the snow

Hope with her booties on

Pharaoh and Qui

Me and Sesuk

Suggen, Aleka, Summer and me

Summer (with her eyes open this time)!

Beerootiful snow capped mountains at sunset

How pretty is this everypuppy and and everykitty?

This photo is for my sweetie Storm who celebrated her 13th birthday while I was away racing. Love woo Stormy


It's really important for us puppers to relax and chill out.....remember that when your bipeds want you to do something!!!

Woo Woos



Hi everypuppy, this is Summer reporting in with official photos from our latest race (well Princey was the only one from Team Husky that was racing) but Suki, Mom & me were all there supporting.....does that count?

Anywoo, there were three heats and my little bro Prince was in a four dog team with our friend Haakon. Here's some photos from the first heat:

Haakon, Prince, Aleka, Suggen & Quiquern about to head round a corner

Six teams working hard out on the trail

Princey's team heading towards the finish line with Alex & Pharaoh (skijoring)

Four tired puppies as the cross the finish line!

Our friends Lyne, Chinook & Alladin heading down a hill

Photo of the trails

Now for the second heat:

Chinook, Alladin & Lyne working hard

Chooky & Laddy racing the Mals to the finish line

Princey's team rounding last corner to finish line

And the very last heat:

Lyne, Chooky & Laddy

Princey's team races a skijorer to the finish line

And they beat him!!!

Princey's team got third in the four dog class, I'm so proud of my little bro:)

Suki and me went out with our Mom on the second day of racing for a play on the snow - it was Mom's first time ever driving a sled on her own. We were real gentle on her:) On the last day Mom took Suki, Pharaoh and me out for a run on the snow, sorry we don't have photos but Mom had her hands full trying to stay on the sled!!!

Hope you like the photos