September 10, 2008


Hi everypuppy, this is Summer reporting in with official photos from our latest race (well Princey was the only one from Team Husky that was racing) but Suki, Mom & me were all there supporting.....does that count?

Anywoo, there were three heats and my little bro Prince was in a four dog team with our friend Haakon. Here's some photos from the first heat:

Haakon, Prince, Aleka, Suggen & Quiquern about to head round a corner

Six teams working hard out on the trail

Princey's team heading towards the finish line with Alex & Pharaoh (skijoring)

Four tired puppies as the cross the finish line!

Our friends Lyne, Chinook & Alladin heading down a hill

Photo of the trails

Now for the second heat:

Chinook, Alladin & Lyne working hard

Chooky & Laddy racing the Mals to the finish line

Princey's team rounding last corner to finish line

And the very last heat:

Lyne, Chooky & Laddy

Princey's team races a skijorer to the finish line

And they beat him!!!

Princey's team got third in the four dog class, I'm so proud of my little bro:)

Suki and me went out with our Mom on the second day of racing for a play on the snow - it was Mom's first time ever driving a sled on her own. We were real gentle on her:) On the last day Mom took Suki, Pharaoh and me out for a run on the snow, sorry we don't have photos but Mom had her hands full trying to stay on the sled!!!

Hope you like the photos





Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I think I'm going to pack my bags and come stay with you so I can have all that fun!


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