July 31, 2008


Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer reporting in behalf of Team Husky with some very sad news:(

Today's blog is dedicated to one of our friends who has left us and headed to the Rainbow Bridge. Many of woo reading this will know Kelsey Ann of the Kapp Pack, she was a well known, much loved, sweet girl.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Queen Kelsey Ann's Mom, Dad and her little biped sister. We know her Siberian sibling Sky and Sibrador sibling Canyon will miss Kelsey Ann heaps too.

Kelsey Ann you are free from all pain now and we know you will be returned to your former youth and spend your days playing and watching over us all. You certainly earned your silver harness and we find comfort in knowing you will be at the Bridge waiting for us when our time on earth is over.

A very special Kapp Pack photo taken the night before Kelsey Ann left for the Rainbow Bridge

RIP Kelsey Ann
~ 1999 - 30 July 2008 ~

Summer, Prince, Suki and our Mom Aleeya

July 27, 2008


Hi everydoggy, it's me Suki - woo know.....the new girl!!!

We at Team Husky are very honored to receive an award from our friends Stunning Star and Hunkalicous Jack at Cybersibes. Thank woo for thinking of us, we think you're really cool:)

The rules of this award are:
Add the logo of the award to my blog
Add a link to who awarded it to me
Nominate at least seven other blogs
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Leave a message for my nominees on their blogs

After much wooing with Prince & Summer we all decided we'd like to pass the award onto:
Maddox, Shelby, Scotty & Claire of Sixteen White Paws
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July 25, 2008

I'm Feeling Neglected and Un-Loved!!!

Hi everypupper, it's me - Prince!

I'm sure most of woo will know by now that we have a new addition to our family - she's kinda cute with lots of Siberian attitude and her name is Suki.

I thought I would be so happy to have two girrrrrls to play with, after all girrrrrls are one of my three favourite things.....the others being running and of course my Mom (just thought I'd try and score some brownie points there puppers!).

Getting right down to the main problem - ever since Suki arrived she's taken over MY, well OUR (me and Sum's) Rosella doggy bed. Sum loves this bed more than me but I like it lots too and now I'm not allowed on it! Suki lets Summer on it with her but when I try to get on nnnnnnoooooooo - she snarls at me and tells me to back off!!! How rude!!! The only time I get on it now is if I beat her to it. Why doesn't she let me on the doggy bed with her everypupper? Does anyone know?

My Mom says she has a theory (if anyone can tell me what that means I'd really appreciate it). She says I need to take note of Sum's approach when Suki is on our bed - Sum doesn't look at Suki, she puts her little feety feet on the bed and slowly and quietly gets on, curling up in the space Suki isn't using.

I personally think my approach is much cuter - I stand right in front of Suki and look her in the eye, sometimes I make a little 'woof' noise, other times I do my big tough Princey squeak, sometimes I make no noise at all just to really throw her off guard. At this point I am very anxious so I furiously wag my tail back and forth. Mom tells me I look real cute but that Suki thinks I want to annoy her. Suki snarls at me and sometimes even snaps at me.....she even got a mouthful of fur on the odd occasion! Doesn't she know I just want to be her friend and cuddle up on the doggy bed with her? I won't try anything naughty.....I have a girrrrrlfriend that I wuv very much - oh my Stormy, how I miss woo and wish we could be together. Maybe you might have a bed you will share with me Stormy???

Here's some photos of our bed in the good old days......and some photos of now. Poor me:( - any of you super intelligent puppers got any ideas on what I should do? There's an old saying - two's company - three's a crowd - I'M THE THREE!!!!!

Back when me and Sum had a large Rosella bed each - this is a very rare sight, we always used to curl up together on one bed:

Us sharing a bed:

And again:

Oh boy.....the good old days:

Me trying to get on the bed (the extra large Rosella bed Mom got for ME and SUM to share)....no room, the girrrrrls look sooooo comfy, better not wake them or they might tell me off:

Oh well, better start getting used to it I guess, anypup want to share a comfy bed with the Princester?

There's another reason for me feeling unloved - there have been photos of a race we ran in recently circulating in lots of papers, one of them has a photo of Suki and MY MOM!!!!! Why oh why couldn't it have been ME in that photo????? Dumb photographer - I'm my Mom's main man, that's what she always tells me. Why did they have to take a photo of the new girl on the block?

Woo Woos.....sad slow woo woos

Pee Ess: Mom always falls for my sad face - here I am in the best place ever - on the bed with my Mom, with my own pillow!!!!! I am after all a Siberian:)


Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer!

I just had to tell woo about a special post from my handsome guy Cosmos - I was so flattered that he got all dressed up in a beret.......just for me!!!!! He was so romantic speaking in french, oh I wish I could visit him at the Cos-bo - our wooing would be soo beerootiful .

Here's a link to his post - 'Come Visit Me at the Cos-bo'

Cosmos, I'm trying to come up with a plan so we can be together:)

Kisses (lots and lots of them)
Yur Sumi

July 23, 2008

What Does This Mean Everypuppy???

Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer!

I've been noticing lots of new little things growing in Mom's garden - she calls them bulbs. Mom told us that bulbs are something that flower and look pretty in the spring.

I hope everypuppy can put my siberian mind at ease and tell me that winter time is going to stay for a while? I know spring follows winter and after spring there's summer with a small 's' - you know what that means - warm weather, we love the winter.....but then again I do love lying in the sun (much to Princey's disgust!).

Anywoo, here are a few photos of the bulbs that are emerging in our garden. This is the first year Mom has put bulbs in at our house as all the gardens used to be barked (that's right everypuppy.....little doggies lived in our garden and barked all day and night). Seriously - not the woof woof bark, woo know - the bark that's used for gardens and landscaping and stuff.

Lots of different bulbs


Dutch Irises

More Dutch Irises




And our very first Tulip!

Some of them are only just starting to make their way into the big wide world - I can't wait to see the pretty flowers when they grow!!!




July 22, 2008

Guess What Mom Got???

Clue - it's all about us!!!!!

Hi everydoggy, this is Sesuk (Suki) and it's my very first post on our blog:)

Prince and Summer thought I should tell woo about what
our Mom bought for our doggy transporter.
Check these out:

Front view

Rear view

Yep that's right - we've now got some siberrific personalised plates!


July 13, 2008


Hi everyone, this is Prince & Summer's Mom!

Just thought I'd post a couple of photos of the newest member of our pack - Sesuk.
She is 6 years old and has been an outside dog all her life so is finding it a bit strange being allowed inside. It is very funny when the TV is going - she is quite amused by it and makes grumbly noises:)

So far she is fitting in really well - no one has their noses too far out of joint!

Will post more updates once we learn more about her.


July 10, 2008

SZK School of Siberian Studies Pays Off!!!

Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer!

Here's a collection of photos showing me and my little brother did pay attention in Storm's class!!!

Okay Princey - I'll look at Mum, you look away

Now you look and I'll look away

Sorry Mom, did you say both of us should look at the camera?

You mean look at something to the side of you - like this?

Princey - you're supposed to be following my lead,

Not sticking your tongue out!

That's my boy!!!!

Now that's even better!!!

See - we were very co-operative Siberians don't you think???


July 09, 2008

Our Weekend At The Origin

Haroo everypupper, it's your favourite Prince reporting in on behalf of Team Husky!!!

We had a siberrific weekend away recently at a racing event. Lots of mingling with our friends and lots of good smells in a forest that was new to us.
Me & Summer curled up in trailer

We travelled up to Naseby on the Friday as we had trail viewing late in the afternoon and a mushers meeting that night (well our bipeds had the meeting really). Early on Saturday morning we headed into the Forest for the first heat of the weekends racing. The rig teams took off first and then the scooters.

Me and my buddy Suggen ran in the two dog scooter class. There were lots of hills and steep downhills - I was running on big stones on the downhills and didn't like it very much at all.....in fact I really wanted to stop. My Mom and Suggen kept going so I made sure they slowed down plenty and we continued on our way.

Mum, Suggen and I crossing the finish line

Woohoo!!! We made it!!!

Steve and his wife Christy
(that's our friends Teddy & Skila leading the way!)

After the first heat our friend Haakon gave us some treats. I'm not overly food motivated (so Mom says anyway) and a couple of little morsels of the treats fell on the ground - I didn't think they were worth bothering about however Suggen decided they looked pretty good and tried to help himself.....right under my nose!!! I of course told him there was no way I was sharing MY leftovers with him and we had a bit of a man fight. I ended up with a little hole in my head and a scrape under my eye. Suggen was in worse shape with a couple of punctures and nice deep cut on one of his front feety feets. This little 'disagreement' meant that our bipeds decided to scratch us from the second heat the next morning:( They didn't want to do more damage to Suggen's foot as it could affect his training and possibly racing at upcoming events.

We went back to the forest late that afternoon for the junior and veteran races. Our Mom took a friends dog in the veterans race, I was very jealous. The vets race is for older dogs by the way, not older bipeds (our Mom said to make sure I told woo that)!

Haakon & Fen

Jo & Uncle Kayto

Margaret & Pharaoh

Mom & Que

After that the rigs ran their second heat - we apologise for the crappy photos, the lighting in the forest just wasn't adequate for the night & early morning races!

Todd with his Pointers

Nathan with Amber, Angel, Jinx, Storm, Frosty & Zen

Karl and Niko, Bella & Dolce

Haakon with Balto, Sirius, Quiquern and Aleka

It was another early start the next morning and back to the forest for the third and last heat for the rigs and the second and last heat for scooters. Us boys just had to wait in the trailer while most of the other K9's raced.....I was not impressed! It snowed a little bit which was really cool!

Terry with Mac and Lyne with Sarah (that's my grandma!) and the beerootiful Chinook

Kate & Koda

Jo, Blaze & Chief

Alan & his Alaskan Husky Petite

Sirius after the race - what a dirty boy, ha roo roo!

After the racing had finished the bipeds had a prizegiving and then we headed on the road to home. It was a bit of a boring weekend for my big sis Summy as she didn't race at all but she doesn't mind - she'd much rather spend the weekend with her boy (that's me!) and our Mom than stay home without us.

My beerootiful sister Summy in the snow

Nathan & Cheryl's trailer - snow writing!

Me and Summy posing in the snow

That's all from me for now. Summer will have a fun post soon showing all woo puppers that we did take notice of my girlfriend Stormy of the A04 when we attended the SZK School of Siberian Studies class. We really do live up to our reputation of being 'Siberian Rat Bags' as our Mom fondly calls us.....well sometimes anyway:)

Woo Woos