March 30, 2009


Haroo everypupper!

Guess what I got to do at the weekend? Yep, I got to visit my puppers! They are growing so fast! I spent some time watching them and Laska and I got to spend some time together too which I was real happy about.

'Haroo puppers, it's me Dad!'

'I'm just gonna go outside with yur Mom for a bit, K?'

'It's so nice to spend time with woo Laska!'

The puppies were weighed on Sunday ~ the lightest one now weighs 3.7kg & the heaviest is 4.375kg! Mom said something about taking the little puppers to the vet later on in the week for their first vaccinations. That means needles!!!

This is food formation time.....

This is why they weigh so much......boy do they like their food!

The most adventurous pupper by far is Miss Meisha.....boy is she going to keep her new family on their toes! She's learnt how to climb out of the puppy area and even climbed up Laska's ramp (without the extra puppy ramp attached) and wandered outside by herself! The area had to be 'Meisha proofed' after that!

All of their ears are up except for our little Kodiak and one of Zeus's ears is still down too. They sure look like real Sibe puppers now!

I noticed they were very playful and seemed to love chewing on each other.....I sure hope they don't chew on me! Our good friend Alladin told me to watch out for little puppers cause they weren't all nice and cute. He did tell me one of his special tactics that he had learnt though ~
'woo have to turn your furry back on them!' Laddy is Suki's half brother and there's him and his Sibe sister Chinook, Rosie & Hope the black Labs and three of Hope's annoying little black Lab puppies. Maybe my little puppers won't be so annoying seeing as they are Sibes and not Labs???

Qannik & Zeus playing

Kodiak checking me out

Zeus sleeping in his toilet.....tummy too full to move!

Me with mini-me ~ Aneshia

Kodiak and Qannik

Aneshia & Kodiak thirsty after a hard day playing!

Kodiak posing.......

looks like I really do have some serious competition everypupper!

Woo Woos


March 27, 2009


Haroo everypupper, can woo help me understand why girls are obsessed with little things?

Here's an example featuring my two girls......

In the first photo you'll see Sum and Suki looking through our fence. The second one shows me joining them to see if they are looking at something interesting. The third photo was taken two seconds after the second one and shows me falling out of fence formation.

What do woo think the girls are so fascinated with? Okay, I'll tell woo.....its the two kitty cats that live next door, see.......

I don't understand why the girls watch them for hours on end ~ they really are obsessed!!! I mean it's not as if they are going to be able to play with the kitties and for some reason the kitties never seem to come over the fence and visit us anymore. I really think that spending all that time watching them is so unproductive.....especially when woo could be spending quality time doing this......

Woo Woos


March 26, 2009


......Introducing DEMON ~ ummmmmm I meant to say TEDDY!!!

Hi everypuppy, just look who came to visit us at the weekend.....our old friend Teddy! Teddy's not actually old but he moved a long way away with his family so we don't get to see him often, that's why I said old friend.

I didn't used to like Teddy very much cause he pestered me all the time and used to get in my face.......I had to tell him off all the time ~ I mean what else is a girl supposed to do? Princey and Teddy were great mates, always playing and being silly together (okay so maybe part of me telling Teddy off was because I didn't like him playing with MY boy.....just maybe).

We didn't get many photos but here are a few for woo.....

Teddy and Suki meeting for the first time

Teddy checking out our compost bin

Teddy told us we should come up with a plan to break

into here cause it smells so good!

Here's the four of us waiting to get let inside

Suki, me, Teddy & Prince

I can't believe I am going to say this but it was great to see woo Mr Bear ~ please come back and visit us again soon!!!




Pee Ess ~ Sorry I took the opportunity to tell woo off before woo left Teddy.....I had to let woo know I'm still the boss!!!

March 25, 2009


Hi everydoggy, it's me Suki!

I'm very excited to be able to tell woo that me and my little biped cousin Madison won the first heat of the Junior Canicross on Sunday!!! There are two more heats so I'm gonna make sure we get a few more practice runs in before then.

Here are some photos of us crossing the finish line.....

We make a GREAT team!!!


March 24, 2009


Hi everypupper, this is the proud Daddy reporting in with a pupdate!!!

I think it's about time I visited my beewootiful Laska and the little puppers cause when Mom showed me the photos she took at the weekend I hardly recognised them.....they have gotten so BIG!!!

The little puppers have some toys in their whelping box now......some of them kindly donated by ME! I even gave them one of my favourites.....the colourful caterpillar. They just love playing with them:) Laska is out of the whelping box most of the time now, she keeps close by in case our babies need her though.
Aneshia has one ear up and Meisha has both up now! Mom said she saw them both drinking from the water bowl too!!! The boys are a little bit behind the girls.....Mom says this is the way things normally are, that the girls are brighter!!! How rude......I'm real bright, I mean why else would Mom call me Doofus:)

Here's the latest photos.....I sure hope woo like them!!! Notice that pupper 3, 4 and 5 now have names!!!
5 sleepy puppers.....




Puppers with toys.....

Kodiak, Meisha & Zeus

Aneshia, Kodiak, Zeus and Qannik

Aneshia & Qannik

Qannik & Zeus

5 puppers looking up at the camera.....

Meisha just looked so cute in her sleepy pose
we had to show woo from this angle too.....

and Qannik showing off his belly.....

Aneshia with one ear up and one ear down.....

and of course we have to show woo a few more photos

of the new Team Husky member ~ Kodiak.....

Can woo see the resemblance this handsome fella has to his Daddy? Boy is he gonna be a looker.....I'll have to make sure he doesn't attract too much attention from girls!!!

Woo Woos

Proud Princester:)

March 20, 2009


Hi everypuppy

Just thought I'd let woo know things are a little better in my world! Thanks to all of woo that tried to make me feel better, it really did help!

I completely forgot I was sad when Mom gave us our special Addie and Lucie treats today!!! Here's some photos of us puppers, in doggy heaven I might add, eating the yummy yummy treats.....again, thank woo so much Addie and Lucie.....

Did woo see the look of Siberian pleasure on our faces???
Here's a group shot.....