January 30, 2012


Hawoo efurypupper, it's me Lil Yak Yak!

Today is my Aunt Summer's birthday so it's a purtty special day in our house! I can't tell woo how old she is now cause I been told dat's not da thing to do wif girls BUT she was 7 last year! Can woo work dat one out?

Don't woo think me and Sum look cute together in da planter box?

Dis is Summer before she went out fur birfday walks, Maw just took Summer and left da rest of us at home! Looks like dey called in to visit wif Charlie too, I'm sure Sum didn't like what he was doing in da second photo!

We had some salmon wif our dindins tonight.....nomnomnom!!!

Happy Birfday Sum ~ we all love ya lots!

Play bows and woofs

January 01, 2012


Hi efurydoggy, it's me Suki!

Today is MY special day ~ I am now 10 years old, can woo believe it? My Mom says she can't, that I still act like a one or two year old. She says I just haven't grown up and probably nefur will!

I had birthday walkies this morning (see photo of us pups after our walk above) and then BJ dug in the sand and got me all dirty.....anyone that knows me will know how much of a grubby puppy I am ~ my old family used to call me the 'mud puppy'. I work real hard to try and get my white furs all dirty! The photo above is just after Mom gave me a bath last month, can you believe it? I work so hard to get my white not-so-white and then she goes and cleans off all my hard work.....sheesh!

I'm home chilling out now, can't wait to see if I get something delicious for my dindins!

Happy Birthday to my sister Sillik and my brothers Anui and Mauya ~ I hope woo are all having a good day like me!

Well I better go now, time to buzz buzz buzz around again......there's no keeping me still for more than a few minutes!