November 25, 2009


Hawoo puppies and kitties, it's me ~ Lil Demon!!!

I wuz thinkin woo might want an update on what's been happenin in my world ~ am I right or am I right??? Seriously, dese are your only two options!

Fur those of woo that have been asking Maw how Paw is doing, thank woo fur yur concern. We still haven't had da biopsy results and Maw is getting rather grumpy bout dat! She did ring da VET today and he said dat if he hadn't had anythin from the LAB by tomorrow lunchtime he'd ring dem to find out what's goin on. Paw wasn't feeling fury well over da weekend and Maw was worried he might haf sum infection around his lump thingee as it's a bit soft and squishy to touch now ~ Maw says dere's probably fluid under dere. She talked to da VET and asked fur some andibiodics and Paw was much happier within a few hours of havin his first dose. We will keep woo pupdated bout da results as soon as we find out.

Some of woo might not recognise me now cause look what Maw did do to me da udder day.....

Pretty scary eh! Did woo know dat was me under all dat fur?

One of our bestest furiends Jo is havin a baby and her and Maw and some udder girlies did go out fur a nice lunch da udder weekend. Dis is Jo.....

When dey came home to our place I found sumthin fascinatin on da table ~ I found a new furiend!!! Dis was me checkin him out and den tellin him da house rules.....

Maw told us dat there wasn't gonna be any more dogs livin at our place so I wuz kinda relieved when Jo did take him home, after all dey wouldn't let me play wif him anyways ~ no point a puppy bein here if I can't plays wif him!

Last week we did haf a fun walk out da road and here's sum photos I want to share wif woo:

Dis is me, Aunt Suki, Uncle Fen, Paw, Aunt Summer, Aunt Aleka and my brudder Qannik after our walkies.....

Paw did haf such a good time ~ dis was da furst time he had been fur walks in two whole weeks.....can woo imagine not goin out fur dat long???

Here's Aunt Summer, Paw and our buddy Mr Koda (MD) ~ (Koda is da black one dat looks kinda different).....

Do woo want a close up photo of Koda? I give woo ~ KODA YODA.....hawoo woo woo.....

Dis is Team Husky ~ Aunt Summer, Paw, Aunt Suki and da Lil Demon (me!).....

Da last photo from our walkies is one of me of course! Do woo see da yellow colour on my nose? Can woo guess what it is? If anypup guessed piddle woo are right! My brudder Zeus did piddle on my nose! Don't worry I did piddle on him too: so we is even:)

Da last photo is from yesterday ~ I found my long lost bone! It's been missing fur a few weeks now and I did find it.....I was efur so happy.....

Dats all fur now, thanks fur checking out our bloggie!
Play bows and woofs

November 19, 2009


Haroo puppers, today is a fury special day and I wanted to help celebrate two fury special furiends lives with woo, fur two fury different reasons.

The first is our furiend Ara ~ it's her birfday today and she is 15 years old!
She is so cute and such a lady ~ I give you LADY ARA (NIKAVAR D'ARA).....

We heard she had some really yummy sardines fur lunch and she's coming out fur walkies tonight to celebrate her big day:)

The second furiend we want to share with woo is our good furiend Kavic ~ we have some fury sad news, he started his final journey to the Rainbow Bridge this morning.


7 December 1995 ~ 19 November 2009

Kavic was a real laid back happy fella, always had a goofy smile on his face and was efuryone's furiend. The last time I saw Kavic was about a week ago when I went round fur a visit ~ he hopped down off his chair and came straight over to greet me, nose to nose. I had heard he had been feeling a bit under the weather and felt fury privileged that he made all that effort to greet me.

Kavic was born on 7 December 1995 and went to his furever home when he was just a few weeks old. He had a wonderful life filled with lots of love, a wonderful family, many memorable outings and good furiends. We will really miss his 'blondeness' and goofy smile, Kavic has left loads of happy memories, and at the same time an empty space, in all of his family and furiends hearts ~ where he will furever remain.

Run free dear Kavic and wear your silver harness proudly whilst you run and dance among the other fur angels North of the Rainbow Bridge. We know Ursa will be waiting there for woo. Please light a candle for Kavic to help him on his journey.

Here are some photos to help celebrate Kavic's life:

These ones were taken last month.....

and these are a few photos from over the last few years, since we at Team Husky have had the privilege of knowing him.....

These were taken a couple of years ago when Kavic went to look after Mom and Summer fur me while I was out of town racing ~ I knew I could trust him to take real good care of my girls.....

Farewell dear furiend, until we meet again some day. We will look up into the sky tonight and know you are the brightest star!

It's been a funny old day, so many happy thoughts and at the same time so many sad tears.

Woo Woos

November 18, 2009


Hi efurypuppy, it's me Summer!

At the weekend our Mom made some of our fury favourite doggy cookies.....the smell was heavenly! I normally supervise her cookie creations but it seems someone else has taken over supervising duty ~ woo have to be quick round here these days I tell woo!

So seeing as there wasn't room in the kitchen fur us, we waited patiently on the rug in the lounge fur our sample.....

Did woo notice which one of us was missing? Yes woo guessed it ~ the Lil Demon Kodiak. He found a pole position and stayed there.....I can't believe Mom didn't make him move out of her way!!! Here he is in between the bench and oven.....

Here he is with his 'are dey ready yet Maw' face on or hang on, is that his 'woo will give da Lil Demon all da cookies NOW' look?.....

Here's some of the finished product ~ they were so good! Hearts and bones.....

Thanks Mom! Next time I'll make sure I'm first in the kitchen for supervising duties!!!


November 16, 2009


Hi efurydoggy, it's me Sesuk!

Look at what Mom made Yakky wear, I sure am glad us girls didn't have to try it on!

It's a new Optivizor for Princey. Mom bought it just in case he needs to protect his eyes from something one day. It's pretty cool don't woo think and Kodiak said it's pretty comfy too! Not sure why he was giving Mom the evils!


November 14, 2009


Hawoo puppies and kitties, it's me little Yakkety Yak!

I want to share sumthin fury special with woo today ~ not many people have met my special friend/honorary brudder/play MY BABY!!!

I just love him so much (maybe it's because he's a tigger (yes ~ a big kitty cat), we play and I chew on him....fury carefully mind woo. Maw says he is just about falling apart and she can't understand why da Lil Demon puts holes in and guts brand new toys yet Baby has gaping holes and I don't de-stuff him. Bipeds just don't understand! I've had baby right from day one when I did come home to live wif Maw ~ well actually Baby already lived at our house, Maw bought him fur Paw and Annt Summer. They never bonded fury well wif the little fella so I made him feel special and he became My Baby!!!

Here's a few udder photos woo might like to see ~ dey all feature me:)

Me and my real Maw.....

Me and Aunt Summer and Paw.....

Me and Aunt Suki and my Grandmaw Kreevanka.....

Me and Maw and Paw chillin out.....

.....and now playin.....

Here's da latest photo of me ~ I'm watchin woo!!!

Now I'd like to leave woo wif dese three photos of da Yakster.....

I heard ya go 'awwwwww' and 'ahhhhhh'. No one can refuse my baby blues!!!

Play bows and woofs

November 13, 2009


Haroo efurypupper, it's me Prince!

I have been feelin a bit yuck lately but I'm getting better now! Thank woo efuryone fur all your good wishes and Sibe Vibes ~ I think they really did help!

Here's a couple of photos of me with my wound after I had surgery. Mom says the incision is healing well and we are still anxiously waiting my biopsy results.

I wasn't fury happy when I found out Mom hadn't told me efurything that was going to happen to me when the VET was performing my surgery ~ I didn't realise at first, but something is fury fury different about me.......I used to have two lump thingees that I was fury fond of and now they are gone! I have been looking efurywhere fur them and can't find them! I heard Mom telling someone the other day that I had been 'neutered'. Does anypupper know what that means? If anypupper has seen my lumps please return them to me!!!

I tried the get my lumps back by removing some of the sutures overnight on Sunday so we went back to the vet on Monday to get my incision checked. Since then it has wept quite a bit and was getting worse each day, especially overnight. Maw noticed the other day that the sutures had pulled and cut into my skin so phoned the vet and asked him if she could remove them - he said to get them out asap. I was fury relieved when Maw removed them, it felt much better. It had been driving me nuts (Mom said I had to say that, apparently it's funny???) so I'm hoping it will heal quicker now and Maw said it would be good if I sleep better at night cause I've been very restless.

Again, thank woo all for your well wishes and please keep the Sibe Vibes coming fur my biopsy results!!!

Woo Woos


Hi efurydoggy, it's me Suki!

I have some fury exciting news! Team Husky got a new set of wheels......of the doggy variety!!!

Check out our new doggy trailer!

We were soooo excited! I just loooove trailers and doggy boxes, as soon as I see an open door I'm in there.....even if it wasn't opened fur me!!!
If anyone wants to come fur a ride there's room fur the four of us plus two extra doggies!!! Or I'm sure Prince, Sum & Yak wouldn't mind staying behind ~ then we could fit five more doggies in, I can't miss out on going fur a ride with woo!!!

November 05, 2009


Haroo efurypupper, it's me ~ the Princester!

I have been a fury busy boy over the last few days with lots of travel and appointments. I'm relieved my secret has finally been revealed ~ the whole world knows I don't see too well! I think Mom has clicked on that Sum is my seeing eye dog too, she told me so many things make more sense now that she knows.

Mom also told me tomorrow is a big day fur me. I have to go to the VET (again!!!) to see if they can get rid of the annoying lump on my back ~ I sure hope they can! Mom said they will send some of the lump away to a LAB (I wonder if they will send it to my good pal Mr Koda MD, he's a Lab AND a Dr)!!! Hopefully they will be able to tell us what the lump is and we'll get to the bottom of it once and fur all.

I will be away from my Kingdom all day tomorrow and maybe even overnight! My main concern is the Lil Demon ~ can I trust him to look after my girls, toys and of course our Mom too? It's a big ask fur such a youngin and I hope efurything will not fall apart without me there. He will have to be the man of the house in my absense.

I might have to get the expert opinion of Mr Koda MD ~ click on the link to check out his new blog and if woo need advice or information about ANYTHING ~ he's da man, I highly recommend him!!! I'm sure he could do with some encouragement and would love to make some new furiends along the way!

Woo Woos