November 13, 2009


Haroo efurypupper, it's me Prince!

I have been feelin a bit yuck lately but I'm getting better now! Thank woo efuryone fur all your good wishes and Sibe Vibes ~ I think they really did help!

Here's a couple of photos of me with my wound after I had surgery. Mom says the incision is healing well and we are still anxiously waiting my biopsy results.

I wasn't fury happy when I found out Mom hadn't told me efurything that was going to happen to me when the VET was performing my surgery ~ I didn't realise at first, but something is fury fury different about me.......I used to have two lump thingees that I was fury fond of and now they are gone! I have been looking efurywhere fur them and can't find them! I heard Mom telling someone the other day that I had been 'neutered'. Does anypupper know what that means? If anypupper has seen my lumps please return them to me!!!

I tried the get my lumps back by removing some of the sutures overnight on Sunday so we went back to the vet on Monday to get my incision checked. Since then it has wept quite a bit and was getting worse each day, especially overnight. Maw noticed the other day that the sutures had pulled and cut into my skin so phoned the vet and asked him if she could remove them - he said to get them out asap. I was fury relieved when Maw removed them, it felt much better. It had been driving me nuts (Mom said I had to say that, apparently it's funny???) so I'm hoping it will heal quicker now and Maw said it would be good if I sleep better at night cause I've been very restless.

Again, thank woo all for your well wishes and please keep the Sibe Vibes coming fur my biopsy results!!!

Woo Woos


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Nice to see woo Handsome Princey!

We've been watching this post space fur some hours now!

We're sending SibeVibes by the floof full fur woo!

Sorry about the loss of your bits but woo will be a better Princey fur it!

PeeEssWoo: Awesome dokhtor skills woo have!

Kira The BeaWootiful said...

Wooos Princey! So sorry woo lost your nuts, bummer man... anyway we hope your biopsy thingy comes back good, those stitches looked nasty, We will be keeping our paws crossed and sending sibe-vibes to woo.
-Kira The BeaWootiful

Mr Koda MD said...

Mr Prince, please let me know if your results are unsatisfactory and I'll have the LAB results rerun for you....

Mr Koda MD

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