November 25, 2009


Hawoo puppies and kitties, it's me ~ Lil Demon!!!

I wuz thinkin woo might want an update on what's been happenin in my world ~ am I right or am I right??? Seriously, dese are your only two options!

Fur those of woo that have been asking Maw how Paw is doing, thank woo fur yur concern. We still haven't had da biopsy results and Maw is getting rather grumpy bout dat! She did ring da VET today and he said dat if he hadn't had anythin from the LAB by tomorrow lunchtime he'd ring dem to find out what's goin on. Paw wasn't feeling fury well over da weekend and Maw was worried he might haf sum infection around his lump thingee as it's a bit soft and squishy to touch now ~ Maw says dere's probably fluid under dere. She talked to da VET and asked fur some andibiodics and Paw was much happier within a few hours of havin his first dose. We will keep woo pupdated bout da results as soon as we find out.

Some of woo might not recognise me now cause look what Maw did do to me da udder day.....

Pretty scary eh! Did woo know dat was me under all dat fur?

One of our bestest furiends Jo is havin a baby and her and Maw and some udder girlies did go out fur a nice lunch da udder weekend. Dis is Jo.....

When dey came home to our place I found sumthin fascinatin on da table ~ I found a new furiend!!! Dis was me checkin him out and den tellin him da house rules.....

Maw told us dat there wasn't gonna be any more dogs livin at our place so I wuz kinda relieved when Jo did take him home, after all dey wouldn't let me play wif him anyways ~ no point a puppy bein here if I can't plays wif him!

Last week we did haf a fun walk out da road and here's sum photos I want to share wif woo:

Dis is me, Aunt Suki, Uncle Fen, Paw, Aunt Summer, Aunt Aleka and my brudder Qannik after our walkies.....

Paw did haf such a good time ~ dis was da furst time he had been fur walks in two whole weeks.....can woo imagine not goin out fur dat long???

Here's Aunt Summer, Paw and our buddy Mr Koda (MD) ~ (Koda is da black one dat looks kinda different).....

Do woo want a close up photo of Koda? I give woo ~ KODA YODA.....hawoo woo woo.....

Dis is Team Husky ~ Aunt Summer, Paw, Aunt Suki and da Lil Demon (me!).....

Da last photo from our walkies is one of me of course! Do woo see da yellow colour on my nose? Can woo guess what it is? If anypup guessed piddle woo are right! My brudder Zeus did piddle on my nose! Don't worry I did piddle on him too: so we is even:)

Da last photo is from yesterday ~ I found my long lost bone! It's been missing fur a few weeks now and I did find it.....I was efur so happy.....

Dats all fur now, thanks fur checking out our bloggie!
Play bows and woofs


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh where to start!?!

Koda Yoda!

What your maw did to woo!!

Your PAW!!!
We are still thinking of your maw - I bet she'll want all of us to smoosh the vet and the lab but not Koda!

PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur sharing all the khool pikhs!

Tanuki Maxx said...

Wow so many pawesome pics!
Looks like you're wearing a fur ball coat there..!


Mr Koda MD said...

Who is that handsome black fellow with the funny ears...??


Its me!!

Although not as handsome as piddle covered schnoz methinks...


The OP Pack said...

Hi Kodiak - we were worried you had turned into a sheep with all that fluff on you. We are worried Mom is going to do that to us too today.

We love Yoda Koda - we visit him all the time now that you told us about him. He makes a great Yoda.

And poor Paw, we are pawing and wooing good thoughts here for him all the time.

You have such a beautiful family and your om got some gorgeous photos.

Hugs, the OP Pack

The Thundering Herd said...

Koda Yoda - you crack us up.

Thanks for the Demon Pupdate, though that fur thing was just scary to see.

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