October 29, 2008


Haroo everypupper, it's me Prince!

Mom showed us some new photos of the Amazon girls.....they are beewootiful! They sure are gonna make some guys really happy when they grow up, I bet everypuppers all over the world will want to be their boyfriends!

Anywoo I won't make woo wait any longer - Amazon girls, Day 24:

Puppy #1

Puppy #2

Puppy #3

Puppy #4

The girls tasting their first solid food!

Puppies 4 & 2

So what do woo think everypuppers? Who is lining up for a girlfriend? I know our friend Biloxi is!!! Maybe woo need to pick one of the girls Biloxi......I'm not sure woo could handle all four of them!!!

Woo Woos

October 19, 2008


Do good things really come in fours? They sure do! Check out the Amazon girls!

Puppy #1

Puppy #2

Puppy #3

Puppy #4

Left Foot

Right Foot - aren't they so cute!!!!

The girls were 16 days old in these photos, we can't believe how quickly they are growing! They weigh nearly 2kg each now!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the girls again, we'll be back real soon with another update:)

Team Husky

October 14, 2008


Hi everydoggy, it's me Suki!!! I hope woo don't take any notice of what my sister Summy called me in the last post, it's not true and she's only calling me that cause she's jealous. She isn't Mom's only girl now woo see.

Mom showed us photos of the cute little girls last night when she came home from her visit.....we can't believe how much they've grown! The most exciting new is that over the weekend two of the girls opened their eyes and the other two have opened them now too!!!

Did woo notice the word Amazonian in the title of my post? Because the girls are soooooo big they have been nicknamed 'The Amazon Girls'. I think it's really cute and it suits them:)

I won't make woo wait any longer, here are the big beewootiful girls:

Proud Mom Aleka with her babies:)

Puppy #1

Puppy #2

Puppy #3

Puppy #4

Here's my favourite photo everydoggy and everykitty!

I call it 'A Puddle Of Puppies'

I sure hope woo liked the photos. Don't tell Prince & Summer but I actually went round to visit with Mom last night and I had a sneak peek at the puppies before their Mom forced me out of the room.....she didn't look happy that I was there. I just wanted to say hello to the girls!




Hi everypuppy, what I actually meant to say was Siberian Puppy Update but I'm sure woo intelligent Siberians out there would have already figured that out!

Here are some photos of the puppies on their 10th day in the world, they are growing so quickly from what I can see in the photos Mom showed us. She said to tell woo she tried to take photos of each of the pups but they were wriggling around too much, she said they were like 'wriggly worms' whatever that means.

Here woo go:

I was going to show woo some pics of the puppies that were taken yesterday (day 13) but Mom said I have to let the annoying white one show woo.

October 06, 2008


Haroo everypupper

On behalf of Team Husky, I'd like to introduce woo to our friend Aleka's four little girls.....well actually, they are big little girls......the bipeds have been calling them amazon puppies:)

Aleka has been a really pawsome Mom and just loves her girls. We haven't seen them yet but our Mom tells us they are just perfect! We'd like to share a few photos with woo, some of them are a bit blurry as we couldn't use the flash.

Aleka & her puppies on their first day:

Day 3:

Puppy #1

Puppy #2

Puppy #3

Puppy #4

Aleka with Puppy #2

Don't woo just think they are the cutest little puppers:)

This is Princey checking out but I'll be back real soon with puppy updates!!!

Woo Woos

October 05, 2008


Hi everypuppy

Today I'd like to share a few photos with woo of us with our very special friends Deborah & Jade. Suki told woo about the mally puppies we went to visit last weekend, well it was Deb & Jade we visited on the way home from Palmerston!

Do woo remember us telling woo about a beewootiful Siberian that went missing last year? Her name is Valhalla (Bella) and Deb & Jade are her Mom & Grandmom. Bella has never been found, she has been missing for almost a year now, it will be the anniversary of her disappearance on 6 October. Please make sure woo keep looking for her and tell us if woo see anydoggy that woo think might be her. There would be nothing better than having Valhalla reunited with her family.

Here's photos from our visit:

Princey was real keen to meet Deb's partner Daniel!

What woo couldn't see in the last photo was that poor Jade was sitting on the floor and Princey was climbing over her!

Here's Jade trying to breathe under that big hairy lump!

Princey was real pleased with himself when he scored cuddles on the couch with Dan:)

Here's Jade & Deborah with Team Husky!

Dan, Deb & Jade with us and Miss Laska:)

They sure do love us puppers and we want to say a big THANK WOO to Deb for letting us into her house, it sure was full of great smells! Princey wants me to point out to woo the 'object' in the left side of the very last photo below - it had a whole lot to do with the good smells and me & Suki hae to agree with him!

I would also like to share a few photos of Bella with woo, it might help woo identify her:

Please keep looking for Valhalla cause we sure would like to spend some time with her!!!





Hi everyone, my name is Madison and I am going to tell you about my sleepover at Aunty Lee Lee's house.

Me and mom called in to say hello to my aunty and her three puppies Prince[3], Summer[4] and Suki[6]. My mom said 'lets get going' but I ended up staying. Aunty LeeLee and I went to visit Aleka and her puppies [Prince will tell you about them later]. We went to KFC for dinner.

When it was bed time I went to bed and this is what happened:

My three favourite puppies jumped on the bed and suffocated me with cuddles and kisses:) Even Suki came up for a cuddle.

The girls jumped off but Prince stayed with me. I curled up beside him and gave him cuddles. He stayed on the bed long enough for me to drift off to sleep and then he must have jumped off and went in to see his Mommy and sisters.

The next morning I got woken up with two puppies kissing me. I was still dreaming and I thought it was my dog Charlie. We got up and got ready to take the dogs out for a walk at Fosbender Park. It was raining and we all got wet but the dogs sure did have fun. I took Kavic for a walk, mom took Charlie and Summer, Aunty LeeLee took Prince and Suki and Haakon took Quiquern and Suggen. When we got back to our cars I sat in Aunty LeeLee's truck and didn't want to go home with Mom. I went back to Aunty LeeLee's house for the day so I could play with my cousins. They all lay outside and ate big bones.

Bye for now

October 04, 2008


Hi everydoggy

Things have been pretty exciting round here! Last weekend Team Husky, our Mom and our friends Haakon & Laska went on a road trip for a very special visit. I'm going to tell woo about the big puppies we went to see and Summer will tell woo about our very special friends we visited on the way home in the next post. As if that wasn't enough, one of our bestest friends had her puppies, Princey will introduce you to them later too!

Anywoo, last Saturday we all got into the HUSKIZ truck and headed off on our adventure. We drove to a place called Palmerston to visit some cute little puppies. There are three girls and one boy - Holly, Summit & Khyra you'll love these photos:)

This is my personal favourite photo:

Here's some of the other dogs that live there:

Penfold and Shackleton

Shackleton saying hello through the fence

Willow & Blake

And here are some of the doggies that are boarding at their place for a while while they're families are away:

Three mallies and a lab

Last but certainly not least, here's proof that team Husky really did visit the puppies:

And Laska too:

If you need any cool gear from collars and leads to harnesses, back packs, ganglines or booties for ur doggies check out this website - www.realdog.co.nz - they even make sleds!!! The humans that own these puppies and doggies have their own business and make some really great gear. Check it out!!!