August 28, 2009


Hawoo puppies and kitties, it's me da Lil (big!) Demon!!! I'm back from a fury long holiday from da bloggie world and I did miss woo all so fury much!!!

Maw showed us some of da photos she did take at da Australia Zoo and I told her I would like to share dem wif woo.

Dis is a bronze sculpture of Steve, Terry, Bindi and Jack Irwin.....and dere doggy and a croc too.....

Dese are some of da beewootiful tigers at da Zoo ~ our Maw just LOVES tigers, she says dey are the bestest (apart from Siberian Huskies of course!!!).....

Dis is da cool place the elephants live in, Maw says dey are pretty amazing animals too.....wowzers, dey are monsters ~ dey would make da Lil Demon look like a mouse.....

Here is a really cool camel, I think he needs to go see a camel dentist though, me thinks he'd haf real smelly breath.....

Maw laughed when she showed us dis photo, she said it's a pic of camel toe ~ does anypuppy or anykitty know why dat is funny? We can all see it's a camels toe but what is funny about dat???

Maw watched a show at da Crocoseum and dey let lots of beewootiful birds fly around, Maw said dey did zoomies real close to efuryones heads! Dere were cockatoos, Macaw parrots, lorrikeets and lots of other purtty coloured birdies!!!

Dere was a lady and a man wif dese really scary looking snakes.....

We all thought dese little fellas looked purtty cute, dey are Tasmanian Devils. Maw says dey move around lots and it's hard to get photos of dem.....

Meet some of da Koalas dat live at da Zoo, dey sure are cute furry lookin little guys and gals.....

Dis guy looks like he had a hard day!!!

Of course Australia wouldn't be Australia without da cute little walas (as our Maw calls dem) and da Kangaroos and Wallabies. Here are sum of da ones dat live dere.....

I likes dis one da best, it's a Mommy with her little baby.....Maw said his name is Joey.....

Dey even haf goats dere.....

and lots of Geckos.....

and dese really tired looking doggies Maw said are called Dingos.....

'Whoa Maw, come back here and let me sit on ur knee, I scared of dese big ole Crocodiles, I think dey want to eat da Lil Demon.....

'Hurro, I'm a Tortoise!!!' Don't woo think dese are cool lookin things.....

and dis is Miss Charlotte, she lives at da place Maw stayed at and she helped look after our Maw ~ thank woo fur taking good care of our Maw Charlie B!!!

We'll be back real soon with more photos from Maw's holiday!!!
Play bows and woofs

August 27, 2009


A big HELLO to all our friends ~ did woo miss us???

Well our Mom went on a holiday or vacation as some of woo call it. We were beginning to think she wasn't coming back fur us but she did! She bought us some yummy treats and new toys so that made up fur abandoning us a little bit. Here's us when we got home, we were all so happy to be back with our Mom and Princey was even allowed to bring home his new favourite ball from the place we stayed at.....

Here's a photo of Yakky stretched out on the doggy bed.....he's gettin real big now! Mom couldn't believe how much he'd grown in just over two weeks!

Here's some pics of our favourite treats ~ smoked, dried Roo Tails! Mom tells us she went to Australia and that lots of Kangaroos live there.....we sure hope no one decides to have dried Sibe or Husky Tails on the menu, we like our tails!!!

They were so yummy to munch on!!! Better go, we have to go see if Mom has any more new treats fur us and we have to get her to check up on all of your bloggies to see what's been happening!!!
It's siberrific to be back!
Team Husky

August 09, 2009


Hawoo puppies and kitties

Dis is da Lil Demon ~ I am fury confused and hope woo can help me!

Today dis thing appeared in da udder bedroom in our house, do woo know what it is? I has neva seen somethin like dis before.

Paw and Aunt Summer said dat dey haf seen dis thing a couple of times before and dat Maw puts lots of stuff in da thing and den goes away and doesn't take us wif her! I don't believe dem cause I know Maw would never leave her little Yak Yak behind!

Dis afternoon Maw took us out to our friend Haakon's house and we got to play wif all da doggies dat live there.....including my real Maw and brudder Qannik. Maw left and didn't take us wif her, she gave us big cuddles and told me to be a good boy. I'm waitin for Maw to come get us ~ does anypuppy know what time she will be back???

Play bows and confused Woofs

August 07, 2009


Please send Sibe Vibes to our buddy Meeka, he's going through a rough time at the moment and could use our help!!! Woo can visit his blog and let him know woo are thinking of him, we're sure it will make him feel much better! Meeka has left efuryone a fury important message, please read it and get yur bipeds to check woo out for anything that's not normal!

Meeka, we are thinking about woo lots buddy and hope woo feel better fury fury soon. We have sixteen paws, ten fingers and ten toes crossed fur pawsitive results for woo and yur family.

Team Husky

August 06, 2009


Haroo efurypupper, it's my job today to tell woo about the BIG adventure me and Suki went on last Saturday!

We were waiting on our furiends to send us some photos but I told Mom I couldn't wait any longer ~ I just had to share our fun with woo! We have a few photos that prove we really went on an adventure and here they are, can woo guess where we went and what we did???

First of all here's our furiend Tess, she's a big Mally Gally and she came along with her Dad, sister Zarah and brother Jonah. In this photo she was asking her Dad where she was.....

Now here's a BIG clue ~ this is Fen and Tess sniffing the yummy smells in the SNOW!!! Yep efurypupper, we went to the snow!!!

Tess's Dad told her she had to go back in the truck, there sure doesn't look like there's much spare room in there fur her.....

This is proof that we were there too ~ front to back is Suki, Suggen, me and Fen ~ we were pretty excited when we saw efurything was white.....

Here's the next clue, do woo see what's in the centre of the photo towards the front?

A SLED!!! Do I really have to tell woo what that means???

We hope to get more photos to show woo how much fun we had runnin on the snow but in the meantime I'll tell woo where we went and why. We went to a place called Old Man Range, the bipeds wanted to check it out and see if it would be a good place to have a fun event where lots of mushers and their doggies could come to run and play.

We had to climb up a real steep went on and on and on and on.....then we came to a loverly plateau with lots of glorious snow! We had so much fun, we were out there for at least three hours. There were lots of happy, tired pups by the end of the day. I'm so glad me and Suki got to go up with our buddies Fen, Suggen, Aleka and Quiquern ~ we make a pretty good six dog team:) Our other furiends Balto and Sirius got to go with their Dad too ~ they got to pull him along on skis!!!

I'll be back to share more of our adventure with woo once we get more photos. Why are we always waiting on bipeds???

Woo Woos