Pedigree Name: IceBerg Prince Kodiak
Breeder: Mr H Berg
DOB: 19 February 2009
Sire: Aarak Prince Of Piece
Dam: IceBerg Laska
Sex: Dog
Weight and Height: 27kgs and 61cm
Colour: Black/white
Eye Colour: Blue

Likes: Loves to run, play with his family, friends and toys and be a silly big puppy
Dislikes: Getting his tail brushed and when he doesn’t get to go out for a run (just like his Dad!)

Kodiak is a very special boy, he is a real mixture of his Mum and Dad.....exactly what I was hoping for:) He is an enthusiastic boy, full of fun yet at the same time very relaxed and laid back.

He is proving to be a very focused runner, in his first race with his brother Qannik they came second, only a few seconds slower than a team of big leggy FAST English Pointers. This racing season  he continued to run well, three races - three wins.

Kodiak has bonded very well with Summer, Suki and BJ and has helped fill some of the emptiness Prince's departure left us with. I look at Kodiak and can see so much of his father, he sure has some big paws to fill!!!