August 30, 2007


Huroo everypupper

This is Prince reporting in with the latest and greatest puppy update. The photos were taken last night, puppies are 11.5 days old.

Puppy 1

Puppy 2

Puppy 3

Puppy 4

Puppy 5

Puppy 6

Summer & me weren't there when the photos were fact we've never actually meet the puppies...Mom says they're too little.

I'm a bit worried as Mom was holding the puppies in several of the photos and in some of the she was giving two of the puppies cuddles - she looks like she really likes them. Hope she doesn't forget about us:(

Mom and Puppies 4 & 5

Mom & Puppies 4 & 5 (again!!!)

Anywoo, hope you think the photos are Siberiffic:)

Woo woos

August 27, 2007


Hi every puppy, it's me Summer!!!

Skila's puppies are getting really big now...growing lots and lots each and every day. Here are some photos of them at 5.5 days old.

Skila & Puppies


Puppy 1

Puppy 2

Puppy 3

Puppy 4

Puppy 5

Puppy 6

Hope you like the photos:) Prince will give you an update in a few days.


August 18, 2007

PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everypuppy

Just wanted to let all of you that have been waiting on our friend Skila to have her puppies know that they arrived early hours of this morning (18 August).

Those of you that guessed she would mainly have boys were right - and if you guessed 6 or more you were right again. Skila has one little girl and five boys (of course the girl was assertive and used her initiative and managed to push her way ahead of the boys to arrive first).

All of the puppies are black and white - three have white open faces and white around their necks, one has mainly black on his face with a white strip on the back of his shoulder/neck and two other little boys are almost all white - they both have a couple of black spots on their eye and ear area.
Puppy #1 - Girl, 380 grams, born 1:00am
Puppy #2 - Boy, 308 grams, born 1:46am
Puppy #3 - Boy, 288 grams, born 2:21am
Puppy #4 - Boy, 378 grams, born 3:54am
Puppy #5 - Boy, 340 grams, born 4:44am
Puppy #6 - Boy, 374 grams, born 5:33am

We are very excited for Skila and the bipeds, they all did very well delivering the puppies safely. We were pretty annoyed with Mom last night as she made us get off the bed at 1am and put us outside in our compound and didn't come home till 9am. She showed us some photos of the puppies and they are pretty cute so we forgive her now.
Prince and me are a bit disappointed as we were only allowed to play with Sooty and Teddy when we went round to visit tonight and not Skila and her puppies. We can't wait for them to get bigger:)

Princey will give you an update on the puppies progress real soon.


August 14, 2007

Summer Has A Boo Boo!!!

Huroo everypupper

Just thought I should let you all know that Summer has a boo boo or owie as some of you, our friends, call it.

We were at our friends place the other day and when my big sis and I came inside Mom's friend noticed blood on the back of one of her back legs. On closer inspection we found a hole that we think may have been from some wire from the new fence the bipeds were putting up for Skila and her new puppies-to-be. We don't know how it happened but I sure did feel sorry for her cause it was quite a deep hole.

Mom took Sum around to get a second opinion from another friend of ours that's a vet nurse and she cleaned it up and removed some of Summer's bewootiful hair from her leg so it wouldn't get infected. It could have done with a stitch but it was nice and clean and we all decided to let it heal from the inside out. Summer was real happy cause it meant she didn't have to get a needle:)

Here's a photo for those brave puppies that want to have a's not too bad, I promise.

Summer didn't want anyone to you think she'll forgive me for telling you all about it???

Woo Woos



August 07, 2007

Race Report From the Princester:)

Haroo everypupper, it's me Prince....come on you must remember me - it hasn't been that long!!!

Here's me real tired after my big adventure

I had a HUGE week last week. Left on Thursday morning to go racing at Hamner. There was me and six of my fur buddies in the Iceberg trailer with two bipeds driving the Jeep. We went as far as Christchurch (about seven-eight hours towing a trailer) on Thursday and stayed at the bipeds relatives place. On Friday we headed to our final destination which was a much shorter trip than the day before. We got to go for a short run to stop us from getting bored.

On Saturday my friends Que (well he and I actually aren't that fond of each other), Pharaoh and Laska ran an 8km freight class. They had to pull about 70kg's plus a biped......I felt real sorry for them. The good news is that they won the three dog class!!! Go Team Iceberg!!!

The winning Iceberg Freight Team crossing the finish line

On Sunday it was our turn - Fen, Kreevanka, Quiquern and myself ran in the 14km sprint class. It was a long long way for us as we normally run shorter races but we had lots of fun on the way. We had two long hills and two river crossings on the way and Fen managed to get lose when the biped was changing us over - I was sooo jealous that it wasn't me as he got to run in front of another team for a bit. The biped let us pull the rig weithout him in it for a bit while he caught up with Fen and stopped us and hooked him onto the gangline. We were real proud of ourselves for finishing the race - we got second:)

Before the race

Crossing the finish line

After the race

After the prize giving we headed home...boy was it a long drive. Most of us slept in the trailer as we were all tired. We didn't get home until just before Monday morning. Mom and Sum were real pleased to see me...I got pretty excited and bounced around too:) Sum gave me a good telling off for going away and leaving her, I knew she'd be okay with Mom looking after her and Kavic keeping her company though - otherwise I wouldn't have left her.

Here's us staked out at the place we stayed at

We sure were hungry!

So that was my few days away without my big sis and Mom.

Here's me recouperating with my sore foot.....
am I getting sympathy from all you cute girls out there?

Woo Woos


Phew....I finally managed to get to the computer without Prince and Summer taking over! Prince is still getting some R&R after his big run & Summer is curled up beside him, thought I'd sneak to the computer while they're sleeping.

We are so excited as our friend Skila is having puppies:) She is due in about 1-2 weeks. I am helping my friend Kelly with the whole birthing thing....we're gonna be the midwives:) I think we'll both be a bit nervous as it's our first time bringing puppies into the world but we have a friend on call that's a vet nurse so we have all bases covered:)

Kelly, Sooty, Skila & Teddy

Skila is a petite black and white girl. She was bred by Horana Kennels (Kelly's Mom's kennels) and is 4 years old. Her owners were moving overseas and contacted Skila's breeders to see if they wanted her back. They said yes and Kelly offered her a wonderful home with herself, her 3 children Scott, Kaela and Dion, 2 dogs Sooty and Teddy, 2 cats Freckles and Patch and 5 goldfish (no I'm not going to name the goldfish!)

Here's a photo of Skila when Kelly first got her

Here's a photo of Skila's belly now

Prince and Summer just woke up and saw me at the computer. They came over to check out what I was writing and Prince thinks it's a great idea to have a poll - how many puppies do you think Skila is going to have and how many will be boys and how many girls?

Prince is a little disappointed that they're not his puppies but I'm sure he'll get over it:)

I'll keep you all updated with puppy photos when they arrive
Aleeya (Team Husky's Mom)

August 06, 2007

Help MAPAW - New Search Engine!!!

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Summy!

Prince was going to tell you about this exciting news but he's so tired after his big race yesterday that I told him I would do it for him.
Our friends at MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue have come up with a great way we can all help raise money for homeless Siberians! Just by using this search engine they will receive money for their rescue group! That's right! Every time you use the search engine, they will receive one cent (for all you pups in the US that's a penny). On the surface, it might not seem like a huge amount but those pennies add up over time! I mean how many internet searches do you do every week? Here at Team Husky, we do quite a few!

Let's all pull get together and make those searches help out an awesome cause!!!


August 03, 2007


Hi everypuppy

Just thought I'd let you know what's been happening in our house. My little brother Prince went away yesterday for a few days - he's off with our friends from the Iceberg Pack to race in Hamner. Prince and I have never been apart for more than a couple of hours since I joined my family and I really miss him. Mom says I've been a bit 'quiet'. I can't wait for him to get back on Sunday night and tell me all about the race. He's going to be part of a 4 dog sprint team on Sunday in a 14km race. 6 other dogs from the Iceberg Pack have gone too and they are also running in the 3 dog freight class 8km race on Saturday - one of the dogs is my friend Laska. If you haven't met her you shoudl click on her name and read all about her - she's a very special girl:)

So I'm at home with Mom and guess what - she borrowed one of our friends dogs to keep me company. Kavic is a pretty cool dog, he's 11 years old and pretty laid back. He belongs to the Iceberg Pack. We get on well....neither of us get in each others face so there haven't been any problems. The only issue I have with him so far is that he seems to have taken over our bed - he jumped up before me last night and made himself comfy in my spot and stayed there all night!!! I got demoted to the bottom of the bed!!! Mom said I'll have to be quicker tonight and get on the bed first to secure my spot:)
This is Kavic in my place on the bed

We went round to our friends house last night and went for a nice walk around the streets, Kavic doesn't pull like Prince does so Mom and I didn't get dragged around like we usually do. Mom had 4 dogs hooked up to her on the way back so that must have looked pretty funny. We went back to their place and the bipeds had tea while we watched them and wandered around.

Here's a photo of me and Kavic chewing on dried shanks
that Mom gave us at lunchtime

Mom said we're going to go for a visit to our other friends house tomorrow, she's going out with her biped friend for a couple of hours so her friends husband is going to look after us. They have 5 dogs - the Thomas Pack. They are also looking after another dog for a friend at the moment so the male biped should be kept busy keeping an eye on all 8 of us:)

I hope everypuppy has a good's Friday here in New Zealand even thought it's only Thursday for all of you that live in the US. I will get Prince to let you know how he got on in his race and what he got up to while he was away.


August 01, 2007

Summer With A Capital 'S'

Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer:)

We were checking Kelsey Ann's blog today and I got very upset when I saw the first part she wrote. It said (and I quote):
'Have I mentioned summer sucks sometimes?'

Now I have my hairy little toes crossed that she is not talking about me. She had summer with a small 's' so I hope she doesn't mean me.

Thought I'd better explain the difference. Summer is a word like Storm - it has two meanings. One is Summer (that's me) or Storm (Stormy from the A04) with a capital 'S' and the other is summer and storm with a little 's' which you all know the meanings of I'm sure. Lots of puppies are scared of storm with a little s because they make lots of scary noises and don't like summer with a little s because it's too hot with all of our beautiful fur.

I'm off to talk to Kelsey Ann now to make sure it wasn't me she was talking about in her blog.