August 07, 2007

Race Report From the Princester:)

Haroo everypupper, it's me Prince....come on you must remember me - it hasn't been that long!!!

Here's me real tired after my big adventure

I had a HUGE week last week. Left on Thursday morning to go racing at Hamner. There was me and six of my fur buddies in the Iceberg trailer with two bipeds driving the Jeep. We went as far as Christchurch (about seven-eight hours towing a trailer) on Thursday and stayed at the bipeds relatives place. On Friday we headed to our final destination which was a much shorter trip than the day before. We got to go for a short run to stop us from getting bored.

On Saturday my friends Que (well he and I actually aren't that fond of each other), Pharaoh and Laska ran an 8km freight class. They had to pull about 70kg's plus a biped......I felt real sorry for them. The good news is that they won the three dog class!!! Go Team Iceberg!!!

The winning Iceberg Freight Team crossing the finish line

On Sunday it was our turn - Fen, Kreevanka, Quiquern and myself ran in the 14km sprint class. It was a long long way for us as we normally run shorter races but we had lots of fun on the way. We had two long hills and two river crossings on the way and Fen managed to get lose when the biped was changing us over - I was sooo jealous that it wasn't me as he got to run in front of another team for a bit. The biped let us pull the rig weithout him in it for a bit while he caught up with Fen and stopped us and hooked him onto the gangline. We were real proud of ourselves for finishing the race - we got second:)

Before the race

Crossing the finish line

After the race

After the prize giving we headed home...boy was it a long drive. Most of us slept in the trailer as we were all tired. We didn't get home until just before Monday morning. Mom and Sum were real pleased to see me...I got pretty excited and bounced around too:) Sum gave me a good telling off for going away and leaving her, I knew she'd be okay with Mom looking after her and Kavic keeping her company though - otherwise I wouldn't have left her.

Here's us staked out at the place we stayed at

We sure were hungry!

So that was my few days away without my big sis and Mom.

Here's me recouperating with my sore foot.....
am I getting sympathy from all you cute girls out there?

Woo Woos


Dakota said...

Prince, your foot looks very sore. Should I come over to urge your human to spoil you?

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, Prince, your race pictures look so exciting! Congrats on getting second! I hope your foot gets better soon.


Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Oh, Misty wants to give your boo boo lots of kisses so it feels better real fast.

The Army of Four said...

Oh, wow! That looks like SO much fun, Prince!!! I wish I could have run, run, run with you! I love to run! I've never pulled a sled or run in harness, but I'm the most athletic of our pack and am very strong! And I love to run!
What are your temperatures like these days?
I'm so sorry you have an owie on your paw. You do look so very handsome and sad. I would lick your muzzle to try to make you feel better!!!

Kapp pack said...

Awwww...Prince get better soon!!!!

-Kelsey Ann

The Daily Echo said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm sorry about your sore foot. I won't give you a kiss but maybe Shyla will. Hope if feels better soon!

Team Husky said...

Haroo everypupper

Dakota - My human always spoils me:) But yes if you want to come over to encourage Mom to spoil me even more please do. I will share my treats with you. By the way, if Mom gets a boy puppy she wants to call him Dakota:)

Kat - thank woo for your good wishes, my foot is almost better. Yes it is exciting racing, I love it!

Misty - you can come & kiss my boo boo anytime you like:) I might even put on a limp for you as it's almost better now.

Amber - Come visit me & you can be my running partner!!! The weather here had warmed up but it froze again last night so it's nice & cold:) Please come over as soon as you can so my owie gets better. Would feel so much better if I had some kisses from you:)

Kelsey Ann - thank you for your kind wishes, I feel much better.

Woo Woos

MaPaw said...

All that racing fun is probably worth a sore paw. All the same I hope your mom dotes on you a while.

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