August 03, 2007


Hi everypuppy

Just thought I'd let you know what's been happening in our house. My little brother Prince went away yesterday for a few days - he's off with our friends from the Iceberg Pack to race in Hamner. Prince and I have never been apart for more than a couple of hours since I joined my family and I really miss him. Mom says I've been a bit 'quiet'. I can't wait for him to get back on Sunday night and tell me all about the race. He's going to be part of a 4 dog sprint team on Sunday in a 14km race. 6 other dogs from the Iceberg Pack have gone too and they are also running in the 3 dog freight class 8km race on Saturday - one of the dogs is my friend Laska. If you haven't met her you shoudl click on her name and read all about her - she's a very special girl:)

So I'm at home with Mom and guess what - she borrowed one of our friends dogs to keep me company. Kavic is a pretty cool dog, he's 11 years old and pretty laid back. He belongs to the Iceberg Pack. We get on well....neither of us get in each others face so there haven't been any problems. The only issue I have with him so far is that he seems to have taken over our bed - he jumped up before me last night and made himself comfy in my spot and stayed there all night!!! I got demoted to the bottom of the bed!!! Mom said I'll have to be quicker tonight and get on the bed first to secure my spot:)
This is Kavic in my place on the bed

We went round to our friends house last night and went for a nice walk around the streets, Kavic doesn't pull like Prince does so Mom and I didn't get dragged around like we usually do. Mom had 4 dogs hooked up to her on the way back so that must have looked pretty funny. We went back to their place and the bipeds had tea while we watched them and wandered around.

Here's a photo of me and Kavic chewing on dried shanks
that Mom gave us at lunchtime

Mom said we're going to go for a visit to our other friends house tomorrow, she's going out with her biped friend for a couple of hours so her friends husband is going to look after us. They have 5 dogs - the Thomas Pack. They are also looking after another dog for a friend at the moment so the male biped should be kept busy keeping an eye on all 8 of us:)

I hope everypuppy has a good's Friday here in New Zealand even thought it's only Thursday for all of you that live in the US. I will get Prince to let you know how he got on in his race and what he got up to while he was away.



Tasha & Eva said...

You were very nice to let Kavic sleep in your spot. I'm not that nice to Eva, but she's my little sister.


The Army of Four said...

Oooh, Summer! You must miss Prince a lot! We can't stand it when one of our pack members isn't here!
Hey ... are you going to fly to the Hike N Howl in your jet? Please see our "Sunday Salute" - we have a question for you!

The Daily Echo said...

Summer, what a nice grrrl you are to let Kavic take your spot! It was thoughtful of your Mom to bring home someone to keep you company.

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