February 25, 2009


Hi everypuppy!

On behalf of Team Husky, I'd like to thank our friends Addie and Lucie for awarding us a runner-up prize in their 'True Love Photo Contest'!!!!

There were so many entries and we are honored to have been picked! Here's the photo we sent in ~ I think Addie and Lucie and their biped photo judges must have been able to see how much my brother Princey and me love each other:)

Our Mom tells us we are like 'two peas in a pod' ~ does anypuppy know what that means? We don't sleep in a pod.....we sleep on Mom's bed or wherever we like!

Thank woo sooooo much Addie and Lucie! If woo haven't met these two gals yet check out their blog ~ they sure are cuties:)


February 24, 2009


Haroo everypupper!

Mom went round to see the little ones last night and weighed them. She reported back to me and said they were all healthy and growing lots and lots but that the bipeds were going to have to find a new way of weighing them as the puppers are too wriggly for the scales! She said they are very active! There have been two other litters of puppers weighed on these scales successfully and neither of them were this wriggly!!! She also showed me some photos.....they sure are lookers like their Daddy ~ and their Momma too of course!!!

Thanks to all our friends for the comments on our beewootiful puppers, we promise to keep woo up to date!!! I give you your puppy fix.....

Puppers drinking......well looks like most of them have fallin asleep!

Puppers 2 and 5

Pupper 3

Laska and puppies

A puddle of puppies!!!

I am so proud of Laska, Mom told me she is a siberrific Mom and seems to be really enjoying the puppers.

Woo Woos


Pee Ess ~ A question to my puppers ~ 'Who's ur Daddy???' Ha roo roo roo!!!

February 23, 2009


Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer!

Thought I would share a few photos with woo of us helping fix the puter:

Here's Princey, chief screw driver operator:
Us lending a helping hand:

And then of course supervising!

My handsome boyfriend Cosmos was so thoughtful and he and his little bro Juni wrote a special poem for their gals ~ me and Maya-Marie. Click HERE to read the poem.

Here's the beewootiful photo he made for me.....

Thank woo Cosi ~ woo are so womantic . How did I get to be such a lucky gal!

We have smelt the puppies on our Mom but the other day we got to smell the puppy (or rather kitty) crate the puppies were taken to the vet in!!! It sure smelt good!!!

'Hey Princey ~ this smells a bit like woo!'

'Woo are right.....but I can smell Laska too!'

As woo can see it's been pretty busy at our house!



Good news everydoggy and everykitty ~ our PC is up and running again! We still have one thing that needs fixed but we can now access our emails and check up to see what all our friends have been up to.....we really missed woo!!!

We've visited most of our friends blogs and will try & visit the rest today!


Pee Ess ~ Aunty Summer will report in real soon with a puppy update!!!

February 20, 2009


Haroo everypupper

I would like to wish my beewootiful cyber-girlfriend Stormy a fury happy 1st anniversary.......it only seems like yesterday that I asked her to be my cyber-girlfriend!

Woo Woos and kisses on your snooter Storms


Haroo everypupper ~ I'm a Daddy!!!!!

Laska had five beewootiful little puppers yesterday, Thursday 19 February:) I haven't met them yet but Mom tells me they are real cuties and that Laska did so well! Woo'll have to close your eyes if you don't want to see a bit of blood and stuff!
#1 ~ First born was a little silver and white girl with a masked face

#2 ~ Second was a black and white girl with an open face

#3~ Third was a black and white boy with a masked face
(this one was breech which means he came out backwards!)

#4 ~ Fourth was a silver and white boy with an open face

After four puppies were born Laska was very tired and her contractions stopped but Laska's Daddy and my Mommy (bipeds) were pretty sure there were one or two more puppers in her belly. After a three hour gap Laska and her four puppies were bundled into the back of the HUSKIZ truck and taken to the the doggy doctor. He took an xray of Laska's belly which confirmed there was one more pupper! He gave Laska a little injection to make her contractions come back so the puppy could be born. Around fifteen minutes later the little pupper was born, we only just made it back home......it could have easily have been born at the doggy doctors or in the back of our truck!

#5 ~ Last puppy is a silver and white boy with open face

We don't have an individual photo of this puppy, he was breech and his little back feety feets had to be pulled to get him out of Laska's belly! He was very lethargic at the start but then he came right and is an active healthy puppy!

I am so proud of my wife Laska, she is amazing and I am so glad she wanted to have my puppers!

Here are a few more photos.....
This one is my favourite pose ~ the two puppers are hugging each other!

Laska and four puppers

All 5 puppers!!!

Well I can only imagine how exhausted Laska felt after all that! I feel emotionally drained (and that's just with Mom telling me all about it)......but so excited and I can't wait to meet my sons and daughters!!!

Woo Woos

Pee Ess ~ Our computer is still broke but Mom has promised us she is working on getting it fixed pronto! She won't be able to post any more puppy updates until next week so woo will have to go a whole weekend without new puppy pics! We are sorry but it's beyond our control and we are all praying that the Siberian Gods help fix our broke computer and make sure we haven't lost any of our files!

February 17, 2009


Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer!

Mom asked me to tell woo all that woo won't hear from us much for a while as our computer is broke and we're trying to get it fixed. It might have to go for a holiday to the computer doctor.

We also wanted woo to know that the puppies still haven't arrived.....waiting waiting waiting!!! Miss Laska is very relaxed and comfortable and is enjoying being inside all the time.

We hope it won't be too long until we're back up and running ~ in the meantime Mom can access emails through webmail when she's at work or someone else's house.


February 15, 2009


Hi everypupper, I finally get to tell woo about the exciting occasion we at Team Husky celebrated last Friday (6 February)!!!

Miss Laska and me got married ~ yes woo are reading right! We took lots of photos of us in our wedding attire. I hope woo will forgive us for not inviting woo but it was a very private celebration ~ there were only four bipeds present and eight of us puppers. We had a very special marriage celebrant ~ our neice Madison did us all proud and made the day so much more special.

If any pupper would like to read our vows, I'm sure we could get our Mom to type them out for woo and put a special post on our blog ~ just let us know!

Without further ado, welcome to our wedding.....

Everypuppy getting ready:

Bridesmaid Summer

Bridesmaid Sesuk

Bridesmaid Quiquern

Best Man Suggen

Groom Prince (me!)

And my beewootiful Bride-to-be Laska

Getting ready for the ceremony:

Summer decided she wanted to be the bride!!!

Hang on.....aren't I supposed to be the Groom???
Now that's better!

The Ceremony:

Miss Laska and me exchanging treats

Summer giving us her blessing

Woo may kiss the bride!

Happy couple

My beewootiful Bride.....should she be Mrs Prince or Mrs Laska Of Piece?

Fen even got to try on the Best Man's bow-tie!

Well everypupper, on behalf of my wife and me, we sure hope woo enjoyed our wedding!!!
Woo Woos
Pee Ess ~ what a special day to share our wedding with woo.....on the day our puppers are due! We thought they were going to arrive last night but Laska decided they weren't quite ready to enter the world!

February 12, 2009


........they haven't arrived yet everypupper but they won't be far away! Only three more sleeps till due date and I'm not sure that Laska will wait that long!!!

Do woo think they'll be handsome little puppers like me or beewootiful like Laska???

I give woo baby Prince.....

Me in December 2004 ~ Mom thinks I was around 4-6 weeks old

Me December 2004

5 months old ~ the day my Mom took me home:)

and baby Laska.....

3 weeks old

11 weeks old

Don't woo think our puppers will be cute???

Woo Woos