February 05, 2009


.....no, it's just Sesuk!!!

Hi everypuppy, it's me ~ Miss Mocha Choca Latte!

I was touched that my big sister Suki was concerned about me changing colour. We at Team Husky all know that as seasons change and as we get older our coat colours change.....Suki musn't know that and I'm thinking it's probably because she's white. I know woo can get different shades of white but I'm quite sure her colouring won't change as much as us coloured dogs do.

Seeing as Suki told woo something about me, I decided to tell woo all something about her that most of woo won't know. Our Suki is quite unique.....in many ways. One of her most unique traits is a funny thing she does with her jaw/mouth.....yes everypuppy she snaps! She mainly does it when she's excited or nervous.

When Suki first came to live with Team Husky she did it ALL the time......all it took was any interaction with us puppers or bipeds and she also was really bad when she was eating. Her bottom jaw trembles (big, fast trembles) and causes her mouth to open and close with a funny snapping sound. Suki is supposed to have puppies one day and our Mom was worried that she may have something wrong with her jaw so she took her along the the vet and they made Suki go to sleep and had a good look at her jaw, they couldn't find anything wrong with it.

After a while she did it less and less and now she only does it when she's excited about going out someplace or when she gets to meet other puppies and say hello to them. It's not too much of a problem except when she goes up to a doggy that doesn't know her very well (or at all!) and snaps her mouth open and closed......the other puppy sometimes thinks Suki is trying to bite it and their reactions have varied from being scared of Suki to trying to bite her in self defense.

Suki is particularly fascinated with our neice Madison's doggy ~ Charlie. Their last name is Brown ~ Charlie Brown hehehe. He is a Cocker Spaniel and has big long floppy ears and a funny short tail that wags all the time. Suki really likes Charlie and she is obsessed with his ears and tail.....she snaps at them ~ we all think that Suki thinks they are foreign objects that are stuck to Charlie and that she thinks she's helping him by trying to snap them off! Woo'll get to see Charlie real soon when our Mom downloads her camera and shows woo all our walk from the other night.

We've been trying to think of a good nickname for Suki.....Mom sometimes calls her Suki Poos (like one of mine and Princey's nicknames of Princey Poos and Sum Bum). Can any puppy think of a cool nickname for Suki? I call her 'The Evil White One' but Mom says that's not a nice nickname for her. If woo have any ideas please let us know!


Pee Ess ~ Some other 'special' things about Suki that woo may wish to consider when thinking of a nickname are:
* She's a really grubby puppy and likes to get dirty!
* She is real scared of aerosol (spray) cans, everytime Mom goes to the toilet Suki rushes outside (even when she's curled up on the bed!) cause she's scared Mom's gonna spray the air freshener!
* She squeels at the start of our walks as she just wants to run run run!
* Mum calls her slippery sometimes cause she's always darting all over the place and tries to get through narrow gaps!
* She hardly ever stays still......paces around and takes a long time to relax!
* She follows Mom around like EVERYWHERE, Mom is always almost tripping over her!
* She bangs into things as she's always in a hurry and doesn't think before she does things!


Anonymous said...

Those apples and chicken were DEE licious! I slurpled them up before someone else could steal them from me, i know there are thieves out there somewhere, they keep taking my humansocks from me!!!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Mom says one of her Sibes that is with the other person chomps!

I bet it is like what your khute sister does!

Tank woo fur sharing all the 'neat' things about her!

Cyber-sibes said...

She sounds like a funny sibe - how about nick-naming her "Kookie Suki"?

Star does a jaw snappy thingy too, but she just sort of waps her jaws shut once & it makes a kind of hollow thunking sound. Mom says it reminds her of a dog puppet named Farfel Hound that used to be on the Howdy Doody show whens she was a kid. Farfel also sang "N-e-s-t-l-e-s., Nestle's makes the very best chooooco-late" *thunk*

Star & Jack a-roo-ooo "thunk*

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