February 19, 2010



Can woo believe it efurypuppy and efurykitty ~ we are one whole year old today!

This is us when we were little puppies.....

Not so little.....

This is the fury first time me and Paw did meet.....

and here is us now. I give woo in birth order:
Aneshia (we haven't got any new photos so these are the most recent ones we have).....

Kodiak ~ that's me.....

and last but certainly not least, Zeus (he was the smallest of us pups for da first few weeks after we was born but he turned out to be da biggest.....
Dis is me and Paw da udder night on da bed.....
Last night we all went fur a walk at one of our favourite walkies places, here's a couple of photos of us three boys wif our Maw and Paw.....
Dis morning when Maw gots up and went outside dere was a nice surprise fur her. She had been wondering why me and Aunt Summer had been outside lots during da night, it had been rainin and we was all wet when we did come inside each time. Look who came to visit me fur my birfday.....

Yep, Mr Ratty! Maw was not fury impressed, she said she's never seen a real rat in town before (apart from me and pet rats dat is ~ hey Maw, I is not a rat!). She did take it away so we couldn't play wif him anymore:(
I wonder if I will get to do anythin special fur my birfday? I sure hope so:) Mom dropped me off at da place in da photo below and she left me dere wif a fury nice lady and man. Anypuppy got any ideas why I am here?

I think Maw must have brought me here as a treat fur the day so I can haf fun on my birfday!

Play bows and woofs and lots of special birfday treats

February 18, 2010


Hi efurypuppy, it's me Summer!

We're so furry honored to have receive an award from our good furiends Jack and Moo! It's the HAPPY 101 award and we think it's purtty cool!

We're supposed to list 10 of our favorite things, then pass the award on to 10 bloggers we enjoy.

Here's our favorite things (in no particular order!):
1. Good furiends and family
2. Zoomies
3. Treats
4. Toys
5. Naps
6. Walks and runs
7. All our blogging buddies
8. Our Mom
9. Play bows
10. Going on Adventures

We're passing this award onto:
1. Sitka, Cornelia Marie and Tia (please visit their blog and send Sitka lots of Sibe Vibes for her recovery)
2. Phantom and Thunder
3. Natasha, Rusty, Kiska, Kodiak, Qannik and Cheoah
4. Royal, Brock and Alki
5. Cosmos & Juneau
6. CoCo Bean, Jack, Jedi, Mya Boo Boo and Riley
7. Koda
8. Bogart
9. Biloxi, Danya, Nikita, Ivanna and Vada
10. Addie, Lucie and Hailey

Don't furget to visit the blogs of those woo are passing the award onto and let them know they've received it!





I haf been waitin fury patiently since a few weekends ago when my brudder Qannik went fur a run. Seriously ~ must be my turn soon!!!

Play bows and woof woof woofs until I gets to go fur my run!

February 17, 2010


Haroo efurypupper, it's me Prince and I'm here to tell woo all about a PAWSOME adventure I went on with my buddy Koda!

It started on a Saturday morning, Mom put all us doggies in our house and gave us a treat and I stood at the gate pleading with her to take me with her ~ 'can I come pleeeaaaase Mom?'.....

Mom of course could not say no, so off the two of us went back into the house. When we got inside there was a knock at the door ~ it was Nanny Kate! Mom had a bag packed with all sorts of goodies and we headed out the door. Nanny Kate opened the door of Koda's car and told me to get in ~ yay Koda was in the back waiting fur me! I was beginning to think me and Koda had been set up and that this had been planned! Here's me and Koda waiting to see what was in store fur us.....

We drove and drove and finally stopped at a purtty place by the lake ~ Nanny Kate said it was a place called Te Anau and that her and Koda used to live there! We waited by the car fur a while while Nanny Kate went to an appointment. Mom gave us a drink and took us fur little walks so we could have a sniff around.....

After Nanny Kate came back out we went fur another drive ~ this time to see Koda's Grandma at her work! We said hello and then Mom and Nanny Kate went and bought some lunch and we went to a beewootiful park. This is what we got up to.....

'Are woo going to share that with us Nanny Kate?'

'Do woo have more, pleeeaaase?'



Lots of exploring.....

Strutting around.....

'Oh no, I've gone round and round the tree and now I'm all tied up, what should I do?'

I know ~ 'If in doubt, pee on it!!!'

Me and Mom.....

There were lots of annoying flies (I HATE flies), it was hard to pose fur the photos when they were buzz buzz buzzing around me, fury distracting!

Then we went to Koda's Grandma's house ~ this was fury special to me as this is where Koda grew up, when he was a young pupper! I felt fury honored to have been invited here!

'This is my old backyard Princey ~ what do woo think?'

'Lots of loverly trees to pee on Koda!'

'Mmmm, nice grass too!'

'I'm not too sure about yur little furiend that has attached himself to me though!'

'He's great to play catch with Princey...see!'

We said our goodbyes at Koda's old house and went fur a drive down by the lake.....

Then we started on our way home, what a totally siberrific day I had! But wait ~ why are we stopping here?

Koda didn't need much convincing to hit the water ~ after all, it was a fury hot day!

More good smells, actually this was Koda and me eating a piece of tan square than Nanny Kate had placed on the ground fur later, we opened the bag and ate almost all of it.....

'Come on Princey, the water is glorious ~ come join me and have a swim!'

'I'm not sure if I like swimming Koda, I LOVE the water but swimming is a bit scary'

'Mom really wants me to try too so here goes'.....

'Hey this is kinda fun, keeps me nice and cool too!'

Hang on, who are these strange people? 'Excuse me, what are WOO doing here ~ dis here river belongs to me and Koda!'

'I have to ask woo all a question, what do woo think Koda is doing in this photo?' Leave a comment and let me know and I'll tell woo if woo're guess is correct:)

We got back in the car and drove some more, Mom and Nanny Kate stopped and got an iceblock and gave us puppers a treat and we went and had a look at these funny things that were way up high.....

Mom said they are called wind turbines and that they make power. Here's a closer look.....

After that we drove and drove some more until we arrived home. Sum, Suki & Kodiak were fury fury jealous when I told them about our adventure!


Woo Woos