February 05, 2010


Hawoo efurypuppy, it's me Kodiak!

Have woo efur noticed how easy it is to trick bipeds? I really wonder sometimes just how intelligent dey are!

Da other day, Madison and Maw tried to get me to play wif a water bomb (balloon) ~ I was sure dey wanted me to get a fright when it burst and da water went all ova me so I played along wif dem.

Here's me sniffin da bomb and pretendin I wuz interested when dey threw it up in da air.....

Of course I just let it fall on da ground and splash efurywhere, dey were purtty disappointed but I gots da last laugh!!!

We've had some intruders on our property recently, da udder night Aunt Suki discovered a hedgehog in our courtyard and she guarded it and made sure no one else stole it ~ dat was until Maw came out and found it ~ she did gets rid of it so we couldn't play wif it no more.....is she too dumb to realise we like little critters?

Before dat we had a family of little birdies livin in our tree dats right next to our doggy house. Summer did catch a baby birdie and when Maw told Summer to drop it and bent down to pick it up I snatched it right from under her nose and ran away and hid in one of da dens dat my real Maw built when me and my brudders and sisters were still in her tummy. It's my den now:) Maw did gets it off me but den Summer did catch anudder baby birdie, dis one gots away from us all. Here's some photos of da beewootiful husky fur lined birdies nest and me tryin to get it out of da cherry tree Maw did put it in.....

Den last weekend Maw heard a noise and looked around and saw Aunt Suki grabbin somethin. At first she thought it was anudder birdie.....until she saw somethin long and skinny hangin out of her mouth ~ it was a mousie! While Maw ran away to get her camera Suki gave da mousie to me so by da time Maw came back I had it in my mouth. Here's photos, if woo zoomie in woo will see da tail hangin out of my mouth and in da second photo da mousie is on da ground.....

RIP to all da little critters ~ dey must be about as dumb as bipeds to come into a Siberians yard!!!

It's so easy to trick da bipeds and make dem run after woo ~ if woo haven't tried it, I would highly recommend doing so.....it certainly makes fun of an udderwise dull day:)

Play bows and woofs



Amy and The House of Cats said...

Yeah, it is pretty easy to trick the peoples - we can do it too but not nearly as well as you do - I guess that is because you are doggies and we are kitties!

The OP Pack said...

Thunder was very proud of his catch the day he swallowed a baby rabbit whole - the Momster was horrified. Looks like those birdies might have found some of your furs flying around the yard to add to that nest:)

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

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