January 30, 2008

Prince & Summer's Holiday:)

Hey everypuppy, me and Princey would like to tell you a bit about the holiday we had with some of our bestest friends!

Our Mom had to go to our God Mom's wedding and we couldn't go:( We were real disappointed until we found out we were going to stay with our supercool friends!

Here's a few photos of us hanging out together:
Can you see all 7 of us?

Laska, Princey and me on bed:)

Here's some of us outside. Notice Prince gazing into Laska's eyes?

Well Laska hasn't got eyes but you know what I mean!

Here's a couple of me and Princey!

Ready to get out of truck

In compound (doggy house)

And here's a few photos of our God Mom's wedding...doesn't she look sooooo purtty! She looks really happy with her new husband! Our Mom didn't scrub up too bad either! Here they go:

Our Mom and God Mom Amanda:)


Doesn't she look gorgeous everypuppy?

Amanda and Chris

Amanda, Chris, Mark and Mom:)

We stayed with our friends for five whole nights and had lots of fun chasing each other and playing. There were 7 of us all up, 5 of them and me and Princey. We went and visited our other good friends that are related to the ones we were staying with too, when we were all at their house there was 14 of us....that's a whole lot of sibes everypuppy & biped!!!

I see my little brother has told you it was my birthday the other day...he's so sweet surprising me and Mom like that:) I had some yum yum yummy fresh salmon for my birthday, it's our favourite!

I have to go now, time to hang around Mom for a few more pats and cuddles and I might chase Princey around a bit before I head to bed for the night.


P.S. I don't think anyones told everybody what happened at the vet with my blood test results. I'll have to talk to Mom & get her to tell you!


Haroo everypupper, it's me Prince!

I waited till Mom wasn't looking to take over the computer thingee and tell you some news about who's special day it is today. The 30 January is a real siberrific day in our house!

IT'S SUMMER'S BIRTHDAY!!! Happy birthday big sis....wow 4 years old and you don't look a day over 2!!!

Here's a photo Mom took tonight of the birthday girl!
Just check out her favourite 'I want a belly rub' pose!
If you look up real close you'll see Sum's wee teethies, she's smiling:)

Woo woos, gotta go cause Mom's walking this way and I want to surprise my 2 favourite girls with this post!

January 17, 2008


Hi everypuppy & Haroo everypupper, it's us - Summer & Prince!!!

Our cool friends at the A04 have given us an award! It's the Thinking Blogger Award! WOW!!!

This is so siberrific - thankswoo you guys! Here are the rules ...

1. You must write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.

2. Acknowledge this post.

3. Optional: Proudly display the Thinking Blogger Award with a link to the post that you wrote.

4. Go tell your humans to fork over the treats!

How totally cool! We would like to present this award to:
They have had so much sadness over the last month or two. It really makes us think about what's important in our lives and how precious life is. We really have to stick together at these times and that's just what The Brat Pack have done, along with their peeps of course:) We're real proud of you puppers - stay strong!

Well our friend Freda is so cool and speaks a really cool way.....makes us think that we might need her to come over and give us lessons. Will you Freda?
Amber-Mae makes us think about how we'd love to be a solid gold dancer too. We hope she can come give us some dance lessons....or maybe we could visit her for lessons? She's so talented....makes us think about our talents which of course there are too many to mention in this post!
Kate and Koda are special to me us cause they're not only our blogging buddies but our real life buddies as well! We go for walkies lots with our buddy Koda....he looks a bit funny cause he's not like us but he's pretty cool. We even live in the same street!!! They make us think about how important it is to have lots of puppy friends....our Mom says it's important to socialise with other puppers. Kate and Koda have just started their own blog....pop by and say haroo to them, they'd sure love to hear from ya!

5. Last, but not least Hollybollybananaboo
We don't know Holly too well but we've sure heard lots about her and we agree that she is beewootiful! Holly makes us think about all the good that people do and about the wonderful friends we have made in the blogging world.....like the A04! I mean Dave & Holly are real close so she's gotta be a cool puppy! We think you're a pretty cool malagal Holly!
Kissess & Woo Woos
Summy & Princey

January 14, 2008


or is it awesome??? I can't remember!

Check out the A04's latest Sunday Salute - Holly and Summit's Mom's....the are truly special. WOW, what a huge effort they put in to save Thunder and Skyler.

We at Team Husky salute you!!!


P.S. I can't believe my little brother told you about my SECRET crush.....yes SECRET. He's got a big mouth....I just hope Zimmie thinks I'm as siberrific as I thinks he is otherwise it's gonna be real embarrassing:(

I'll get you for this Princey and I'll get ya good!!!


Hey everypupper, it's me...the Prinster!

Mom had a phone call from the doggy doctor this morning - he had Sum's blood test results. Her Thyroxine (TT4) levels are quite low. He told Mom the normal range is 20-60 and Sum's were only 7. He said that this test on it's own is not very conclusive (what does that mean everypuppy?) as her levels will change throughout the course of the day, for example if he ran the test again it could come out at 18-19.

He gave Mom two choices - to try my big sis on a 3 month trial of the synthetic thyroid meds or to run another test, for TSH levels, which combined with the TT4 test is probably around 90% accurate. If the TSH test comes back really high that means Summy has an underactive thyroid (again, what does that mean everypuppy?). The lab only runs the TSH tests on a Monday morning so Mom told him to get the lab to do the test. He'll get back to us in the next couple of days.

Just thought I'd keep you up to date. Mom's still not sure if she should put Sum on the meds the vet gives or if she should try a natural supplement. What do you puppies and your bipeds think?

Here's a photo of Sum....chillin out like she always does. She used to annoy me all the time and run around like a crazy siberian but these days she doesn't have much energy so just rests lots. Sometimes she chases me but not for very long and not like she used to. Mom says that once we get her thyroid problem sorted she'll go back to the old Sum....the annoying one. I miss my annoying big sis.

Here's a couple of photos my me and Sum...she always looks happy when she's cuddling up to me:)

Just look at the grin on her face! I actually think she might have been having siberrific dreams about Zim of the A04.....Sum's got the hots for you Zimmie!!!

We's bestest friends:)

Woo Woos

January 11, 2008


It's Summer's Mom here just wanting to tell you about Sum's visit to the vet.

She went to the vet this morning to get some bloods done to see what her thyroid levels are as I suspect she has an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). She's showing lots of the symptoms - weight increase, lethargy, constantly losing her coat/thinning & lack of undercoat, dry skin, a bit irritable at times, skin discolouration, obsession with food. They are testing her T4 levels, we should have the results back in the next week.

Do any of you have experience with hypothyroidism? I am wondering if testing the T4 levels is enough to make an accurate diagnosis? Also I have done some internet research and there are some natural remedies - PetAlive Thyro-Pet, Native Remedies Thyroid Assist etc. These aren't available in New Zealand but I am wondering how effective they are and if it would be worth me importing some? The other option is one of the synthetic thyroid medications that vets prescribe, which they are on for the rest of their lives.

If anyone has experience with thyroid problems and can make suggestions or help me I would really appreciate it.

Thank you
Aleeya, Sum & Prince

P.S. The needle was tiny.....Sum bum sure was exaggerating! She wasn't exaggerating though about not liking her little outing to see the doctor......she really showed her insecure/unconfident side!


Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer!

Mom took me & Princey to the animal doctor this morning. I thought Princey must have had a problem until the doctor started paying attention to me! He tried to roll me over but I wasn't having that so I fought back....took two people to get me onto my side, one had to pick up my back legs and the other my front legs. Not sure why he wanted to look at my belly.

Then came the worst part......he got out this thing that made a buzzy noise and shaved some of my bewootiful hair and then he got this bbiiiiigggggg thing that he stuck into the shaved part of my leg. It hurt so much and was about the same thickness as my leg.......I had to try with all my Siberian might not to cry doggy tears. All this red stuff came out of my leg and then the doctor squirted it into another thingee and put a sticky thing on it and wrote something.

Princey put his paws up on the doctors table that I was on a couple of times and made sure I was okay. He was sooooo lucky cause he didn't get that big sharp thing stuck into his leg.

Here's a photo of my boo boo

I hope my fur grows back quick cause it's not very pretty:(

Summer xxx

January 10, 2008


Hi everypupppy!!!

My little brother Prince and I want to tell you about Stormy of the A04's new mission Operation Bring Beau Home! Click that link for her complete set of orders, and to view Beau's video. You'll also find your cute troopers helmet there like we did!

We're all geared up ready to go....won't you come join us?

The beewootiful Stormy says 'Do it! Now! Who's with us? Let's get started right away! Stick together, pups and bipeds and be careful out there. We will succeed! Let me clarify my orders: This mission is open to ALL! I'm urging all of you out there reading - especially fellow members of DWB (Dogs With Blogs) - to help spread the word about Beau! Thank you. Carry on.'

Here's the A04 all geared up ready to go!

Fellow puppies, please help us find Beau and return him safely home to his family!!!


January 08, 2008


Haroo everypupper, it's me your handsome buddy Prince:)

We just found out we received an award from Stormy and our other good friends of the A04!!!Check it out - it's a "You Make My Day" award.

The rules are to pass the award along to up to 10 people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland.

Me and Sum feel really special...thank you so much Stormy, Amber, Zimmie and Dave for thinking of us. You pups are such good friends!!!

It was a hard decision who to pass this special award onto, we've got so many friends that have cool blogs that make our day so much more fun.

These are the ten we came up with:
Sixteen White Paws - Maddox, Shelby, Scotty & Claire
Beware The Bamonster - Bama, Cracker, Mikki & Chili
The Kapp Pack - Kelsey Ann, Sky & Canyon
Meeshka's World - Meeshka
Five Happy Hounds - Tucker, Dot, Samantha & Bear
Delta Bunny - Freda
Woos & Neighs - The Mullin Clan - Cosmos & Juneau
World Of Turbo - Turbo
Amber's Personal Diary - Amber-Mae
Last but certainly not least.....
Army Of Four Digest - Storm, Amber, Zim & Dave. We just had to give this award back to you cause we love you guys so much!!!

There are so many other cool blogs we'd like to pass the award onto but we're only allowed ten so you'll have to forgive us if we didn't send it to you. Thanks heaps to the A04, we're honoured!!!

Woo Woos

January 04, 2008

Meaning Of Obsessed

Hi Everypuppy, it's me Summer reporting in on the advice we received from some of our friends on the meaning of 'obsessed'.

If you remember, our last post had what Dave of the A04 thought obsessed meant. He thought it was something that happens to your tooth and you have to go see a dentist - 'I have an obsessed tooth'. His brother Zimmie disagreed with him and said that you go to a dentist for an 'absessed tooth'.

Kelsey Ann from The Kapp Pack said we should 'trust Zimmie this time'.

Amber-Mae the Solid Gold Dancer said she thinks it might have something to do with tennis balls or maybe when you're 'fixated' on something.

Freda the DeltaBunny said she thought it was when you have 'meany demons in your heads'.

River from River's Blog said it had to do with ducks and birds. He also said that we were both very handsome...hmmmmm...my brother Prince is very handsome but I am purtty River, girls aren't handsome!!!

Kat from The Adventures of Two Huskies and their Cat said we should believe Dave cause he's smart. She said Zimmie was smart too but goofy like her brother Steve. She said she wouldn't trust him as much as he builds snow forts and that would be something Steve would do and he can't be trusted.

We're two really confused puppies - Prince and I decided we'd have to run a poll to see which one of our friends is right. Please take the poll to the right of our blog.


Pee Ess - we really need to get to the bottom of this!!!! Please help us!!!!