January 14, 2008


Hey everypupper, it's me...the Prinster!

Mom had a phone call from the doggy doctor this morning - he had Sum's blood test results. Her Thyroxine (TT4) levels are quite low. He told Mom the normal range is 20-60 and Sum's were only 7. He said that this test on it's own is not very conclusive (what does that mean everypuppy?) as her levels will change throughout the course of the day, for example if he ran the test again it could come out at 18-19.

He gave Mom two choices - to try my big sis on a 3 month trial of the synthetic thyroid meds or to run another test, for TSH levels, which combined with the TT4 test is probably around 90% accurate. If the TSH test comes back really high that means Summy has an underactive thyroid (again, what does that mean everypuppy?). The lab only runs the TSH tests on a Monday morning so Mom told him to get the lab to do the test. He'll get back to us in the next couple of days.

Just thought I'd keep you up to date. Mom's still not sure if she should put Sum on the meds the vet gives or if she should try a natural supplement. What do you puppies and your bipeds think?

Here's a photo of Sum....chillin out like she always does. She used to annoy me all the time and run around like a crazy siberian but these days she doesn't have much energy so just rests lots. Sometimes she chases me but not for very long and not like she used to. Mom says that once we get her thyroid problem sorted she'll go back to the old Sum....the annoying one. I miss my annoying big sis.

Here's a couple of photos my me and Sum...she always looks happy when she's cuddling up to me:)

Just look at the grin on her face! I actually think she might have been having siberrific dreams about Zim of the A04.....Sum's got the hots for you Zimmie!!!

We's bestest friends:)

Woo Woos


The Army of Four said...

Oh, SUMMY! I don't know about thyroid things but I DO know that you and Prince are just the sweetest puppies and I hope you get some answers to the questions and feel better!!!!!! I just LOVE the pictures of you and Prince together!!!

The Army of Four said...

Hey, hey, Summy! Is it true!!?!! I mean - first, I am very sorry to hear you've been having to go to the vet's and all. I've found it's helpful to say "ha ROO" and play bow at the vet. That always gets a smile, then they're in a good mood for the exam. But is it true what Prince said?!? WOWZERS! I mean, you're such a gorgeous babe and all - and you like ME!?! How cool! And flattering! I wonder if I'm allowed to have more than one girlfriend? I'll bet I am, since you're in another whole hemisphere and all! This is so exciting!!! Ha ROOO!
Play bows,

Franki V said...

Greetings from Vancouver, BC! I saw your beautiful faces at number 723 on the Dogs with Blogs site. You are two cuties. Hope the thyroid thing gets better. The vet speaks such a stwange language than my human always goes home with more questions than answers.
Big smooches to you two,
Franki V