August 30, 2010


.....we said goodbye to our beloved Prince. He was such an important part of our lives. Every day we think of him ~ most of the time we think of all the good times we shared, sometimes we feel the emptiness, sadness and huge gaping hole he has left in our hearts and other times we're so damn angry he was taken from us so soon. The last four months have been an emotional roller coaster but one thing has remained constant ~ we love you and miss you so very much Princey!
We wanted to share a few photos with you from the last few weeks of Prince's life.....

Prince and his buddy Haakon competing in the canicross leg of relay on 4 April ~
this was to be Prince's last run

Summer keeping her best buddy company while he was resting, he spent most of
his time sleeping the last few weeks and she was never too far from his side

Prince putting on a show for his cousin Madison the night before left us,
she came to say goodbye and he found the energy to play with some of his favourite toys

My handsome main man

Prince saying hello to my godson Jaden the day he passed

Prince and Jaden ~ he was happy to the end

We love and miss you so much Princey, you were such a precious gift and taught us so much ~ we will never ever forget you.

Mom, Summer, Suki and Kodiak

August 27, 2010


Hi efurydoggy, it's me Sesuk!

We had some fury sad news from our kitty cat furiends Maggy and Zoey and their Mom Ann ~ The Zoolatry Girls. They are going through a very tough time at the moment so please stop by and visit their blog, they sure could use some chearing up! Ann is the wonderful lady that designed our beewootiful banner.

Mom wants them to know we are thinking about them lots and sending tons of Sibe Vibes their way for their precious Poppy so head on over and tell them we sent woo!


August 26, 2010


Hi efurypuppy, it's me Summer!

Today I'd like to play a game with woo ~ it's called 'GUESS THE PUP!'. I will show woo a photo of a puppy and woo have to guess who it is and also who it is related to. Lets play!!!

Question #1 ~ Who is this beewootiful puppy?

Question #2 ~ Who is the puppy related to?
#1 Me ~ Summer!!!
#2 Princey and Kodiak
#3 Suki and BJ

Clue #1 ~ There have been photos of this puppy posted on our blog in the past!

Clue #2 ~ We haven't seen this puppy for such a long time, actually I haven't seen it since it was a baby puppy!!!

Have fun playing my game, I can't wait to see who guesses correctly first!


August 16, 2010


Hawoo efurypupper, it's me Lil Yak Yak!!!

Yesterday was Sunday fur us and oh what a funday it was! It started off da usual way, da alarm went off and Maw gots herself and us ready to go outs to our usual Sunday morning walkies spot. Into da HUSKIZ truck we went and da ten minute drive began. When we gots there I saw a lady come up to our truck (we were still in da back) wif a lil girl dat looked a bit like me. After Maw gots us outs of da truck I gots to say hurro to her and she did smell just like me was Sister Meisha!!! I hadn't seen her since da start of da year! Do woo think we looks alike?

Maw hooked me up to da front of da truck wif Aunt Summer and Aunt Suki ~ she hasn't done that fur a long time.....since before I hurts my foot. Aunt Suki gots to go fur a run wif my real Maw (Laska), Aunt Qui, BJ, GranMaw Kreevanka and Uncle Fen. Meisha gots to go fur her fury first run ever wif our furiend Bella! We didn't get any real good photos of dere runs but we did get dese as dey were coming back in.....

After dey gots back from dere run Maw gots Aunt Summer and my harnesses outs ~ I was confused cause I never gets to go fur walks or runs anymore. Maw put my harness on me and told me I was goin fur a walk and dat Meisha was comin along too! I was so's been 10 weeks and 1 day since I last had ANY exercise (not dat I'm counting)! I tried my hardest to pull Maw and make her run but she said I wasn't allowed to run yet. I thought I would never gets to go fur walkies again so I was purtty happy. Here's some photos of my first walk wif my new toe.....

Aunt Summer and Me

Me watchin Aunt Summer and Nikita off lead, I want to run round wif dem too!!!

Ange and Sis Meisha and Jo and Uncle Kayto

Meisha N' Me

We was hopin dat brudder Zeus Moose might haf been dere when we gots back from our walk but he wasn't:( At first we had a reunion under da HUSKIZ truck but den we decided to cooperate fur a photo shoot.....

Sister Meisha, Brudder Qannik and Me ~ Qannik is laughing at sumthin

Now Meisha is laughin

Haakon is strategically placin us and Meisha has her GranPaw Que ears on

Qannik is makin a dash for da treats Maw is holdin

Okay, so none of us are lookin at da camera but dis was da best we could do!!!

Our furiend Bling came to say hullo and show off his new sister Jewels.....

How cute is she!!! Dats Bling and Jewels Paw by da way

Our GodBrudder Baby J (Jaden) was dere and he gave us lots of smiles!

Dis is Nikita, Meisha lives wif her

Dis is of course Snowflake (Brudder Qannik)

Aunt Summer, Brudder Qannik and Me ~ now Summer is laughing......
I'm beginning to think da jokes on me!!!

Woo see it really was a fun filled day wif family and furiends.....and WALKIES!!!

Play bows and woofs

August 13, 2010


Howldy to all woo puppews out thewe!!! My name is BJ and I'm the latest membew of Team Husky!!!

Woo alweady know my Aunt Sesuk, it suwe is fun being able to spend time wif hew.....makes me not miss my old home as much. I'm a bit shy and not suwe what else to tell woo about me so if woo have any questions please just ask!

Since I've been wif my new family I've gotten to go out fuw lots of walkies in all diffewent places, I weally do like explowing and sniffing and of couwse ~ leaving my mawk new Mom says I'm a 'sewial piddlew', not suwe what that means but if I keep going fuw walks then it's gotta be a good thing!

When I was just a young puppy my old Mom had a bad accident and shattewed hew leg. Aftew then my weal Mom (Shino) and my aunts and uncles couldn't go fuw anymowe wuns cause Mom's leg wasn't stwong enough. My weal Mom had been telling me about what fun I would have going fuw wuns when I was a big boy but that day nevew came.....well until last weekend. I got to go fuw my fuwy fiwst wun and to make things even mowe exciting I had the best wunning pawtnew!!! I'll show woo some photos so woo can see fuw youwself just how happy I was.

This was at the stawt of ouw wun.....

Nanny Kate was thewe taking photos of us so I had to say hello, well I twied anyway.....

Befowe I got to Nanny Kate Suki and Mom both said 'let's go Mw SnugglePants' and then my leggies had to move weal fast to keep up with Aunt Suki and befowe I knew it we wewe heading towawds the twails.

We met up with some othew doggies on the twails and this is us at the end of ouw wun.....

So how can woo tell if we've had fun? Hewe's the pwoof.....

Smiley faces all awound!!!


Pee Ess ~ Woo may have noticed thewe awe no 'R''s in my vocabulawy, I weplace them with 'W''s. I hope that doesn't confuse woo too much!!!

August 04, 2010



Some of you will know Phantom from The Op Pack and be aware of what he's been going through lately. Those of you that don't know should head over to their blog, he and his family are going through a really rough time at the moment and they could use all the support, prayers and sibe vibes they can get!

Phantom is very special to us, as are his brother Thunder, sisters Angel Princess Dakota and Ciara and Mom Kathie. They were a great comfort to us and gave us so much support right from before we got the horrible news that our Prince had cancer, all throughout our battle with this horrible disease and then through our struggle to come to terms with losing the very heart of our pack. They had been through everything we were going through with their beautiful Dakota and their handsome Phantom ~ Dakota lost her battle but Phantom, to this day, has survived. He has just had yet another surgery to remove a suspicious lump, this time on his face. He came through the operation well and will hopefully get to go home to his family tomorrow. Then they play the waiting game ~ the results from the pathology lab should be back within the next week.

We at Team Husky are praying and hoping this lump is not another tumor.....if it is we are hoping they were able to remove all of it and that Phantom can continue to live a happy, long life with his loving family.

We ask ourselves all the time why these things have to happen to us ~ it's simply not fair!

Please know that we are constantly thinking of you Kathie, Phantom, Thunder and Ciara and that we are here for you even though we live so far apart.

Stay strong Phantom ~ you are a survivor and so many people are praying for you......and of course Angels Dakota and Prince are watching over you constantly and sending all the healing vibes they can!

Your pals at Team Husky
Aleeya, Summer, Sesuk, Kodiak and BJ.....and of course Angel Princey

August 02, 2010


Hawoo efurypupper, it's me Kodiak!

I am still a bit sleepy after a big day. Maw took me on what I thought was goin to be an adventure dis mornin ~ instead I ended up at da out of town VET.....da same place I stayed at when I had da operation to put da screw in my broken toe!!! Guess what I was dere fur dis time???

Here's some photos, can woo guess???

Yep ~ no screw in my footy foot anymore! Instead I just have a hole where da screw used to be! Dr Hugh told me and Maw I had to be fury careful for da next few weeks, no walkies fur two weeks and den I'm allowed to go fur little walks ~ it's been such a long time I hardly remember what goin fur walks is like!!!

Some of woo may know dat I haf problems wif one of my ears. Dr Hugh did take some samples and send dem to da LAB (have woo got dem yet Mr Koda MD.....I think he must have meant woo when he said LAB?) so we can try and figure out what da marks on da inside of my ear are and why it's dry and flaky sometimes on da outside of my ear. He also checked my lump and comfirmed it is just a cyst ~ Maw was fury happy bout dat fur some reason!!! He did stick a needle in and got dis thick gooey clear stuff out, so no more lumpy lump fur me!!!

Dis is what my ear looks like now.....

Well I'm still fury sleepy so I betta go hop on my beddy bed but before I go here's some more Yak photos fur woo.....

Did I make woo smile?

Play bows and woofs