July 28, 2010


Hawoo efurypup, it's me Kodiak!

I would like to give woo an update on my boo boo ~ I had some xrays last week and da VET said it's all healed now! I don't haf to wear da splint anymore, Maw just bandages my foot up to protect my toe. She has to bandage it efuryday cause it slips off without da splint. When she changes da bandage I get to have a nude foot fur an hour or two.....it really does feel loverly but weird at da same time. It's fury sensative and I'm pretty careful when I walk around on it, sometimes I even hop on three legs. My pads are all small and funny and soft and furry. Here's some photos of me enjoyin nude foot time fur da fury first time last week:

I haf anudder boo boo ~ Maw had to take me to da VET yesterday. We saw Dr Ruth and she said I haf a bad hot spot.....it's just below my right ear, in da same place I had to haf surgery to get a hematoma lanced when I was younger. It's all gunky and weepy so I haf to take antibiotics and anti inflammatories. I didn't let Dr Ruth touch it, Maw says I am fury stubborn like my Paw! Maw also found a lump in my cheek on da same side as my hot spot but right down by my bottom jaw. We haf to keep an eye on it and if it doesn't go away in da next few days I haf to haf somethin called a biopsy. Maw is fury worried ~ she said she doesn't do lumps anymore, not after efurythin we went thru wif my Paw.

Dere's anudder boo boo in Team Husky and it's not me dis time! Take a look at dis:

Dat's my Aunt Suki's belly, Maw took her to da vet last week and she got spayed (whateva dat means). Maw told me it's when da VET removes all her girl bits, I still don't understand what she means. She went fur a check-up to da VET yesterday wif me and got an 'all good' report, it's healing real well! Aunt Suki told me she can't wait fur her stitches to be taken out so she can go fur runs again. I remember goin fur runs, it was so long ago! I haven't even been fur a walk or anythin fur ofur 7 1/2 weeks now ~ dats a real long time when yur an energetic young pup like me!!! I'm so glad I haf Aunt Summer to chew on, I just loves her and she's great fun to play wif.

I hope all of woo don't haf boo boo's ~ dey really interfere wif our training programs and interrupt our social lives!!!

Play bows and woofs

Pee Ess ~ Maw had some good news last night ~ da screw dats in my toe is gettin taken out next week.....WOO HOO!!!

July 26, 2010


If woo noticed our PAWSOME new banner (how could woo not?) woo should know where it came from......

It came from a land called 'Zoolatry'!!!

There's a wonderful lady named Ann that is very talented and makes banners and things for doggies and kitties and all sorts of other creatures that have Mom's that are a bit 'challenged' when it comes to creating purtty things (yep, our Mom is one of the challenged ones!). Ann created this beewootiful banner fur us and we just LOVE it!!! We think it represents us just purrfectly (that's fur Maggy and Zoey!), it's such a great Winter theme!

Thank woo so much Ann fur doing this fur us, we really appreciate all the time woo put in! Please stop by and visit Ann and her two beewootiful putty tats Maggy and Zoey ~ I know they'd luv fur woo to stop by and say hello!


Angel Prince, Summer, Suki, Kodiak and BJ ~ oh and our Mom too!!!
Team Husky

July 25, 2010


Hi efurydoggy, it's me Suki!

Did woo notice our new banner? Can you guess what my Gotcha Day surprise was now?

I had such a fun weekend away ~ I got to see the family I used to live with and I got to say hello to my brothers, sisters, niece and nephew, I hadn't said hello to them fur such a long time ~ just over two years!!! I also got to run in two races with my furiend Qannik, Mom said we ran fury well and that she was fury proud of us! I just love going away and sleeping in doggy trailers and boxes, Summer and Kodiak don't like that much but I like it lots!

When we went to leave my old family on Monday afternoon my nephew BJ (short for Blackjack) got put in the doggy trailer with me, Summer and Kodiak. I was a bit confused about that as he came all the way to Palmerston with us on Monday and on Tuesday he came the rest of the way home too ~ he even came straight back to my house! Then I started to think that maybe BJ might be coming to stay with us fur a bit!!!

Later on on Tuesday night BJ went home with our furiend Haakon. He came back fur a visit Wednesday night and went fur a walk with Mom and Summer, I went fur a walk with Nanny Kate and Koda. Kodiak was around with Haakon and when he came home he was not impressed to see BJ at home again! BJ is staying with Haakon, Fen, Laska, Qui, Aleka, Suggen and Qannik fur a few weeks until Kodiak's foot is better and then Mom said he's coming to live with us.....if Kodiak is okay with that of course. Mom says he is a 'little green eyed monster'. She said I might go out and stay with Haakon fur a bit and that if it doesn't work out with Kodiak and BJ, BJ will live with Haakon and I will come back home to Mom, Summer and Kodiak. Mom said I can help her teach BJ how to run in harness, I'm really excited about that!!!

I think it all sounds purtty good ~ either way I get to spend time with BJ and efuryone else!!! Welcome to my new family BJ, I'm so happy woo are gonna be here with me!!!


July 12, 2010


Sillik, Sesuk, Anui and Mauya

Two years ago today a very nervous little girl came to live with us (okay so she wasn't as little as in the photo above!), she was not used to being inside and I'm sure she missed her old family, human and canine. She certainly was outside her comfort zone when she first arrived.

Over the last two years she has become much more relaxed and trusting towards people, she's always been a social butterfly as far as dogs are concerned........even though she gets so excited and sometimes snaps at them because of this! Suki is now eight and a half years old ~ but acts and runs like a two year old!

As it happens, we have spent the last three nights with Suki's old family. Suki has had a wonderful weekend catching up with them ~ she got to spend time with her old owners, two brothers, half brother, two half sisters, neice and nephew and an old canine friend. She has also spent time doing what she loves best - racing! I know it will be sad for her to leave today but I have a surprise for Suki that I know she will be very excited about! We will share this news with you very soon ~ watch this space!!!

Happy Gotcha Day Suki! You sure have livened up Team Husky!!!

Mom, Summer, Kodiak and Angel Prince

July 10, 2010


Hi efurypuppy, it's me Summer!

Today is a fury special day ~ it's my Cosmos's 5th birfday! Happy Birfday Handsome!!!

I am sending lots of cyber smooches and cuddles yur way, I wish we could go on a birfday date!

I'm off to dream about woo now Cosi my sweetie!!!


July 06, 2010


Hawoo efurypup, it's me Kodiak!

Dis mornin I went to da vet with Maw. Dr Ruth and Lana did lift me up onto da big high table and den lay me down on my side. Dr Ruth took my bandage and splint off and it felt ohhhhh sooooo furyyyyyyy gooddddddd!!! She gave my footy foots a bit of a clean up and rubbed it......I was in doggy heaven! Maw didn't even need to bribe my wif treats dis time!!! Den she wrapped it back up again and put da splint back on.

Here's a photo of my foot taken just dis morning.....

Dr Ruth really liked my special bootie dat haakon made just fur me! She said I wuz a fury lucky boy!!! Da boot does keep my foot nice and dry and it has rubber on da bottom so I don't slip ofur.....it's purtty comfy too! Dis is my boot.....

Dis is a fury special photo of my foot before I had my operation - do woo see my broken toe?.....

It's da one on da left side, see how da two bits of bone aren't connected?

Dese are photos taken straight after my operation ~ cool, I really do have a screw in dere, I thought Maw was just trickin me.....

I hope woo liked the in-depth look at my footy foot!!!

Play bows and woofs

July 05, 2010


Hi efurypuppy, it's me Summer!

Yesterday me and Mom had a fury important job to do ~ we went fur a walk, just the two of us, and we scattered some of Princey's ashes on one of his favourite trails.

At the beginning of our walk we noticed this little fella following us along the side of the trail, he followed us almost all of the way to our destination.....

We started walking up the little hill, to Prince's special place.....

When we got to the top we were greeted by this glorious sunshine.....

We found a perfect spot to scatter Prince's ashes and just as we were doing it, the rain started. Can woo see where we are heading with this? We then walked down the other side of the hill and stopped at the bottom to take a photo, this is what we saw.....

Can woo see it? It's a bit faint in that photo, here it is closer up.....

Mom's eyes got all leaky again and there were lots of smiles from both of us ~ we think our Princey was wanting to let us know he's still with us, looking down from above. It sure was a beewootiful sight and one we will never forget! For a couple of minutes it was like the three of us were together again! As quick as the rainbow showed itself to us, it faded and disappeared.

This is a photo Mom took of me after we saw the rainbow fur the fury first time, I was saying 'hey Mom, that's Princey up there!'.....

Oh Princey we miss woo so ~ it was so nice of woo to let us know woo really are way up there, watching ofur us.....we thought woo were but now we know fur sure!


Pee Ess ~ the special place we chose is on a hill we refer to as 'Moving Target' (all of our trails have names). This was one of Prince's favourite places to water the foliage on the hill, only on the way up of course (which was where we came down in the photos). Once he got to the top he would run as fast as he could down the other side and into the forest:)

July 03, 2010


Hawoo efurypup, it's me again ~ Kodiak!

If woo are wondering his my footy foots is, here's some photos of da last time I went to da vet. Dey did take my splint off and take da stitches out, den dey wrapped it all up again!

Here's me and Dr Ruth, note she has a splint thingee on her wrist too. I'm sure she just put dat on dere to make me feel betta.....

Here's Dr Ruth and Lana hard at work wif my boo boo.....

I'm gonna show woo my footy foot now......please no jokes about it lookin like a chicken drumstick or anythin ~ I can't help it. Dese are before da stitches were taken out.....

I heard woo - I said no jokes!

I go back to da vet in anudder three days so dey can haf a look and see how my foot is healing. I'll get Maw to take da camera along and we hope to take some photos of my before surgery and after surgery xrays too!

Talk to woo next week!

Play bows and woofs

Pee Ess ~ if woo are checkin out our bloggie Paw, I want woo to know I haf been a good boy and I haf been lookin after Maw and Aunts Summer and Suki. I haf also been makin sure Dr Ruth and da girls at da vet are okay seein as woo are not here to visit dem anymore. I miss woo Paw!

July 02, 2010



Hawoo efurypup, it's me Kodiak!

We haf been having some fury nice frosts here in da deep south! Here's some photos to prove it.....

Frosty Foliage

Our fave Mally pals Zarah, Tess and Jonah

GranPaw Ragnar wif Balto, Sirius, Cyntara, Quilla, GranMaw Kreevanka and Tikaani

Paul with Mitsi and Kavik

Paul with Mitsi, Onyx and Kavik

Russell and Storm

Haakon with Aunt Qui and Maw Laska

My brudder Qannik

Aunt Summer
Aunt Suki (note she's not hooked up to anything!)

Me, of course

Now woo might notice sumthin wrong in da next few photos, dey are all of me but dats not what's wrong wif dem. Do woo see.....

Havin some iced salad

Puttin on my 'Pharaoh' look (my uncle Pharaoh has a twitch and I was tryin to be like him)

Big stretch - please note da clump of iced salad in my mouth

Rollin on da frost

Fury serious look

Why da serious look? In case woo didn't notice, I wasn't walkin or runnin in any of da photos ~ my stupid boo boo is still stoppin me from havin fun!!! I haf been gettin a lot of attention and GranPaw Ragnar has been lookin afta me at his work when Maw has been workin, I gets to go home wif him at lunchtime and say hello to GranPaw Que, GranMaw Kreevanka, Aunt Ara and Uncle Pharaoh. Sometimes GranPaw Que is happy to see me, sometimes he's not so happy bout me bein dere!

I'll be back tomorrow wif some photos of my last vet visit. See woo soon!

Play bows and woofs