April 10, 2008

Not Much Been Happening Round Here.....

Hey everypupper, it's me - your very own Princester!

We haven't been doing too much.....just hanging out really as woo can see.

We're in Autumn now but it has still been warmish, we've had a few runs to kick off our training for race season....not cold enough for my liking though. It's hard work I tell woo! Our daylight savings has ended (do woo puppers have daylight savings?), it's dark when we go for our runs at night so we have to have real good lights so we don't crash into any trees or run any slow puppers over cause we can't see them!

It's run night again tonight - bet some of you puppers are jealous! I'm sure woo would all love to run beside me in harness:) I'd like the extra help too!!!

Woo Woos

WHAT A CROCK....Team Husky Style:)

Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer!!!

We've been really slack with our blog lately.....of course it's all hu-mom's fault!

Did you see Zim of the A04's blog titled 'What a Crock' a few weeks back? His Mom thought he looked like the guy off the Crocs logo. Our Mom took some photos of us the other day and she found this one of me and thought I looked more like that guy than Zimmie did:) If you haven't seen the logo have a look at Zim's post.

What do you puppies think? Do I look more like the Crocs logo guy than Zim? Maybe Zim and I are related - do you think we look alike everypuppy?