March 29, 2007

The 'Thomas Pack'

Once upon a time there was a girl called Jo. She decided to get a puppy -
a beautiful Siberian Husky, she called him Kayto.

Jo met her Prince charming - Karl - & they decided one Siberian
just wasn't enough so along came Kayto's sister Sarah.
Sarah (Alpha)
But of course as Siberian Huskies are 'collectables' it wasn't long
before Sarah's son Niko joined their family.
Niko (aka 'Red Freak')
Niko, Kayto & Sarah - happy family:)
Of course 3 is a very uneven number & I informed them about a little girl that had gotten
into a bad situation & desperately needed rescued - introducing Bella

A happy foursome:)

Then they heard about another red boy that was looking for a new home and Karl decided that he would quite like a team of red dogs. Welcome to the newest member of the Thomas pack Chief


The last (well one of the first really) member of the Thomas family......Boris.


Poor old Borri is still trying to figure out why his Mum & Dad decided Sibes were collectables & not handsome black cats:) So as Boris doesn't feel left out, their racing name is Black Cat Racing!

Here's a photo of me with some treats & the Thomas pack (all 5 of them) looking very hungry the day after their Mum & Dad tied the knot. Notice the red one up in the air - that's Niko.....I'm sure he has springs in his pads:)

Here's a photo of my boy Prince & his grandmother Sarah, yep that's's a family affair:)

Sarah claims Prince gets his good looks from her - what do you think?



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