July 25, 2008

I'm Feeling Neglected and Un-Loved!!!

Hi everypupper, it's me - Prince!

I'm sure most of woo will know by now that we have a new addition to our family - she's kinda cute with lots of Siberian attitude and her name is Suki.

I thought I would be so happy to have two girrrrrls to play with, after all girrrrrls are one of my three favourite things.....the others being running and of course my Mom (just thought I'd try and score some brownie points there puppers!).

Getting right down to the main problem - ever since Suki arrived she's taken over MY, well OUR (me and Sum's) Rosella doggy bed. Sum loves this bed more than me but I like it lots too and now I'm not allowed on it! Suki lets Summer on it with her but when I try to get on nnnnnnoooooooo - she snarls at me and tells me to back off!!! How rude!!! The only time I get on it now is if I beat her to it. Why doesn't she let me on the doggy bed with her everypupper? Does anyone know?

My Mom says she has a theory (if anyone can tell me what that means I'd really appreciate it). She says I need to take note of Sum's approach when Suki is on our bed - Sum doesn't look at Suki, she puts her little feety feet on the bed and slowly and quietly gets on, curling up in the space Suki isn't using.

I personally think my approach is much cuter - I stand right in front of Suki and look her in the eye, sometimes I make a little 'woof' noise, other times I do my big tough Princey squeak, sometimes I make no noise at all just to really throw her off guard. At this point I am very anxious so I furiously wag my tail back and forth. Mom tells me I look real cute but that Suki thinks I want to annoy her. Suki snarls at me and sometimes even snaps at me.....she even got a mouthful of fur on the odd occasion! Doesn't she know I just want to be her friend and cuddle up on the doggy bed with her? I won't try anything naughty.....I have a girrrrrlfriend that I wuv very much - oh my Stormy, how I miss woo and wish we could be together. Maybe you might have a bed you will share with me Stormy???

Here's some photos of our bed in the good old days......and some photos of now. Poor me:( - any of you super intelligent puppers got any ideas on what I should do? There's an old saying - two's company - three's a crowd - I'M THE THREE!!!!!

Back when me and Sum had a large Rosella bed each - this is a very rare sight, we always used to curl up together on one bed:

Us sharing a bed:

And again:

Oh boy.....the good old days:

Me trying to get on the bed (the extra large Rosella bed Mom got for ME and SUM to share)....no room, the girrrrrls look sooooo comfy, better not wake them or they might tell me off:

Oh well, better start getting used to it I guess, anypup want to share a comfy bed with the Princester?

There's another reason for me feeling unloved - there have been photos of a race we ran in recently circulating in lots of papers, one of them has a photo of Suki and MY MOM!!!!! Why oh why couldn't it have been ME in that photo????? Dumb photographer - I'm my Mom's main man, that's what she always tells me. Why did they have to take a photo of the new girl on the block?

Woo Woos.....sad slow woo woos

Pee Ess: Mom always falls for my sad face - here I am in the best place ever - on the bed with my Mom, with my own pillow!!!!! I am after all a Siberian:)


The Army of Four said...

Ah roo, my Prince! I can't believe Suki evicted you from your throne! Hrmph! Well, OK. Here's what you've got to do - take over your mom's bed. Seriously. If she won't let you, come over here and I'll let you share my mom's bed with me.
Those pix of you and Sumi are SO cute.
Tail wags,

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Listen Prince, girls are stupid. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister and don't know what I would do with out her, but she is totally bossy and constantly has to hog everything and tell me I'm gonna like it or else. It sounds like Suki and Kat would totally get along. Trust me, the bed with your mom is way better anyway.


cyber-sibes said...

Sometimes those newcomers can be pretty pushy. It'll all work out.
Those are beautiful pictures of you & Sum cuddling. I used to cuddle with my Sherman that way, too. Jack's ok, but I don't want to cuddle with him.

We're giving woo an award on our blog - stop by!

Woos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack a-roo

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