September 15, 2008


Hi everydoggy, this is Suki.....a very clean and sweet smelling Suki - uuurrrggghhh!!!

It was a warm sunny day yesterday and our Mom got out the Rapid Bath Aunt Kathy had sent all the way from PA (it's all your fault Aunt Kathy)!

I tried taking Guinness & Shiloh's advice - run & hide - but Mom caught me and found my hiding place. When she told me the other day that I was going to be the first 'victim' she really wasn't kidding......I tell you everydoggy and everykitty, it was really horrible!!!

She had a friend over to hold me still and she wet me all over......with cold water straight from the hose!!!!! Then I noticed a strange sweet smell - it was the bubbles that were coming out of the Rapid Bath, she made me all frothy! Mom said it was 'Shine and White' shampoo, to try & make me white again! Then she gave my lovely dirty stinky parts (I worked hard for 6 1/2 years to get that grubby!) a good rub and rinsed all the bubbles off me with more cold water! She waited till I shook a couple of times, dried me off with a towel and let me run around like crazy.
'Phew, it's over!'
'Am I safe now?'
'Mom wanted to take this close up photos of my clean white fur just so Aunty Lyne believes her!'
I couldn't find anything dirty or stinky to roll in.....I need to get rid of that sweet smell! Although I have to admit, the cuddles and belly rubs I got last night were pretty nice......I'll have to have a think about making myself stinky again and not make a drastic decision that might make me 'undesirable' to bipeds.

After she had tortured me it was Princey's turn - he just stood there (what a suck-up he is!) and let Mom bathe him. He actually looked like he enjoyed parts of it!!! Prince smells the same as me....'Shine and White'.

'That wasn't so bad puppers!'

'Actually it was kinda refreshing!'

'This is a really great thing Mom, I'll look after it for woo!'

Our friend bought over one of our friends Fen for a bath too.....he's a grub like me - loves lying in the dirtiest places he can find:) Apparently he's my 'boyfriend' whatever that means. Since I've been with my new family I have spent a bit of time with Fen & I've learnt that he is a big tough guy on the exterior but a real softie deep down. Anywoo, he wasn't too impressed about having a bath either and he grumbled a few times but Mom said he was much better than he usually is as he normally cries like a baby when he's having a bath! Fen smells different to me, he got the 'Ultra Cleaning' shampoo.

'Get that thing away from me!'

'Oh the camera - It was nothing, didn't hurt a bit!'

'I'll try & look cool about that torture thing, that's what a tough boy would do!'

Last, but certainly not least, was my little sister Summy - Mom used the 'Ultra Cleaning' shampoo on her.....that was once she managed to catch her!!! Sum's not happy when it's time to have a bath. After she was all clean and sweet smelling Summer did an amazing shake - she did her normal vigorous shake but then started at her fluffy butt end and gave that a good shake and then let the shake move up her body......then as if that wasn't enough did a vigorous all over body shake again!!! It was amazing, she did it all in one shake everydoggy and everykitty!!!

'I'm never gonna trust you again Mom - and woo say I'm evil!'

'Okay, so maybe if you give me a treat or two!'

Once we'd wrapped up the bathing at our house we went round to our friends place (well Prince and Sum stayed home and Fen and I walked round) and Mom gave their alpha, Que, a bath. He was not at all impressed - it was extremely embarrassing standing there looking like a drowned rat with us doggies looking on!!! He was so glad that the only one in his pack watching was gracious Lady Ara, the others were all out the back in their houses. Que's just lucky Mom didn't have her camera with her!!! Ara doesn't know it yet but she just may be the next victim!!!

Well everydoggy, that's a wrap from me! Hope you enjoyed seeing the evidence that us doggies really were tortured!

Steve, Kat & Wilbur - woo better hope your Mom does not find out about this horrible thing!!! I promise I won't tell.....I wouldn't do that to anydoggy!!!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Rut roh -

I think I should hide Mom's laptop so she doesn't get any idea fur ME!

PeeEssWoo: Evfurry pup looks beaWOOOOtiful!

The Army of Four said...

Prince, my Prince! You look so handsome! But really... letting your mom torture you like that? What are you ... like DAVE?!!?
Shudder. My mom better not get any ideas about this.
You DO look incredible, though. So do the girls!
Tail wags,

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That sounds horrible!! I am surprised you all survived. Did you at least get to eat some of the Happy Hearts cookies after it was all over?


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