January 12, 2009


Hi everypuppy (Summer), everydoggy (Suki) and Haroo everypupper (Prince)! This is Team Husky reporting in to tell woo about what we found at our door a few days after Christmas!

We all went out with our Mom and when we got home there was a parcel from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Pat waiting for us! We were so excited.....especially Mom, so we had to rush inside and open it as fast as we could.
As soon as Mom started opening the box Princey had his snooter in there seeing what was inside......he pulled out a reindeer!!! That's right a reindeer!!! Prince thought it was a squeeky toy and the next thing we knew it started singing....a singing reindeer ~ how cool is that!!!

Mom opened the box and inside were all sorts of goodies! There were two siberrific cards with beerootiful Siberians on them, Hike N Howl t-shirts for Mom and a special one for our cousin Madison, Siberian Love Beads, yum yum yummy salmon treats (salmon and chicken are our favourites!), scrummy oatmeal treats, a beerootiful Wolves book with gorgeous colour photos and a very special Angel Of Friendship ornament for our Mom.....she just loved it!

Mom has the reindeer hanging up above our doggy bed in our living area (Prince has tried to pull it down a few times!), the Wolves book is sitting in front of a vase our Mom has on our kitchen table and the Angel is sitting on the top of our wooden DVD stand at the front! Whenever Mom looks at these things she gets a big smile on her face:)

Here's some photos!!!

'Mmmmmm, I wonder what's in here'

'Mom, can I please open it?'

'Wow ~ look at this girls!'

'Aunt Kathy & Uncle Pat must really love us!'

'Look at MY reindeer ~ isn't she a beauty!'

'Mom's 'Angel Of Friendship''

'We is wise like the Wolves!'

'Yum yum yummy treats for us!'


'Can we please have a treat Mom?'

'Look into our eyes......'

'Oh these Salmon treats are the BEST!'

'I agree Summy'

'Me too!'

'Thank woo fury fury much!

'Woo wooo wooooooooo'

'You are the best Aunt Kathy & Uncle Pat!!!'

Team Husky saying thank woo:

We were all very spoilt and want to thank Aunt Kathy & Uncle Pat lots and lots from the bottom of our little Siberian hearts (and Mommies humom heart too):) We loved everything!!!

Kisses, Hugs and Woo Woos
Summer, Suki & Prince


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

What a great haul of stuff woo got!

My mom has one of those shirts bekhause WE WENT THERE and had so much fun!

I'm sure a certain Kansas girrrrl will love your post today!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, those are some really cool presents!


The Army of Four said...

WOW, how exciting! I like the singing video BEST!
Play bows,