January 08, 2009


Haroo everypupper! Lots of things have been happening and I'm here to tell woo about one of them!

At the start of last month, our sister Suki went to stay with our friend Haakon and our five Siberian friends. I thought she was starting to smell mighty good so Mom said she had to keep me away from her as apparently 'I wasn't part of the plan' whatever that means. So off Suki went and........Laska came to stay at our place! She was here for two whole weeks!!! That's the longest sleepover any pup has had at our place!

We had lots of fun.....howling, playing, sniffing - she's such a smart girl and we all get long great! Laska is kind of like the forth member of Team Husky!!!

We're not allowed on the couch but Miss Laska is a couch hog so Mom put a special cover on one of our couches - she said it was a 'Laska sized couch' - and told Laska it was hers!!! I can't believe Mom actually gave her her own couch! Any other time Laska has stayed with us she's been told off for getting on our furniture and she's had to sneak up in the middle of the night. When I wooooooed Mom about it she said she thought she may as well assign a couch to Laska this time seeing as she would be staying with us for longer than usual.

Here's some photos to show woo what fun we had:)

Miss Laska on 'her' couch

'Mom, Laska's on the couch!!!'

'Mom, Laska's on the couch!'

'Come take a look for yourself ~ she really is on the couch!'

Laska 'queen of the couch' looking pleased with herself

We helped Mom with some work outside

We helped her with some work inside

We ate some yummy treats

We howled in the spare bedroom

We howled in the lounge

Here's the proof - Huskies Howling:)

I can tell woo everypupper - it was hard work but lots of fun:) Summer will tell woo what happened next!

Woo Woos


Pee.Ess ~ Still not happy about Laska being allowed on the couch!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

But she's a guest so she's pawmitted some special favours!

What fun woo had!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I think a precedence has been established and now you can get on the couch.