December 28, 2007

A Siberian Husky.....Swimming???

Hi everypuppy

Thought I would share a few photos with you from when we went to the river a few weeks ago. There was me, Prince and our good friends Quiquern and Aleka.

Me, I'm the only one that's trustworthy enough to go off lead!!!

Aleka, Quiquern & Prince

Mom decided it was about time Prince showed us his swimming abilities. My little brother loves the water but only goes in as far as his little feety feets will let him touch the bottom. Here's a couple of photos of Princey after he'd been thrown in and had no choice but to swim back!!! Boy I'm glad they didn't do that to me!!!

Prince - 'Am I there yet??? Help me Qui!!!'

Aleka & Quiquern - 'Are you okay Princey?'

Prince - 'Man I'm gonna have sibemares about that, you girls had better hope you're not next to be thrown in!!!'

We learnt that A) Prince can swim, B) he wasn't too impressed with the whole experience and last and most importantly C) us girls were real lucky we didn't get thrown in!!!

Hope all you puppies are having a siberrific holiday!!!





Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Your friends look really nice! We both love to swim, but luckily we've never been thrown in!!

Steve and Kat

The Brat Pack said...

Your pals look fun! I looove to swim, but I'm not a Husky. Thrawn never liked it though.


cyber-sibes said...

Wooos, Prince is brave!
I only like water that is frozen, like any sensible siberian. Prince just proved again that huskies CAN swim.... we just don't want to!

Woooos and a-rooos,
Star & Jack

Kapp pack said...

OOOOO, I love to swim. I look like a husky torpedo!

WOo woo, Kelsey Ann

Anonymous said...

I accidently went swimming in a fast deep creek when I was a puppy. Mom saved me but I learned my lesson; swimming is for fish.

Anonymous said...

Nice lookin Huskies!

Ours HATES the water!

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