June 26, 2007


Well our first race of the season is over and the weekend went really well. This was an important weekend as it was our local annual Sled Dog Racing. Lots of time was spent grooming the trails to ensure they were at their best, the Southland Sled Dog Association had fantastic trails yet again.

Last year I didn't run in the Scarper, I spent my time organising, time keeping and preparing race results. This year was quite a different experience.

Scarper 1 (Saturday) Prince ran with a dog he only met for the first time about an hour before the race, Angel. They ran really well for me and came in 5th out of 15 in the 4.5km two dog scooter class. I was thrilled with our effort, thought we did pretty well considering Prince & Angel had never run together before and I had to get my head around the different commands Angel responds to.

Aleeya, Angel & Prince

Scarper 2 (Sunday) Prince ran with one of his girlfriends Quiquern. We didn't have such a good run, finished about 8th out of 12 in the 5.5km two dog scooter class. We had a fantastic start, there were two minute starting intervals in between each team, we had passed 3 other teams by the time we were approx 1.5km into the race. Unfortunately the rest of the race didn't go so well and the dogs weren't too focused on their running. I got stuck two other mushers that were having the same problem so we all went over the finish line pretty much together in a rather slow time.

Aleeya, Prince & Quiquern (having just passed 3 other teams)

Aleeya, Prince & Quiquern

Scarper Fest (Sunday) was Canicross time (running with one dog). A friend was taking Summer in this event and had had several training runs with her which went really well. As Summer got closer to the start line she got really frightened with all the noise and people around and didn't want to run. She ended up watching the rest of the competitors cross the finish line with me in the results caravan.

The weather was wet and cold as it always is for the Scarper. Trails were a little sloppy and slippery but we still had fun:)

Aleeya (on behalf of Team Husky)


Kapp pack said...

That looks like lots of fun. I wish we had things like that around here for us sled dogs.


MaPaw said...

My papa would like to race like that, but I think I would rather have a nap on the sidelines.

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