July 20, 2007

We Have Our Own Door!!!

Mom surprised us the other day when she came home with our own special doggy door. She measured & marked the template on our back door and our uncle came around to help her install it.

One of the best things was that we got to meet the A04's friend Adrill!!! He was a bit load but was pretty nice to us. He certainly got the job done:)

Our door has a little window in it that we can look through to see if the coast is clear and we are free to do zoomies (Mom sometimes calls it greyhound races) around the house. We get caught out sometimes and get told 'outside' so we race out our door & do zoomies around the yard. We don't like it much when Mum puts the white cover on the inside of the door cause it stops us from getting inside or going outside and we can't see through our window. She usually only puts this in when she's not at home, she says it's for security reasons. We don't mind too much as we're always in our special house that Mom had built for us when she's not home.

Here's a picture of me (Summer) looking through the door

and Prince coming inside having a big stretch on the way (he likes this photo, says that the girls will love it).

Here's a photo of me & Prince on our platform in our special house:)



Kapp pack said...

WOw, you both are SOOOOOOO lucky. Mom and Dad talked about getting us one of those doors and decided they couldn't trust us when they weren't home......they're no fun!

-Kelsey Ann

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh, that's a cool door. We need that so I don't have to bark when I want to come back inside!


PS. I do love Prince's picture.

Team Husky said...

Hi Kelsey Ann

Mom doesn't trust us either when she's not home - we have to go in our house (compound) when she goes out. Although there have been a couple of times she's left us in the big house when she's gone out for a short while since our door arrived:)

It's great - you should try & convince your Mom to get you one! Save her getting up all the time to let you out. Wait...maybe that's the key - you should go to the door lots & she'll get sick of having to let you out & might get one:)


The Daily Echo said...

Cool door! Our Dad looked at one of those just the other day. We have a special screen that fits into our door that Mom lets us use when she's home. So far it's been keeping MOST of the flies out. Shyla's our official fly catcher so she takes care of the dumb ones.

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Dad says that after the golf course chase, he will never let us outside unsupervised - ever! That's okay, we make him throw stuff for us to catch!

MaPaw said...

I wish we could wander in and out of the house instead of waiting for our humans to notice our needs. Lucky you.

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