June 19, 2008


We have a special and unusual situation.....Biloxi is a four month old siberian puppy who only weighs 20 pounds. He was hit by a car and is currently in a shelter in MS. A nationwide plea has produced no results and this little guy needs surgery quickly. His pelvis and femur are fractured and are starting to mend improperly. If he does not get prompt care he will be lame for the rest of his life~ if he is not euthanized at the shelter.

Of course this is out of our area but one of our foster Dad's is in MS every other week for business. The foster home have been working hard to figure out how to bring this little guy toMaPaw for the care he so desperately needs. The foster Dad is arranging to rent a car and travel down (rather than flying). He can bring him back next week and they will look after him and supervise his recuperation.

We have never said "no" because of money and we certainly do not want to say "no" to a young puppy who can have a full and healthy life. Right now, funds are low. Adoptions have been slow and the expenses never stop. We are presently checking with the foster families vet and sending him the x-rays for a tentative prognosis and estimate. The southern people are guessing at least $1500 for the surgery.

Biloxi's X-ray

If we can raise donations for this pup we can offer him a second leash on life. We hate begging - everyone does so much for the dogs and we appreciate that so much. We ask that you think good thoughts for this puppy and if you can make a small donation it will make a world of difference for him. MaPaw is a 501(c)3 rescue, so all donations are tax deductable.

Paypal donations can be made at www.sibes.com

On behalf of the puppy, thank woo:)

Kathy and Pat

Kathy Radde
MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue & Referral Service, Inc.
134 West 7th St.
Lansdale, PA 19446


Kapp pack said...

Thank woo s much for posting about little Biloxi!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

The Army of Four said...

We LOVE MaPaw! AND the Kapp Pack for going WAY out of their way to help Biloxi!!!
Tail wags,

cyber-sibes said...

We've got paws crossed & sending sibe vibes Biloxi gets his surgery, & a great new home with sibe-savvy humans so nothing like this ever happens to him again.

Wooos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack

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