April 23, 2010


Hawoo efurypupp, it's me Kodiyakyakyak!

I can hear woo going 'awwwwww' ~ okay so I've got a bit bigger since dat photo was taken and my ears are now how dey should be and I've grown some freckles, underneath I'm still da same cute widdle puppy:)

My buddy Mr Koda had a pretty cool blog post yesterday and at da end of it he asked 'What are you scared of?'. I thought we should let woo all know what we at Team Husky are scared of.

I'll do this in age order, with the oldest of us first.

Sesuk is scared of:

The toilet flushin and aerosol spray cans......I just think she's afraid of Maw using da toilet! Seriously though, if Maw goes to da toilet and Suki is napping on the big bed, as soon as she hears the toilet roll movin she's off da bed and out da doggy door! It's something she's always done and Maw hasn't been able to break da habit. Suki will stand and watch Maw spraying her deodorant but freaks out when she sprays air freshener so there doesn't seem to be a set pattern. She's a bit loopy my Aunt Suki, dats why Maw calls her tutti ~ short for tutti fruity and fruit loop.

Summer is scared of:

Big trucks and loud cars and things goin along da street when she's out fur a walk and anythin being thrown above her head. If Maw throws a ball or toy when she's playin wif me or Paw and Summer thinks it's coming towards her she ducks her head and is scared of it. She's also afraid of somethin bad happenin to her Princey.

Prince (Paw) is scared of:

Flies! Yep, my big tough Paw is afraid of itty bitty little flies! He hates it when they come anywhere near him or even when they're in da room. Maw thinks it's because Paw can't see dem and can only hear dem buzzin around. He gets really paranoid about them and usually ends up vacatin da room. He worries about what's gonna happen to all of us if he's not here wif us anymore too.

Kodiak (Me!) is scared of:

NOTHING! I'm too sophisticated and cool to be scared of anything! Okay, so maybe there might be somethin I'm afraid of but I'm not sure if I should tell woo cause woo might give away my secret. Promise not to tell anyone cause it's pretty embarrassin?!? I'm afraid of my Paw, I'm scared he's gonna tell me off and I feel fury threatened by him. Sometimes I'm nice to him and udder times I'm not so nice and tell him off. Paw doesn't tell me off anymore like he did when I was little but he might change his mind so I have to keep my eye on him and always be on da lookout. Maw says dis is why I am stayin wif my brudder Qannik and mudder Laska, she says I can't be trusted wif my Paw because I'm mean to him sometimes and she can't risk him gettin hurt again. I luv my Paw, I really do.

Maw (okay, so she's not the youngest member of Team Husky but I'm tryin to suck up to her!) is scared of:

Bad things happenin to us. She's scared dat Paw will get sicker and dat one day we might get sick too. She's also scared dat if somethin happens to her she might not be able to look after us properly anymore. I told her she didn't need to worry about dat cause I would look after her and my Aunts and Paw!!!

Now that I've told woo what we're all scared of (and we're all a bit embarrased, specially me!) it's yur turn ~ WHAT ARE WOO SCARED OF??? Come on, tell all yur bloggin buddies!!!

Play bows and woofs


Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow those are very intersting things to be scared of! We are cats, so usually the loud noises don't thrill us. A few of us are scared of sneezing - like when mom sneezes we take off! And Kirzon is afraid of our bird toy - we don't understand that one at all!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Phantom is afraid of thunderstorms and strange noises. He is having a bad time tonight because we have lots of storms around and more coming.

Thunder isn't afraid of anything, but he isn't Mr. Tough Guy either. He is just pretty mellow about everything.

Ciara doesn't seem to have any fears but Mom says that is because she is so young. TD thinks it is because he takes good care of her.

And Mom says she has all the same fears as your Mom - it's all part of being a Mom.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We aren't really afraid of much. However, I am always afraid that Kat will get more food than me.


Mr Koda MD said...

Mr Yak

Am I your wingman? BOL. I think the portrait of you is just fine, its the "real" you. A Dork. Thats who. So I will keep my BucketYak for now!

PS great tips about the noodles, will try my best and let you know how I go!!!!!!


Tanuki Maxx said...

I'm afraid of umbrellas...


Dakota and Georgia said...

Dakota is scared of her harness--of all the things to be scared of! Georgia is scared of being alone, but she's still a young pup and that's to be expected. The Brains Trust (cats) are scared of the obnoxious puppy. And Mom and Dad are scared of all the same things about our babies that you are.

Mr Koda MD said...

Noodles Heist Failure


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