November 19, 2010


Hello everyone, today it's my turn to post ~ Team Husky's Mom!

This time last year Princey posted a happy birthday wish to our dear friend Ara. Ara is 16 years old today and is still a sassy little girl ~ you should see her do her little dance at dinner time! She is a very loving and loyal companion to her owners and is just so sweet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET ARA.....

DOB 19 November 1994

This time last year we were also saying goodbye to another dear friend, Kavic. Ara and Kavic were good friends, they lived together all their lives and shared a couch most days. Kavic was a special boy, the clown of the pack. He was happy-go-lucky and always wore his signature smile, he was a true blonde! He loved life and everyone that was a part of it.....

7 December 1995 ~ 19 November 2009

Who would have guessed this time last year that in a years time, our precious Prince would not be here with us. I often wonder why life throws us these curve balls, being here without Prince still hurts so much and feels so raw and unbearable at times. So much has happened in the past year, we have lost loved ones and at the same time made many new friends along the way. I guess life really does go on and we just have to pick ourselves up and carry on for the sake of the loved ones we still have with us.

1 November 2004 ~ 30 April 2010

13 December 1995 ~ 12 November 2010

I will look up into the sky tonight and know Kavik, Prince and Que are three of the brightest stars shining down on us. Please take a few minutes today to reflect on your loved ones that have passed and always cherish the loved ones you still have with you.



Mr Koda MD said...


Cyber-sibes said...

Happy birthday Ara! Woosers, 16....that's amazing!
It was a rough year fur us too, I can't believe its already a year since we said good-bye to Star and Tori. We miss your handsome Prince too, mom leaked big time when he crossed. God bless them all.

jack & moo & mama Pat

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Ara - what a special girl you are.

Aleeya, the losses are so hard, aren't they? But the memories are so precious. We know that Kavik and Prince and Que are surely happy now with all the others who have crossed the bridge. We hope that they have found Dakota too.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

The Thundering Herd said...

Happy Birthday, Ara, and Happy Memories for everyone else. We do agree that hugs for those present and happy thoughts of those past is always a good thing.

ra_husky said...

well pawed, arrooos to woo,

RA & Isis

Holly and Khady said...

How wonderful that Ara is still here at 16! Our Abby will be 16 in January.

There is a party at the bridge to celebrate all those wonderful pups. May they always bring a smile when you think of them.

Holly and Khady

KB said...

You've had a very hard year. I agree with your closing sentiment. When I lose one of my beloved dogs, I become convinced that I can't go on, each and every time. But, like you, I pick myself up and keep going for the sake of the ones who are still here.

I shall look into the sky at the stars tonight and think of your three bright stars.

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