February 12, 2008


We've been tagged by the A04! We're supposed to reveal 7 weird facts about ourselves then tag more bloggers.

Ready? Here goes!

1. Summer - I am really good off lead and get to run around free when we're in the forest and in large areas. I don't run off often, I like to stick close to my Mom and little brother Prince, I'm a clingy girl.

2. Prince - I love standing in water and emptying out water bowls by digging furiously in them, cools me down cause I'm such a hot boy.

3. Summer - Mom says I'm not a very focused runner, I much prefer to attack Prince in mid run and chew on his legs. It barely slows us down though.

4. Prince - I'm not very interested in food and treats, I'll take a treat from you when you offer it to me but more often than not I'll drop it and wander off - I prefer exercise and girls.

5. Summer - I've been told I'm a cheeky girl, I like to tell stories and give Mom a good telling off if I think she needs it.

6. Prince - I get frights easily, sometimes I can be walking/running along a trail when large stationary objects off to the side scares me and makes me jump. I'm sure they appear out of nowhere, I have to then go and check them out.

7. Summer & Prince - We love doing zoomies around the house and messing up Mom's bed when she's in the shower. We always make sure she never catches us so she can't prove we made the mess. Zimmie from the A04 tried to tell Mom it couldn't be us but she doesn't believe us or him.

We are going to tag:
Bama & The River Hill Pack
Shadow from The Daily Echo
The Kapp Pack
The Brat Pack
Freda the Delta Bunny
Amber-Mae the Solid Gold Dancer
Kate & Koda

Have fun!

Now, the rules to the tag:

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the blogger who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog.

4. Tag 7 bloggers and link to them.

5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.


1 comment:

The Army of Four said...

Your mom DOESN'T believe you?! Hrumph! She should. You two are totally innocent!
Hey, Prince! I used to LOVE to dig in my water bowl, too! I love guys who do that!
Tail wags,