March 16, 2008


Hi everypuppy

I thought it was about time I told woo about our little adventure in Riverton. We're a bit slow telling woo about things over here in NZ, our adventure happened over a month ago!

There were seven bipeds (including hu-mom) and eleven puppers. We drove to Riverton and went way up high and then walked down quite a steep trail to get to the beach.....I was really looking forward to having a run around in the sand when we got to the beach but there were sheep close by so I wasn't allowed. How rude, we rearly need to spend more time training our bipeds puppers!

Here's some photos of us down by the sea.....

Prince & Suggen aka Dozer & Tank (I think they should be Team Pretty Boy, ha roo roo!)

Helen, Cruz & Link

Ronnie & Luke

Laska and Me (the reason this photo is so small is cause hu-mom made us take her out of it!)

Que & Kreevanka

We then headed up a real steep track (it was hard work I tell you) to a look-out point.

Here's a couple of photos from up there:

Prince, Suggen, Laska and Me

Olly, Bama & Rommel

Then we walked the rest of the way back up to our trucks and cars. Once we had cooled down we headed off.

It was our friend Ragnar's birthday (hu-mom said it would be impolite (what does that mean puppers?) to tell woo how young he is) so we celebrated after our walk with a nice lunch at the Beachouse Cafe....well actually the bipeds left us in the doggy trailers and trucks while they had lunch. Another thing I need to note down and work on with the hu-mom training! She did bring us lots of home made treats though!

After the bipeds had lunch it was time to head home. We stopped off at our friend Haakon's place to drop him off and while we were there Prince & Aleka had

~~~Prince enters the room~~~Wooooooo Woooooo don't say anything promised me you wouldn't tell anyone about that, you better keep your word or I'll tell everyone some of your secrets!!!
~~~Back to Summer~~~Um......they a play fight in the back yard! That's right, now I remember!!! And then we went home.

I'm in big trouble puppers so I better go now. I hope you liked hearing all about our adventure in Riverton and I'm sorry I couldn't tell you everything!



Amber-Mae said...

Well, it sounded like you had a sooperb day with your friends!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That looks like a lot of fun!


The Army of Four said...

Oooh, what bee-roo-tiful photos! It looks like everypup and human had a great time! What's this about a "play fight"? Is everypup OK?
Play bows,
PS: Is that the ocean!?!?

Kapp pack said...

We want the WHOLE story!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

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