May 12, 2008


Firstly we'd like to apologise to woo all on behalf of our Mom.....I'm sure all woo puppers understand it's not our fault we haven't been blogging much lately!!!

Our Mom has been busy.....she always manages to find time for the important things though - like looking after us:)

We've been doing some training for our upcoming race season - well one of us has been! The other one hasn't been running much as they don't like running unless their sibling is in the same team. We're not very well suited to running together so it's not good for the one of us that's a good runner to be training with the other this close to races commencing. When this certain pupper gets taken for a run with some of our friends they put their butt on the ground and won't move......they get dragged a little then roll over onto their back!!! Any guesses which one of us that would be?

Anywoo, onto what's been happening.....

Mom has painted a cool wolf canvas for our bedroom wall. Check this out:

One of our bestest friends Quiquern (our friend Laska's sister) had a sleepover at our place! Here's some photos of us together:)

Our Uncle Kayto came and stayed with us for a day.....the animal doctor had to take samples from his little footy foot for a biopsy and he needed to be supervised so he didn't pull his bandgae off to get to his stitches - so we got the job:) We love our uncle Kayto!!! Here's some photos:

Don't you think the photo below looks a bit like a mirror image?

I think that's about all we have to show woo for now.....we're going to write another blog about our friend Laska real soon.....she's a clever girl and has taught us something woo puppers might want to know about!!!

Stay tuned everypuppy!!!

Prince and Summer


The Army of Four said...

Ooooh, Uncle Kayto is HANDSOME! I hope his footy-foot is OK! It was nice of you to watch over him!
I love the painting! Your mom is soooooo talented!!
And your sleepover looks SO fun! Did you stay up late and tell each other stories?

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I agree with Ammy. Your sleepovers DO look like fun. Can I come sometime?


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