August 19, 2008


Hi everydoggy, this is Suki reporting into woo on behalf of Team Husky!

Last month, almost a WHOLE month ago, we all went to a cool new fun race. Our Mom's been busy with work and us and stuff and now she's got the flu. She was going to help me write a story about the race, the Galloway Gallop but it hasn't happened yet so I asked her if I could just put some of the photos here for all of woo to see.

Mom thought that was a great idea so here goes:

This is Galloway Station where the race was held

This is Suggen and me waiting to go for our run

Our friends Chinook & Aladdin with their Dad Ray

Chooky & Laddy with their Mom Lyne

Now here's a team of really really fast Mals - Zarah, Tess and Jonah with their Dad Barry. These guys are super Mals, they run more like Sibes!

Holly & Summi eat your heart out!!!

Super Mals at the end of the race

Here's our very good friends Kreevanka, Balto & Sirius with their Dad Ragnar. If you look back on our blog you'll see how much Balto & Sirius have grown!!!

This is our friends Que & Pharaoh with their Mom Joan

Here's me and Suggen heading up the first hill with our friend Haakon

And coming down the last hill to the finish line chasing Chinook, Aladdin & Ray

Now here's some more friends of ours and some trick photography. The dogs to the right of the photo are Skila, Nicky, Nevaeh and Simba and the ones on the left are Kree, Balto & Sirius - looks like our friend Ineke is running all 7 dogs!!!

Here's another photo showing Ragnar was really running his three:) They were racing each other to the finish line!

This is Laska, Summer, Fen & Prince with Haakon - don't they look great!!!!!

Now this everydoggy did upset me a little. This is Paul and his doggie Diesel, this doggie did beat all the single and two dogs - how could that happen???

It's just one little dog and not even a Sibe!!!!!

Here's some of the single and two dog teams heading up the first hill

And the same doggies coming across the plateau towards the last hill down to the finish line

Last but not least here's me and my new Mom and my friend Suggen with his Dad Haakon

I hope woo enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed the races (as if!!!)! In case you're wondering our Mom ran me and Suggen on the first day but we don't have any photos cause she was too busy on the scooter running us.



Kapp pack said...

Looks like loads of fun!

Kisses, SKy boy

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