August 26, 2008


Hi everypuppy, it's me Summer!!!

I've got some super exciting news for woo.......a parcel arrived for me today all the way from my sweetheart in the USA!!! I had been waiting by the door for days and days for it to arrive and when Mom came home for lunch she let us out of our doggy house and asked me to come with her.....just me!

'A parcel.....for me!!! Mmmmmm, I smell my Cosi!!!'

'Come on Mom, open it!!!'

She took me outside and showed me the parcel at the door - it was addressed to me! I put my little snooter on it and started sniffin.....I could smell my Cosi.....and Juni too!!! Mom took a couple of photos then we went inside to show Prince & Suki. I could hardly contain my little siberian self while Mom got the scissors and helped us open the box!

'Hey, I thought this was my present!!!!'

'A card....from my handsome Cosmos '

'So did Cosi not send this over for me Sum?'

'No he didn't - it's mine!!!!'

'Hey Cosi, this really is a great toy.....I like it!'

As soon as the top was open my little bro Princey stuck his snooter in, oh well.....he is the alpha I suppose. He quickly pulled a toy out and I could see there were two more toys inside, some treats AND a card from my Cosi.

'Thanks Cosi-bro, this Wubba is the BEST!!!!'

I've got some bad news for my sis-in-law Stormy.....Princey is absolutely infatuated with something my Cosmos sent's a Wubba! He hasn't stopped playing with it, he just LOVES squeeky toys!!!! He still loves woo too Stormy!!!

'How did you know I love treats Cosi?'

'We all love treats - hurry up Mom!!!!'

'I can get the treats out of here Mom, easy as!'

'Okay, so this ones a little harder than our other treat balls'

'I think I've almost got a treat out......boy Cosi, talk about having to work hard for your treats! This is the KING of all treat toys!!!'

I hope woo know how special this is to me Cosi, I have a real card from woo and things to play with that smell like woo!!! I must say I was hoping to see some Cosi fur but there wasn't any, maybe woo could get your Mom to send me some via snail mail???

I really do have to come up with a plan so we can be together.....does anypuppy or anykitty have any ideas?

Kisses (lots and lots of them for my siberrific boyfriend)


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, Cosi is a great boyfriend! What super presents. Super fun toys and snap biscuits!


-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hi My Sumi,

I am so glad that you like the pressies frum me to all of woo. Big Sibe sigh, ahroooo, I wish that we could be together!

Lots of hugs & kissies,

Yur Cosi

Holly said...

Oh how exciting!!! What a great guy you have there! And it sure looks like everypup is sure enjoying themselves!

Those treats sure look tasty! I can see your tails are nothing but a blurr with excitement!


Sitka, Tia, & Cornelia Marie said...

WOW! Cosi sure did give you the hook up! Those pressies look SO FUN! Great photos!

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