May 23, 2007

Racing Season Is Here!!! * Prince's Take*

Haroo every pupper!!!

Thought it was about time I told everypup what I've been up to. I've been training lots to make sure I'm nice & fit for the racing season.

Our local event of the year which is run by our club - Southland Sled Dog Association - is on 2 & 3 June. On the first day I'm running single dog pulling my Mom along on the scooter & on the second day I'm running with one of my girlfriends (I have a few you know, ha roo roo), Quiquern, in the two dog scooter class once again pulling my Mom.

Mom was going to run me & my sister Summer in the two dog scooter class on the first day but she's a bit worried about Sum as she's not very focused sometimes & gets cheecky to the other dogs. She holds me back lots too cause I'm much faster than her, her legs are shorter than mine. Mom doesn't want to get disqualified in her first sanctioned race if Sum decides to be a 'rat bag' so decided to run me on my own & Sum will run with a friend of ours in his freight team (wish I could be in the freight team cause they're all girls & I like girls wooooo).

We train every Tuesday & Thursday night & Sunday morning on forest trails pulling scooters & rigs or occasionally we bikejor (pull our bipeds on a mountain bike). Daylight savings has finished here so it's dark by 6pm so on Tuesday & Thursday night we run in the dark in the forest, it's pretty cool.

Last night I pulled the scooter all by myself - I've never done that before, always had someone to help me. Mom says I did pretty well but that my concentration left a little bit to be desired (not sure what she means by that). I went out with Sum's freight team...boy were they slow, good thing they entered freight cause I reckon they'd get last in a sprint race. Sometimes when I passed them I would slow down & turn around & stop to greet them, Mom didn't seem to like that very much...there we're lots of 'Prince on' & 'Prince on by' s. When I did race past them I found it really boring as there was no one up ahead to chase so I'd decide to have a pee on some of the greenery & have a bit of a sniff around. Again, Mom didn't seem to be happy about this.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night's run with Quiquern as she smells real good at the moment. My Mom says she's 'in season' or 'on heat', again I don't understand biped language very well. Mom has to keep a close eye on us cause if we stop running we both have other things on our minds, you know what I mean, ha roo roo:)

Anywoo, Sum wants to tell you what she's been up to & is busy chewing my legs (she always does this) as I write so I better let her have her turn. Like my Mom says, I really am a good boy:)




Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting our page! We enjoy a warm and lazy early summer here in Norway :)
Kari and the rest of the Snørokk members!

Kapp pack said...

You'll have to teach me how to pull a sled. I'm a husky/lab mix and I tried to pull the sled but my mom and dad said I was just trying ot run away from the thing chasing me.


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